Which left a lot of Putin, and Zelensky, there is only one

Which left a lot of Putin, and Zelensky, there is only one

Which left a lot of Putin, and Zelensky, there is only one
Of the common between Russia and Ukraine remained only the state border, said on his Facebook page, the elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Thus, he commented on the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the two countries have much in common.

«The reality is that today, after the annexation of the Crimea and the aggression in the Donbas, we have only one» common » — the state border. 2295 km and 400 m «common». And control over every millimeter from the Ukrainian side, Russia must return. Only then we will be able to continue searches of «the General», — he wrote.

He also said such action of the Russian side, as the prohibition of exports of oil products to Ukraine and opening of points of delivery of passports to inhabitants of Donbass, and also about the detention of Ukrainian seafarers in the Kerch Strait. According to Zelensky, «fraternal such relations cannot be exactly called.»

The correspondence debate between the presidents unfolded against the backdrop of Putin’s signing of a decree that simplifies the acquisition of Russian citizenship for certain categories of citizens of Ukraine. Zelensky said about the readiness to grant the Russians the Ukrainian passport. The Russian leader called Zelensky’s initiative «very good», stressing that the two countries «have a lot in common». In his opinion, the peoples of Russia and Ukraine are essentially one people. Apparently, the correspondence debate Zelensky and Putin can continue, given that the advisers of the elected President of Ukraine do not recommend him to meet with the Russian leader face to face.

But back to what Zelensky said. Is it possible that Russia and Ukraine really have nothing left to do except the border? Five years of Maidan brainwashing have done their job?

— Zelensky acts and makes statements in the framework of his function as the head of state, who declared Russia an enemy, — said the Chairman of the Union of political emigrants and political prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler.

— Of course, Russia and Ukraine have a huge field of intersections — from family ties that more than a third of Ukrainian citizens have to the common history and mentality. But Zelensky continues the policy of destroying this «common», which will bring new losses for the common people, for the Ukrainian economy and social peace in Ukraine. In this regard, he is a worthy successor of Petro Poroshenko.

«SP»: — Zelensky says that the search for «common» can be started only after «de-occupation». If such an option is theoretically presented, will the search for a common one continue and will it be found?

— The intention of exposing clearly impossible in this situation, the conditions, Zelensky, emphasizes the impossibility of finding «common» with the current Kiev government. What does it mean «Russia should return control over every inch of the border to Ukraine»? This means that Russia must surrender Donbass, leaving it in the blockade imposed by Kiev. But the delivery of Donbass will be followed by a demand to give the Crimea.

All this indicates a complete lack of desire to look for this «common», Zelensky’s intention to continue to talk to Russia in the language of threats and blackmail. I am sure that in this situation Russia cannot afford to make concessions for the sake of mythical harmony and reconciliation.

«SP»: — According to Zelensky, Russia’s ban on the export of petroleum products to Ukraine, the opening of points of issue of Russian passports to residents of the LDNR, as well as «the content of Ukrainians in captivity» does not bring the settlement of relations between the two countries «one iota». And what, in your opinion, can bring closer in the current conditions?

— The measures imposed by Russia on the ban on the export of petroleum products say that Russia has taken a course to stop supporting the Ukrainian economy at the expense of Russian oil. The decision to issue Russian passports to citizens of the LPR and DPR will really bring millions of people out of the political reservation, where Kiev drove them.

It was advantageous for the Ukrainian authorities to «milk «the Russian economy, to put the residents of Donbass in a hopeless situation in the hope of their surrender.

All these plans, thwarted by Moscow, were aimed not at the settlement of Ukrainian-Russian relations, but at the continuation of escalation and militaristic frenzy, which is why the turn in Russian policy caused the anger and anger of the Ukrainian authorities and the corresponding new wave of accusations and labels.

— do we need to look for «General»?

— If the search for «common» means the surrender of Russia and the surrender of Donbass and Crimea — of course, you can not look for it.

At the moment, the logic of the political situation in Ukraine shows that each next President is more Russophobic than the previous one. You can’t negotiate with them. The head of a poor country with a fleeing population and crumbling infrastructure is waiting for capitulation and reparations from Russia. The policy of concessions and attempts to negotiate with the Ukrainian elites, in my opinion, is over.

— Zelensky is not the first time he enters into a correspondence skirmish with Putin via the Internet. What does that say?

— Zelensky is a product of new technologies of fooling the electorate. His virtual presence in the election campaign has brought a resounding success, and now it seems to him that the public picking on the Internet — the best way to play in the information war. Having received a serious superiority in the electorate of the South-East of Ukraine, Zelensky seeks to consolidate his success among the so-called «patriots». That is why his rhetoric is becoming more radical and radical. The lack of political skills and culture of political relations, inciting from the West can lead to the fact that any dialogue between him and the President of Russia will become impossible. But Zelensky, as in his time and Saakashvili, hopes for the support of the West, and therefore does not consider it necessary to behave within the boundaries of acceptable political communication. This once again demonstrates the complete lack of independence of the Ukrainian authorities and misunderstanding of the real interests of Ukraine.

— Despite five years of post-Maidan authorities of Ukraine failed to completely destroy the brotherly relations between our peoples, — said political analyst Ivan Mizuho.

— Common history, culture, faith — what still unites Russians and Ukrainians.

» — Do we need to look for «common»? Or with Ukraine, it is already useless?

— The Russian and Ukrainian peoples have a common past and I am sure that they have a common future. The current «state of Ukraine», unfortunately, is built on the opposition of Russia. Once I asked Ukrainian experts on the air of one of the Federal channels: «What is Ukraine?»Imagine this question put them in a dead end, they could not answer it. As long as the Ukrainian state will prove that it is «not Russia», we will not cook a good porridge with them.

Zelensky is not the first time he enters into a correspondence skirmish with Putin via the Internet. He constantly comments on his statements. What does that say?

— It says that the elected President of Ukraine begins to behave as Poroshenko. I hope that Zelensky’s latest anti-Russian post on Facebook will sober up some of our experts, who naively believed that with the change of the name in the administration of the head of state, Ukraine’s foreign policy would change dramatically.

— On-your, Zelensky himself this says? Or was he?

— Zelensky is the same anti-Russia as Poroshenko. Only until he less aggressive, than his predecessor. Of course, he has his own team that tells him what to say. In addition, there is no doubt that Vladimir Zelensky is dependent on his Western curators. In today’s Ukraine, the head of state cannot be independent of Washington. In this sense, we can safely say that the President-elect will continue the anti-Russian course in the interests of the United States.

« — Will change whether on-your relations between our countries. Zelensky says that this is possible only after «de-occupation». No other way?

— I do not see any immediate prospects for the normalization of relations between Russia and Ukraine. Judging by Zelensky’s unfriendly statement, the Ukrainian side is not ready for a constructive dialogue.

Dana Tessen

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