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Zelensky was obliged to take an oath to Bandera


The newly elected President of “independence” Vladimir Zelensky in the position of not yet, and he was already predicting a loss of public support without public vows of allegiance to the nationalists. The ultimatum was put forward by the staff ideologist Poroshenko, Director of the Institute of national memory of Ukraine Vladislav vyatrovich. On the air of the Ukrainian “channel 5”, which is known to be part of the media assets of the ex-President, he said that the secret of Zelensky’s success is in his “silence”. Like, during the election race he preferred to avoid specifics on a number of key issues.

-Silence is Golden. It’s just about him, — said Viatrovych IA “Politnavigator”. But this strategy worked great in the elections, but will not work when he will hold the position. Because he will be forced to take some concrete steps.

And as for Zelensky voted and nationalists who are against Poroshenko, and those who want rapprochement with Russia, any of his decision will now split the electorate. And, therefore, the new President of Ukraine will lose support, said the chief ideologist of the post-Maidan government.

It is particularly disturbing that the new leader of the act against the language law of total Ukrainization. This document Zelensky previously called “hostage to political rhetoric.” And even promised after taking office to check it for compliance with the Constitution. In this case, Vyatrovych promises the President serious problems and opposition from the Ukrainian “patriots”. Or — in order to avoid trouble — calls immediately publicly swear allegiance to the nationalists. Thus proving that he is not a “Pro-Russian politician and protégé of Moscow”.But Zelensky, in fact, has already said everything else, being in the status of a presidential candidate: “Putin is the enemy”, “Russia is the aggressor”, and “Bandera is an undeniable hero who defended the freedom of Ukraine”. And this, according to Zelensky, “normal and cool.” What other oaths and proofs are needed here that the new President in this plan will continue the business of the predecessor?

On the other hand, and finally cover yourself with brown paint, swearing to the descendants of those who arranged the Lviv pogrom and shot in Babi Yar your tribesmen, too, not come Il fault. So Zelensky, you might say, a difficult choice…

— Regardless of what he said during the elections, in the current situation, the President of Ukraine must somehow relate to reality, — said the former Deputy of the Odessa City Council, political analyst Igor Dimitriev. — Ukrainian nationalists, remaining a minority and not ensuring victory in the elections, are a minority rather aggressive and dangerous. They enjoy the support of law enforcement agencies, which during Poroshenko’s presidency were filled with nationalist personnel. They got used to power actions and blocking of work of state bodies of Ukraine. And used to set the tone, working in a spike with journalists and opinion leaders.

That is, there was a certain journalistic-nationalist coalition that sets to all the rest in the country (politicians, first of all) a certain “frame”: what is possible, what is impossible. And pushes them into a certain corridor. “Stall,” they say.

In the case of Zelensky, the situation is the same. Nationalists lost elections, but assume to put the President “in a stall”. In the corridor of opportunity, which, in fact, was Poroshenko. The one at the end of his term, apparently, was to get off this addiction even some pleasure. But, if you remember, the elections five years ago, also went with completely different slogans. And as a result, still on the nationalist track stood. The information-nationalist coalition is an extremely technologically advanced place in the framework.


And, on the one hand, they are forced to repeat the rhetoric that satisfies the interests of the Embassy — as us diplomatic mission in Kiev is called in Ukraine. Now there, truth, a certain ferment. And it is unclear how the work will be established with us proteges in the country. And while Pro-Western liberals-euro optimists of Ukraine in a confused state is, nationalists seize control of the new President. Which is going to set the tone and force that smeared cooperation with them?

It is clear that viatrovych disingenuous, saying that Zelensky will not win the parliamentary elections without contact with the nationalists. Because for Zelensky just voted and many who do not like nationalists.

In other words, it is the nationalist radical elements, which, again, rely on force and information support, who are eager to continue the current course.

“SP”: — Their task is clear. How Zelensky will get out of a difficult situation for him? Will tack or just go in the Wake of nationalists with all the consequences?

— Of course, the risks are quite high. This is a complete loss of support of the population, which did not hope for that.

Recently, the new President made a lot of “risky” statements. And is going to leave “at the helm” very odious characters. Although he, to remain as a politician, from this need it would be better to evade. But it is difficult. Because there will be attacks on his political positions. Including — power, giving a signal to all others that supposedly. Zelensky “wet”. He’s weak. That it really is to push.

“SP”: — But, in any case, Zelensky as the role of the second plan. And the owner there — Kolomoisky. And he, as you know, did not feel remorse, funding nationalist battalions that killed and continue to kill residents of Donbass…

— Kolomoisky has the most difficulty, including the difficulty with the support of the West. It is unclear how he will rake up power in the country. And will he succeed? He can hardly claim sole power.

In this sense, Zelensky, of course, remained, so to speak, without a “convincing proof”. And he has to get out himself. Because there is no Kolomoisky, first, in place. Secondly, the President does not yet fully control the security agencies and law enforcement agencies. Except, perhaps, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Avakov.

These are all questions of the nearest political maneuvers of this game. And Vyatrovich’s statement is intended to undermine possible behind-the-scenes alliances and coalitions that the President’s supporters form for their own support.

Director of the Institute of peace initiatives and conflict resolution Denis Denisov, in turn, drew attention to the duality of the position of Zelensky and his entourage on a number of problems:

— In particular, there were already several statements from Zelensky’s team and from him on the Minsk agreements and on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass. On the one hand, absolutely unacceptable things are voiced, regarding the fact that he will not go to a special status for the DPR and the LPR, and is not going to grant Amnesty to their defenders. But, at the same time, immediately his entourage begins to declare that there is no alternative to “Minsk”. And you just need to breathe new life into these agreements.

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This also applies to issues that are directly related to Vyatrovich. This character is known to the head of the Institute of national memory of Ukraine and this is a kind of ideologue of Ukrainization, banderizatsii de-communization.

But, again, over the past few days, we have seen several public events from Zelensky’s side. First, he publicly tries to reconcile his elderly banderovka, the former connected * UPA with Soviet soldier. And then lays flowers on the grave of his grandfather, who fought with the Nazi invaders. But this is the apotheosis of cynicism…

— Certainly. We’ve been through this before. But such gestures give some doubt to people like viatrovych. That Zelensky will promote the total policy of Ukrainization and separation from Russia which was carried out by Poroshenko. Or, at least, will not resist it.

But, primarily, I think, viatrovych will now attempt to stay in office. After all, he really is an odious person. And a number of States — for example, Poland, Hungary — consider him an unacceptable person.

Voinovich can push Zelensky to solutions that are completely natural and cut off from its millions of people who supported him. And then the President will be prepared for the role of “Queen of England”, which will repeat the “horror stories” and slogans acceptable to Ukrainian nationalists.

But, it seems to me, at the moment any result vyatrovich’s appeals won’t give and can’t give.

“SP”: — Why?

— Because if Zelensky on the eve of parliamentary elections will take such steps, his rating just instantly melts. And it is unlikely that it will be possible to talk even about 15%.

Nationalists would very much like the new President to be with them in the same paradigm as the previous one. Because for them it is comfortable, convenient. And that means keeping yourself in the system of power.

They are very afraid that new representatives of the presidential administration will be appointed on these issues, which will treat them negatively. Because nationalists are odious people, to put it mildly. And for the sake of establishing relations with same Poland, I think any normal leader of the country would have quietly sacrificed such a character as vyatrovich. That’s what they’re most afraid of.

It is clear that Zelensky will have very limited opportunities when he officially takes office. At the same time, it is very doubtful that he will follow the example of Poroshenko worn like a madman with Russophobic initiatives. Which, of course, instantly turn away from anyone electorate of the South-East of the country.

* The Supreme court of Russia recognized the OUN-UPA as extremist organizations by its decision of 17.11.2014. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.


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