Zelensky in vain frighten Putin, the USA will forbid Kiev to communicate with the Kremlin

Zelensky in vain frighten Putin, the USA will forbid Kiev to communicate with the Kremlin

Advisers of Vladimir Zelensky, who won the presidential elections in Ukraine, do not advise him to meet with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin one-on-one. This was stated by the TV channel ZIK team member Zelensky defense Ivan Uparsin.

«I would not advise the President of Ukraine to meet today in this format. I do not believe that Putin will then guarantee us something,» he stressed.

Aparshin shared the idea of the futility of direct talks with Moscow, they are possible only with the participation of mediators in the face of the US and the UK, as well as Western countries from the «Normandy four» (Germany and France). In his opinion, Kiev today it can’t independently defend the position.

Speaking about the prospects of talks with the heads of the people’s republics of Donbass, Uparsin stressed that opposes them.

«I will never support this. I basically do not admit that Ukraine can afford to talk to these people,» he said.

Note that the Kremlin has not thought about negotiations with the newly elected President of Ukraine. According to assistant Russian President Yuri Ushakov, Putin is not going to meet and negotiate with Zelensky. According to him, it is necessary to wait for official summing up of elections at first, and also to look at further behavior of the new President of Ukraine.No, not yet planned. Now we are waiting for the official announcement of the election results, and then we have a period before the inauguration of the new President,» Ushakov said.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan told the winner of the presidential race in Ukraine how to behave with the Russian leader. Zelensky will find a common language with Putin if he will communicate honestly and openly — he said in an interview with RBC.

Note also that the special representative of us state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker supported Zelensky’s intention to engage in dialogue with Putin.

«I think what he [Zelensky] said about the conflict and his approach is absolutely right now. He firmly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,» he said on the air of the NewsHour program.

According to Volker, the desire of the new President to «talk» with Putin is «a good thing.» The American diplomat expressed confidence that the two countries need to have «direct relations».

According to the expert of the Center for political analysis Andrei Tikhonov, Zelensky’s colleague rightly fears that a personal meeting of politicians of such a different level can lead to undesirable consequences for the Kiev regime.

— First, Zelensky will understand that he was not at ease and does not have the necessary competencies for negotiations. Secondly, he will certainly fall under the charm of the Russian leader and will make concessions on a wide range of issues.

— Ukraine needs the help of the US and the UK, as well as Western countries from the «Normandy four», said Zelensky’s colleague. For what? What will change?

— Ukraine has degraded to such an extent that it is already openly recognized in its inability to negotiate on its own. This is a classic sign of a failed state. Actually, the nomination for the first role of a comedian is an open demonstration of the puppet nature of the Kiev regime. To speak for him now will big uncle and other reptilians.

— That Uparsin believes that Kiev today can’t defend their position. Why? And when can?

— Kiev has finally lost its subjectivity in international politics. He already had her on probation. But with Poroshenko’s arrival, and now Zelensky didn’t become in General any. It is obvious that business goes to the division of Ukraine between great powers.

— I remember trump during the first talks with Putin gathered his entire team. With Putin really so terrible to communicate one on one?

— Putin is the most experienced politician of the present time. Therefore, it is not surprising that novice presidents like trump feel the excitement before meeting with our leader. In addition, the Western media purposefully draw Vladimir Vladimirovich such an image that the local politicians shake their knees at the mere mention of his name.

«Uparsin opposed Zelensky meeting with the leaders of the breakaway DNR and LC. And then is there anything to talk about with Zelensky with this approach?

— There are so many contradictions in Russian-Ukrainian relations that we can talk endlessly. But if Kiev himself denies the subjectivity, the sense in any negotiation is lost.

After the potential of direct talks between Putin and Zelensky (if they still agree to Moscow), the elected President of Ukraine, local media immediately called the «agent of the Kremlin», — said political analyst Ivan Mizuho.

— Poroshenko leaves, but his nationalist business remains live. In addition, and will allow the United States to meet Zelensky with Putin? So far I very much doubt it. Another important point: can Zelensky’s team hold any talks with Russia before the parliamentary elections? At the moment, the President-elect does not have his own faction in the Parliament, and Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential Republic.

— Uparsin believes that not to do without the help of the US and the UK, Germany, and France. For what?

Zelensky needs intermediaries, that he was not charged in the country in the work on Moscow. On a good account, Zelensky, first of all, it is necessary to negotiate not with Putin, but with the leaders of the DPR and LPR.

— Kurt Volker supported Zelensky’s intention to conduct a dialogue with Putin. Does this mean that the Americans give the nod to direct negotiations?

— No, that doesn’t mean anything. If the US had given the nod to Zelensky’s meeting with Putin, Washington would have expressed itself more clearly and not through Volker.

«Uparsin opposed Zelensky meeting with the leaders of the DNI and LC. That is, nothing will change for the situation in Donbass?

— Only direct negotiations of Kiev, Donetsk, and Lugansk can contribute to the beginning of the process of peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbass. I believe that the state Department is against such negotiations. The US is interested in maintaining a sluggish conflict.SP»: — How Uparsin and others affect Zelensky? Do you think he’s capable of making his own decisions?

— Zelensky — dependent figure. Zelensky-President — a puppet of the West, dependent on the Ukrainian oligarchy. He has no experience in politics and he will look for a recharge from his advisers, which will certainly put him in dependence on them. However, I believe that the review Aparina was agreed with Zelensky.

— Earlier Pashinyan gave Zelensky advice to be honest with Putin. If it helps, if Zelensky really as honest Russophobe, CA and all of the modern Ukrainian politics?

— Zelensky is the same anti-Russia as Poroshenko, but so far less radical and aggressive. Poroshenko, too, not immediately hoisted over a Bandera banner. Zelensky’s political mimicry is a matter of time, but we do not yet know what extremes he will lead.

— The Kremlin is not going to see Zelensky. Will, there be a meeting and when? Earlier, the Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin considers it premature to congratulate Zelensky…

— The fact that the Kremlin is in no hurry to congratulate Zelensky is the right strategy. I am convinced that Moscow should delay the issue of official or actual recognition of the elections as long as possible, thereby expressing its position.

Dana Tessen

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