Zelensky can become an example for the change of power in Russia

Zelensky can become an example for the change of power in Russia

The leader in the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, commenting on the results of exit poll, advised all post-Soviet countries to pay attention to the example of Ukraine.

«As a citizen of Ukraine, I can say to all the countries of the former Soviet Union: «Look at us. Everything is possible», — quotes lines from the address of the candidate RIA Novosti.

I wonder what it could mean Zelensky? Win with a staggering score? To whom exactly did you address? Apparently, the Kremlin is not exactly impressed, there is not even hurried to congratulate Zelensky with the victory. As stated by Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, «it is premature to talk about the congratulations of President Putin, Mr. Zelensky, as well as the opportunity to work together.» According to Peskov, «to judge can only be made in specific cases», but Moscow respects the choice of Ukrainian people, «the more the choice is clear». Apparently, the Kremlin will congratulate Zelensky when he sees him in some cases.

But the example of Zelensky is really indicative and obvious. For the first time in the history of elections in the post-Soviet space wins a man who has no political experience without a coherent team of professionals and a clear plan of action. And for the first time with such a serious result. In any case, in the history of the Ukrainian elections there were no precedents that any candidate could enlist the support of the West, the Center and the South-East of the country, not counting the elections of Leonid Kravchuk in 1991, which were still held according to the Soviet patterns and were, in fact, uncontested. Given the anti-rating of the current President Petro Poroshenko, these elections can also be called uncontested. But is it possible to repeat this somewhere else in the CIS, so that citizens really vote with their hearts against the hateful government, forgetting about their political differences?

And how will Zelensky’s victory affect relations with his closest neighbors and her status in the world in General?

Despite Zelensky’s harsh statements about the prospects of talks with the Kremlin, the future of Donbass and Crimea, and attacks on the Russian President personally, Moscow made it clear that they are ready to build relations with the new Ukrainian government.

As Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on his Facebook page, the preliminary results of the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine demonstrate the country’s request for new approaches to solving its problems.

Medvedev believes that the new head of state will face the task of consolidating the country, solving many social problems of its residents and establishing economic cooperation. And, according to the Prime Minister, the future Ukrainian President has a chance to improve relations with Moscow, which «should be higher than the political situation.»

«What do you need for this? Honesty. We also need a pragmatic and responsible approach. An approach that takes into account all the prevailing political realities in Ukraine. Including first of all the situation in the East of the country», — wrote the head of the Russian government.

At the same time, he noted that the new leader of Ukraine is likely to adhere to the same rhetoric that he used during the election campaign. «To repeat the known ideological formulas aimed at different groups of the population. I have no illusions about this,» he stressed, adding that he wishes the new President sanity.

The priority of negotiations with Moscow was declared in the headquarters of the Zelensky.

«I think that the direction associated with contacts with Russia will be a priority for us,» said Ruslan Stefanchuk, responsible for the formation of state institutions and ideology in the candidate’s headquarters.

Earlier Zelensky called «task number one» the return of Ukrainian sailors arrested in Russia to the country. It is possible that potential talks with Moscow will initially be focused on this issue.

If they, of course, take place…

— Well, how can you understand the appeal Zelensky, Urbi et orbi, as the Romans said — literally the city and its surroundings… Moscow is the Third Rome, is not it? — says the editor-in-chief of the forum portal. MSK Anatoly Baranov.

— Can the victory of Zelensky be considered something new for the post-Soviet space?

— Probably not — the Armenians have just elected a former political prisoner. And Belarusians once elected the Chairman of the collective farm. And in Tajikistan, the Chairman of the collective farm is still in power. Well, what about the employees of the scene — then Yes, something new.

— Where else could something like this happen?

— Where there is a wild weariness on the part of any manifestations of existing policies and there is a request for a change in the system as a whole. However, I do not think that Zelensky will demolish the system, he will only disappoint once again. He’s not a naked man, he’s a man with connections.

could It be Russia? Maybe we will have such a candidate, without experience, team, and program, but for whom everyone will still vote?

— We’ve had them before. Putin, for example, the program which, in my opinion, so far no one has seen. He had no experience then. Nobody really knew him. But everyone was so tired of Yeltsin that Putin worked for the words: «New. Young. Teetotal.» After 19 years, perhaps, we can talk about the results?

— let’s Go to Russia today. Medvedev saw a chance to improve relations with Ukraine under Zelensky. What is this confidence based on?

— Medvedev has an iPhone, maybe from there this confidence? I don’t have an iPhone, and I don’t have that confidence either. However, relations with Ukraine are at such a low level that the improvement is even just a call to the President in a direct line without the reservation «I hate you, of course»…

Zelensky’s victory is simply the result of the election. It’s just a bid to win. A lot will depend on the new President and his team, but not all. Ukraine has its own role, it plays it, and these roles are not painted in Kiev.

—Zelensky’s statement is intended for idiots, — the expert of the Center for political analysis, Andrey Tikhonov is sure.

— This is a story in the spirit of «why Georgia studied». Now it turns out, «Ukraine has shown that everything is possible.» Everything is a civil war, terror against dissidents, impoverishment of the population, mass migration to the West and East, the threat of genocide of the Russian population. I do not think that sane people want such a future for their countries. If Zelensky is referring to something else, then he’s lying. But notice, he didn’t mark it all. Typical Ukrainian far-fetched statement.

—Victory Zelensky this a new technology? Where else would something like this happen?

— American curators of Ukraine, of course, hope that the technology tested in Ukraine will be successfully applied in other post-Soviet countries. Perhaps they even think that they have found a trouble-free method of fooling the masses. But if you look closely, Zelensky’s incident is no different from Mikhail Saakashvili’s. The young Pro-European leader — this technology is not new and has been used repeatedly in the CIS and Eastern Europe. In Russia thus almost ten years grow Bulk. The results are questionable.

— As a whole Zelensky’s victory can affect the international status of Ukraine, both in the post-Soviet space and in the world?

— It is obvious that the image of Ukraine in the post-Soviet space and in the global arena will improve. After all, the medieval regime of Poroshenko was too infernal. But by and large, the «international community» was ready to turn a blind eye to all the art of the Ukrainian regime. The level of hypocrisy in the West is such that they would be ready to receive Frank cannibals under the slogan «there are no fascists in Ukraine».

— Medvedev hopes to improve relations with Ukraine under Zelensky. Is it possible?

— While Zelensky remains a Tabula Rasa chance, of course, exist. And to give a signal of readiness for dialogue, of course, is worth it. But skepticism about the new President of Ukraine still prevails. This is not a piece that can flip a chessboard.

— In headquarters, Zelensky called priority negotiations with Russia. What do you think they will be and will be?

— In Zelinsky’s staff can declare anything. We will negotiate not with the headquarters, but with government agencies. For example, with the Foreign Ministry, and its head is approved by the Verkhovna Rada. Not everything is as simple as Mr. Goloborodko thinks.

— Informed Zelensky himself called «problem number one» the return of the arrested in Russia Ukrainian sailors. It is possible that potential talks with Moscow will initially be focused on this issue. Is there something to talk about and are there other topics?

—There are a lot of topics for negotiations. But while the «headquarters Zelensky» is not able to formulate them. And not the fact that the intentions will go into practice.

However, not all experts are skeptical.

According to a member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Rodina party, Director of the Institute of freedom Fyodor Biryukov, Zelensky’s victory is an example of the success of the new populist forces, which are now strengthening their influence throughout Europe.

However, while we are dealing with only one word, and with the huge credit of trust, which allocated Zelensky Ukrainian voters for two reasons. The first is a categorical disagreement with Poroshenko’s policy as a whole. And inside the country, and in connection with the conflict in the Donbass, and in relations with Russia, and in terms of European integration. And, by the way, in relations with the West and the US, in particular. It is obvious that the Ukrainians have put on all these points, a solid number. Poroshenko, the Ukrainians have put Poroshenko on a number of popular anger.

The second reason is the words Zelensky has caused the confidence of the mass of voters, as is consistent with its aspirations and needs. Now let’s see how the Affairs of Zelensky as President will correspond or not to his pre-election statements and promises. After all, the success of this populist is not only the popularity of certain slogans but also the ability to realize these ideas. In this regard, the comment of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is quite natural. There is a chance. Zelensky has repeatedly stated the need to establish a constructive dialogue between Kiev and Moscow. As far as it will cope with it and whether in principle will follow this course — will show already soon. The topic of the return of Ukrainian sailors should be considered as part of the process of a broad Russian-Ukrainian exchange of prisoners. Moscow should set one of the conditions for the release from Ukrainian prisons and the cessation of persecution of political activists and journalists — such as the editor-in-chief of RIA Novosti — Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky, for example, and many others. The exchange of «all for all» would be a good start for the negotiation process.

Dana Tessen

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