USA: the Kremlin’s aggression brought trump to paralysis

USA: the Kremlin’s aggression brought trump to paralysis

USA: the Kremlin's aggression brought trump to paralysis
You get discouraged watching the United States become an Empire of Evil. While serving in the US Army during the Vietnam war and in the Central Intelligence Agency — in the second half of the cold war, I had the opportunity to observe from within how, in fact, pragmatic national security policy gradually turned into a bipartisan doctrine, which became an indispensable condition for the domination of Washington

Unfortunately, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the opportunity to put an end once and for all to the bipolar nuclear confrontation that threatened global destruction was missed, because President Bill Clinton, instead of taking advantage of this opportunity, decided to humiliate an already demoralized and practically had no leader Russia and use NATO to contain it.

The slogan of «American Exceptionalism» became the battle cry of the Federal government, becoming more and more ignorant, as well as for the public, fooled by the media. When September 11 came, the country was ready to attack the rest of the world. President George W. Bush growled, «There’s a new Sheriff in town, and you’re either with us or against us.» This was followed by Afghanistan, then Iraq, and in the spirit of bipartisanship Democrats staged Libya and the first serious fighting in Syria. In its current incarnation, we see the United States threatening Iran almost weekly and breaking arms control agreements with Russia while supporting the deployment of us forces in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and places like Mali. Around the globe scattered 800 our military bases, while the main enemies of Washington — Russia, and China, respectively — only one and none. Never before in my life has the United States been so militant. And this is despite the fact that there is no enemy or combination of enemies that would actually threaten either the territory of the United States or its vital interests. Venezuela is threatened with invasion, primarily because it is located in the Western hemisphere and, therefore, is subject to the Advisory power of Washington. Last Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence in the UN Security Council said that the White house would remove Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power — preferably through diplomacy and sanctions while stipulating that «all options are on the table.» Pence warned that Russia and other friends of Maduro need to either get out now or accept the consequences.

The development of the United States as a hostile and somewhat unpredictable force has not gone unnoticed. Russia has recognized that war is coming (no matter how it behaves towards trump), and is improving its armed forces. According to some estimates, its army is better equipped and more combat-ready than the US army, which spends almost ten times more on defense.
USA: the Kremlin's aggression brought trump to paralysis

Iran is also modernizing its defensive capabilities, and they are impressive. Now that Washington has withdrawn from the nuclear agreement with Iran, imposed a number of even stronger punitive sanctions on the country and — most recently — declared part of the Iranian armed forces a «foreign terrorist organization», which, therefore, are subject to attack by the us military at any time, it became clear that the next step would be war. The United States is now seeking a global ban on any purchase of Iranian oil. A number of countries — including nominal us ally Turkey — said they would ignore the ban. And it will be interesting to see what the US Navy intends to do to ensure it. Or — what will Iran do to break this blockade.

But even with all these terrible decisions being made in the White House, there is one organization that is far crazier and perhaps even more dangerous. This is the United States Congress, which (unsurprisingly) is a legislative body that is well received by only 18 percent of Americans.

One of the bills under consideration, which from the very beginning was entitled «On the protection of American security from the Kremlin act of aggression of 2019 (Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act, DASKA)», has the number S-1189). This bill was introduced in the Senate, which «…will require the Secretary of state to determine whether the Russian Federation should be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism and whether Russian-funded armed groups in Ukraine should be recognized as foreign terrorist organizations.» The bill is sponsored by Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado and co-sponsored by Democrat Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

The current version of the bill was presented on 11 April, and it is not clear how much support it can actually gain. But the fact that this bill has appeared at all should concern anyone who believes that the main interest in the world is to avoid a direct military confrontation between the US and Russia.

In a press release, Gardner, who has long insisted that Russia be included in the list of state sponsors of terrorism, describes the February version of the bill as «…a comprehensive legislation that seeks to increase economic, political and diplomatic pressure on the Russian Federation in response to Russia’s interference in democratic processes abroad, to the malicious influence in Syria and aggression against Ukraine, including in the Kerch Strait. The legislation establishes a comprehensive political response to improve the position of the us government in the fight against Kremlin aggression by creating new political bodies to coordinate cyber defense and sanctions. The bill supports NATO and does not allow the President to withdraw the United States from the Alliance without a vote in the Senate. It also increases the sanctions pressure on Moscow for its interference in democratic processes abroad and the ongoing aggression against Ukraine.»

The co-authors of the February version of the bill included Menendez, Democrat gene Shaheen from New Hampshire, Democrat Ben Cardin from Maryland and Republican Lindsay Graham from South Carolina. This suggests that in today’s Washington provoking war is really bipartisan.

Each co-author-Senator made a personal comment in the press release. Gardner noted that «Putin’s Russia is a criminal regime, which is obsessed with the idea to undermine international law and destroy the liberal global order under the leadership of the United States.» Menendez noted that «the deliberate paralysis of the President of trump in the face of aggression from the Kremlin, the Congress reached the boiling point». Graham added that «our goal is to change the status quo and introduce significant sanctions and measures against Putin’s Russia. His task is to build a barrier to interference in the electoral process within the United States and stop this interference, stop cyber attacks on American infrastructure, remove Russia from Ukraine and stop its efforts to create chaos in Syria.» Cardin added: «Congress continues to play a leading role in protecting us national security from continued Russian aggression against democratic institutions at home and abroad.» And Shahin noted that «this bill is based on previous efforts in Congress to hold Russia accountable for its belligerent behavior towards the United States and for its determination to destabilize our global world order.»

The senators ‘ comments, of course, contain strong exaggerations and sometimes completely false statements about what is happening in the world, but they show how ignorant American legislators can be and are. Senators also ignore the fact that the definition of alleged «Kremlin surrogate forces» as «foreign terrorist organizations» is equivalent to a Declaration of war against them by us military. Despite the fact that the hypocritical designation of Russia as a «state sponsor of terrorism» is bad enough in itself, so it is clearly not true. But the real damage comes from the existence of the bill itself. It will strengthen the support of hardliners on both sides, ensuring that there will be no resumption of friendly relations between Washington and Moscow in the foreseeable future, which is bad for both sides. And it remains to be answered whether this can be described as an unintended and unpredictable consequence of making unwise decisions or as possibly something more sinister in which the deeply corrupt and the Congress (presidential — S. D.) administration are involved.

About the author: Philip Giraldi — M. Philip Giraldi— a former employee of military intelligence and the CIA, an expert in the field of counter-terrorism, worked for about 20 years in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. From 1989 to 1992 he was the head of the CIA residency in Barcelona. He was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in 2001. Speaks Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish. Currently — Executive Director of the Council for national interest (Council of national interests)

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