«We have something better for you»: trump is trying to knock «Nord stream — 2» from the European market

«We have something better for you»: trump is trying to knock «Nord stream — 2» from the European market

Donald Trump does not give up hope that he will be able to dissuade Europe from consuming Russian gas. «We have something better for you,» us President says and slips LNG to European partners from the US.

He started talking about this during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda, commenting on the possibility of imposing sanctions against the Nord stream — 2 gas pipeline, or rather against companies participating in the project. Shamelessly lobbying the interests of the American gas sector, Trump argues that «people have the right to do what they want.»

At the same time, the American leader assures that the US «protects» Germany from Russia by pressure and attempts to block the construction of the gas pipeline. Moscow from Berlin «receives billions and billions», Trump said. Add: but these billions would like to get the United States itself.

«But we have something better — large reserves of LNG. I think this is a real way out,» us President said.

Trump is sure that many European countries «would like to buy American liquefied natural gas». And only Germany, he says, «puts itself in a dependent position» because of the purchase of natural gas from Russia.

Trump ended his speech on a «positive note», expressing the hope that «nothing negative will happen.»

«Let’s see how it ends. We hope that we (USA — ed.) will have excellent relations with Russia, China, Germany and other countries of the world,» Trump concluded.

Green light for Baltic Pipeline from trump
Speaking against Nord stream 2, us President welcomes the construction of a gas pipeline between Poland and Denmark.

«We support the construction of the Baltic Pipeline, which diversifies supplies in Europe,» Trump said during a press conference.

Traditionally, when the US talks about the diversification of energy supplies in Europe, it always implies a reduction in the supply of Russian gas to the region.

What is the pipeline of the Baltic Pipeline? This is an almost forgotten project of 2001, through which a highway should be laid on the bottom of the Baltic sea and through the territory of Denmark, thanks to which Poland would be able to directly receive blue fuel from Norway. Warsaw is very interested in the implementation of this project, which, according to the Polish authorities, is a «good alternative «to the Nord stream — 2».

The idea to revive the Baltic Pipe project belongs to the ruling Polish party «Law and justice». It is assumed that Norwegian gas from the shelf in the North sea will be delivered to Poland in transit through Denmark. Although experts are very skeptical about this project, believing that Norway will not be able to increase gas production, Poland is still ready to invest in this project a considerable amount of two billion dollars

Attempt to kill the «Nord stream — 2» the five sanctions
The main weapon of the United States in the fight against competitors and enemies — the sanctions that they quickly enter whenever you want. Trying to fight the «Nord stream — 2», us congressmen have developed a bill against the implementation of the project for the construction of the gas pipeline. The document was introduced in May, but its full text was published only on June 1.

In particular, the authors of the initiative propose to the President of the United States Donald Trump to introduce at least five types of sanctions against persons involved in the construction of the pipeline.

«The President may impose five or more sanctions… against a foreign person if the President decides that the person knowingly… provide services for risk assessment, insurance or reinsurance of the vessel», — stated in the statement.

Pompeo hopes that «Europe will do everything «right»
The us Secretary of state, who recently admitted that Nord stream 2 is «impossible to stop», is also trying to dictate his rules to European partners.

While in the Hague to participate in the Global summit on entrepreneurship, Pompeo said in an interview with RTL: «We in the US just hope that Europe will seriously approach the issue of the need for a diversified, secure energy base, which is not tied to Russia.» After all, Pompeo explains, «the Russians will do anything to harm Europe.»

According to the head of the state Department, Washington is categorically against the construction of Russian pipelines, allegedly because Moscow wants to «make Europe economically dependent on Russian gas supplies, thereby acquiring another lever of pressure on Brussels.»

Although in fact, it is the United States that considers Europe as a market for its expensive liquefied gas, which the Americans also do not have in the right amount. So nothing personal, just business.

Iron Frau kantslerin was able to respond to us claims
Angela Merkel is well aware of what games Washington plays. Speaking on June 4 in Berlin at the economic conference «Day of German industry», she said that the economic circles of Germany share her opinion on the need to implement the Nord stream — 2 gas pipeline.

The head of the government of Germany, who refused from coal and nuclear energy, stressed that «we need to rely on such energy as gas.» She added in this regard that she always supported the construction of Nord stream 2, so that the country had more gas. And for this purpose, Merkel compromises: she supports both gas transit through Ukraine and the construction of terminals for receiving LNG ships from the United States. However, Washington does not like this position of Berlin: the Americans need complete and unconditional submission of Germany to the interests of the United States.

«Molecules of democracy» in the «free Gaza»
Pressure on Europe in the «gas issue» is not only the President and us Secretary of state. Other high officials are also making considerable efforts to do this. It is possible to convince not only sanctions but also words that they also try to do.

For example, at the end of May, us Deputy energy Minister mark Menezes spoke about the need to distribute «free American gas» around the world, and the Assistant Secretary of energy for fossil fuels Steven Winberg let slip about the promotion of liquefied natural gas as «molecules of us freedom that is exported to the world.»

And for freedom, as I remember, you have to pay. Thus, Europe has repeatedly paid attention to the fact that the Russian blue fuel is, in any case, more profitable than the us, because in the latter case the cost of transportation is high.

Dana Tessen

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