Who is to blame for the death of 41 people: Aeroflot or Superjet 100?

Who is to blame for the death of 41 people: Aeroflot or Superjet 100?

Over the past 11 years, Aeroflot’s aircraft have not been in a single plane crash, which led to human casualties. Until yesterday. And now, according to experts, the wide operation of «Superjet» can undermine the authority of the country’s largest airline

According to the total number of deaths in plane crashes, Aeroflot is a record holder. In the history of the company killed 8231 people. Next on the list of Air France – on its account 1783 dead. This statistics is largely due to the huge volume of passenger traffic. In the Soviet years, Aeroflot carried 100 million passengers a year, now – three times less.

However, over the past 10 years, the largest Russian air carrier has made significant progress in security. If in the ’80s and ’90s every year fell at least 1-2 aircraft since 2008 there has been no incident with casualties.1 years without a crash

The previous plane crash dates back to September 14, 2008. When landing, not flying about 11 km to Perm airport, crashed Boeing 737 subsidiary airline «Aeroflot-Nord». All 82 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. This was the first fall of the Boeing 737 on Russian territory
Who is to blame for the death of 41 people: Aeroflot or Superjet 100?.

Not to say that the other flights of the fleet «Aeroflot» were smooth and smooth but without human casualties. Of the latest incidents, we can recall the smoke on Board the aircraft, which performed a flight from Belgrade to Moscow on February 4. The pilots had to make an emergency landing in Budapest.

The latest incident with the aircraft «Aeroflot» the Same problem with the smoke arose in December 2018 on the flight Moscow – nice. The liner was forced to land in Vienna. This incident was also remembered by the fact that the passenger – blogger Sokolovsky insulted Aeroflot for the fact that the airline returned people to Moscow, instead of sending them from Vienna to nice. Sokolowski posted a video on Instagram, accompanied by his swearing at the airline. As a result, he was deprived of bonuses «Aeroflot».

A more serious accident occurred on January 21 this year. EN route from Astana to Moscow is the Boeing 737-800 landing in the process of braking, skidded off the runway of Sheremetyevo airport. None of the 81 passengers and 7 crew members were injured. The ship was unharmed. The same incident happened to the plane «Aeroflot» in January 2017 years. For Kaliningrad airport runway was rolled out of the Airbus A320, carrying out flight Moscow – Kaliningrad. Progress in security over the past two decades has been associated with the replacement of old aircraft with new ones. Aeroflot has actively expanded its fleet of «Airbus» and «Boeing». But since the construction of new aircraft began in Russia, Aeroflot has started using domestic aircraft, including the Superjet 100.

According to data obtained by the British channel BBC, Superjet aircraft are considered the least safe sides of Aeroflot.

More than half of the incidents that occurred with Aeroflot’s aircraft in February this year were related to Superjet Airliners,
Who is to blame for the death of 41 people: Aeroflot or Superjet 100?

– writes the website of the British broadcasting company with reference to the documents of the Russian air carrier. Of the 21 incidents that occurred in February 2018, 12 fell on the «Superjet» (SSJ-100). If the other liners «Aeroflot» the level of safety is high, on the SSJ-100 it is considered average. Of the most common problems noted icing sensors and malfunction of the reverse control system.

In January 2018, the business publication Bloomberg reported that sold to the Mexican company Interjet liners are used as a source of spare parts for other aircraft. A year earlier, Vedomosti noted that the average flight on the «Superjet» is 3 hours a day, which is three times less than on foreign aircraft of Russian air carriers.

Experts: «air Carriers put money higher than safety»

Experts interviewed by Tsargrad believe that Aeroflot puts profit above safety.

Aeroflot does not pay enough attention to safety. States (Russian) companies inflated. Now the economy has become above safety, so the pilots go to earn abroad. Companies are not very interested in security, they are mainly interested in money,

– said the pilot of civil aviation, safety specialist Alexander Romanov. Vishy flight Director of «Vnukovo airlines» and honored pilot of Russia Yuri Sytnik considers the root of the problems of the destruction of Russian aviation:

There is no Russian aviation, there are no Russian planes. «Superjet» 85% consists of imported components, MS-21 invested 168 billion; to run it, you need another 354 billion. And why did they do if you have the Tu-204SM, is in Zhukovsky, new, certified according to international rules? Nobody wants him. Because he «suck» nothing. And from the new project to someone stick to hands. In Russia, unfortunately, this is the first aircraft built after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those powerful design bureaus Ilyushin, Tupolev, and Antonov almost collapsed. And it is impossible to create something competitive at this stage.
Who is to blame for the death of 41 people: Aeroflot or Superjet 100?
So who’s to blame? The disaster in Sheremetyevo, which killed 41 people — a blow to the image of «Aeroflot» and Superjet 100. Who is to blame for the tragedy anymore? «Aeroflot», who took the responsibility to buy aircraft that are idle at airports because of technical shortcomings, or «Sukhoi Civil aircraft», producing imperfect machines? Maybe neither one nor the other, and the whole thing in the error of the pilots? But then it is also the responsibility of «Aeroflot», hiring unskilled personnel.

In this situation, an ideal option – to write off all on the weather. But that is not hard to believe that the cause of the tragedy – the lightning, which for modern aircraft have long ceased to be a problem. The final answer will be given by the Investigative Committee and the analysis of black boxes.

Dana Tessen

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