The war has been declared sanctions for the time being, but Ramzan Kadyrov has already taken offense: why the sanctions did not affect the entire team of the national leader of Chechnya, Ahmad Kadyrov
Tonight, the mood of the whole team of our national leader, the First President of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov has deteriorated! – Ramzan Kadyrov quotes the Russian Spring portal. – Everyone is upset that he is not on the lists concocted by the United States. Therefore, the TEAM made the unanimous decision to request the inclusion of every single person on the sanction list!

Kadyrov’s list
However, Kadyrov would not be Kadyrov if he did not add such words: “At the same time, I officially inform the authors of these scribbles that you are all on OUR lists! Of course, for ordinary citizens of the United States and European countries, the doors to Chechnya are always wide open. And to those who artificially make us enemies, I suggest: if you have even the slightest signs of a man in your veins, come, we will draw you a Magnitsky list so that you will remember it all your life and tell your grandchildren! ”

And from which side is the “Magnitsky list”, which was compiled in the United States in 2012 on the initiative of an international fraudster sentenced to nine years for not paying four billion rubles in taxes and officially internationally wanted by Russia, William Felix Browder? This was the so-called Act on the Rule of Law and Accountability of Sergei Magnitsky, adopted by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama, where unilateral sanctions were imposed on Russian citizens who, from the US point of view, “seriously violated human rights, but go unpunished his country. ”

That is, just look at the abyss of democracy that opens up in almost every word! The “seriousness” of rights violations in a foreign country is determined in the United States. “Impunity” – a judgment about it – is also left for the United States. And this means that the United States should determine the punishment, and not the country’s national court. So we did not know, and in the world, it turns out, there is one source of law! And he is in the USA.

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Sergei Magnitsky, the lawyer of the Browder Hermitage Capital Foundation, was indeed a victim. He really died in jail. Perhaps, indeed, from not providing proper medical care, as the Americans and their official human rights defenders claim. The prison hospital is not a Kremlin hospital, unfortunately. But today, a rather long series of researchers of this case are convinced: Browder took advantage of this tragedy too technically so as not to be suspected of her organization. Starting with the Magnitsky base, under the illegible hand of Themis.

Be that as it may, but today Ramzan Kadyrov is asking a reasonable question: where is Magnitsky and where is Chechnya? From what side is the Terek detachment tied to Magnitsky?

Detachment “Terek” and his guilt
This is where we come to the actual event that caused the ironic comments of the head of Chechnya.

The fact is that the US Treasury Department just used the “Magnitsky List” act to send the entire Chechen special Terek rapid reaction squad to the list of US sanctions. In principle, the SOBR is the SOBR – PHYSO, combat, fire fighting terrorism. What he annoyed Americans, and even in the context of human rights violations, is unclear.

Somewhat clarifies the situation list of five citizens of Russia, which is listed in the same application of the US Ministry of Finance. These are Abuzayd Vismuradov, Gennady Karlov, Sergey Kossiev, Ruslan Geremeev, and Elena Trikul.


Vismuradov – the commander of “Terek”. Karlov and Trikul are employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Kossiev is the former head of the correctional colony No. 7 in Karelia, sentenced to imprisonment for exceeding his authority. Well, Geremeev, the former deputy commander of the North battalion, is being held by the Americans and their service human rights defenders as almost the organizer of the notorious murder of Boris Nemtsov, although the investigation declared that Grameen’s driver Ruslan Mukhudinov was the customer.

That is, a picture emerges roughly as follows. Kossiyev was found guilty, in particular, of beating one of the convicts, who found himself part-time opposition human rights activist. America bypassed such a gift could not. Karlov and Trikul are connected with the Magnitsky case. Why America grinned at them just now, again it is not clear. Geremeev, on the other hand, should be sanctioned because of dear America Nemtsov. So, dear, it turns out that there are involuntary suspicions that the US vindication is due primarily to the loss of a valuable agent. For how many politicians perish around the planet? But Nemtsov is somehow the obvious love of Washington …

What does America want from us?
The answer to this question is given by the classics of the satirical genre: love. Does Russia have no love for America? Well then, at least submission. Everything is very simple and comes from the same thing that was said at the beginning: the United States is experiencing a parting complex with another complex – the great power. American jurisdiction must – and that’s it! – spread throughout the world. The right defender, the left – is an excellent creator of legal hooks against their own state


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