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Whether Zelensky shake the hands of Erdogan?


The newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky suddenly flew to Turkey. Is it just for rest, or will he still shake hands with Recep Tayyip Erdogan?

While Ukraine is discussing the consequences of the decree of the President of Russia on the simplified granting of citizenship to residents of Donetsk and Lugansk, the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky decided to step back from pressing problems.

He does not make official statements. And although he supported the decision on the exclusive status of the Ukrainian language and criticized the distribution of passports in the DPR and LPR, but did it not personally, through the election headquarters.

Today Zelensky decided to leave the country. And immediately after receiving congratulations from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

So. Flying to Turkey. I take children to the annual festival “Fun”,

— Zelensky wrote on his Facebook page. Why Turkey? The most obvious reason is that Erdogan invited him in a warm and sincere conversation. And Zelensky, yesterday a leading mind and actor, was unable to deny one of the most influential politicians in the world. Especially since he is already tired after a grueling race, both mentally and physically. Therefore, Kemer or Antalya, where the holiday season has already started, would come quite.

The trip at Zelensky — tourist, other it also can’t be. He hasn’t sworn in yet. Officially, until the end of May, the President of Ukraine is Petro Poroshenko. Zelensky even accused the Election Commission that he was dragging with the launch of the inauguration procedure.

But, given the role of Turkey — this is the fourth market for Ukrainian products – it is possible that Zelensky would like to build bridges of friendship with Erdogan now. By the way, in the series “Servant of the people”, where he plays President Goloborodko, Zelensky invites Turkish businessmen to invest in Ukraine. This should not be excluded in real life. If for Zelensky the meeting is a kind of foreign policy success, it does not give Erdogan anything yet. Because the Turkish President is one of those politicians who like to make PR from their international meetings, and here everything should be held in secret.
Whether Zelensky shake the hands of Erdogan?


I do not think that Zelensky’s trip is connected with the fact that Erdogan congratulated him the day before. It certainly looks interesting. Erdogan as a hospitable Turk could invite Zelensky to relax. And it turned out to be a good idea before Zelensky’s difficult presidential term. In this sense, I think it is too early for the President to meet with the President-elect. There is no such serious agenda for discussion to be in such a hurry,

— spoke with Constantinople the chief editor of “MK-Turkey” yaşar Nijazbaev. Nazarbayev also noted that Kiev remains an important partner for Ankara.

Ukraine is an important partner. Ukraine is a neighbor within the black sea region. Another thing is that in Russia, alas, now consider the friendship of Ukraine with Turkey through the prism of “our” or “not ours”. Will friends with one another with our conditional support enemy or not? But in politics and trade, it doesn’t work that way. There is no comparison and, most importantly, no opposition. This can be understood from Turkey’s position on Crimea. Turkey clearly stands in this issue in the same position as the entire Western world. Both Erdogan and foreign Minister Cavusoglu repeat this all the time, he added.

The trip of the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to Turkey is very indicative in the sense that Kiev places rapprochement with Ankara as a priority of its foreign policy. However, Vladimir Zelensky has not yet assumed the post of head of state and is afraid of complications on the international field and, above all — in relations with Russia and the United States. Therefore, his voyage to Turkey is formally exclusively private and is associated with the participation of children of the future head of Ukraine in the annual festival “Fun”.
Whether Zelensky shake the hands of Erdogan?

The chief editor of the International News Agency World Geostrategic Insights (Italy, Rome) Denis Korkodinov believes that although the trip does not formally involve a meeting of two politicians, it can take place in a confidential form. The expert argues that the trip took place the next day after Erdogan’s congratulations. Kiev is interested in discussing the whole range of issues of bilateral cooperation with Turkey. This applies primarily to the problem of security in the black sea region, where the regional interests of Turkey and Russia directly collide. In addition, Vladimir Zelensky and his Turkish partners will not ignore the status of the Crimea, where the other day at the insistence of Vladimir Putin invited Recep Erdogan, and Donbass, which for Zelensky is of considerable interest, because, according to the Ukrainian special services, he directly provides financial support to a number of armed groups in the region. Probably, he will ask the President of Turkey not to visit the Peninsula at the invitation of Vladimir Putin. And, moreover, Zelensky is likely to invite Recep Erdogan to Kiev to put Moscow in a very delicate situation,” – said Korkodinov to Tsargrad.

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The expert noted that after the election of Zelensky, a number of analysts predict a certain breakthrough in relations between Turkey and Ukraine, but this opinion is wrong.

Of course, Ankara will not refuse to support Kiev in key issues related to disagreements in Russian-Ukrainian relations. But in any case, Turkey will proceed solely from its own interests, which on many issues are not identical to the interests of Kiev,

— he stressed. then Zelensky expect in Turkey is pleasant unloading or meeting with the “cumhurbaskani”, and maybe both are uncertain. But it is known that in the Ukrainian establishment it is already not pleasant to many. The mouthpiece of this discontent was the Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko. She recalled that, unlike this President, Poroshenko before his inauguration held meetings with participants of the Normandy format and did not rest at all. Like, during the years of the presidency, he did not go anywhere, and in five years he had only a couple of days off.

Perhaps it is so, and Poroshenko worked 24 on 7. But one thing is clear: diligence and hard work did not help him to solve the main problem of Ukraine — to stop the bloodshed in the Donbass. Will Zelensky succeed?
Whether Zelensky shake the hands of Erdogan?


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