Us aircraft carriers threaten from the Mediterranean, looking for a tough response from Russia

Us aircraft carriers threaten from the Mediterranean, looking for a tough response from Russia

Us Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman visited American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean sea and said that this is a signal to Moscow to listen to the international community.

«Diplomatic ties and dialogue, combined with the powerful defensive systems of these ships, demonstrate to Russia that if it really wants to improve relations with the United States, it must stop its destabilizing activities around the world,» the diplomat said.

However, in the view of Mr. Ambassador, international diplomacy looks very peculiar — this aircraft-carrying cruiser «Abraham Lincoln» and «Jones S. Stennis», each of which weighs 100 thousand tons. On April 23, two American aircraft carrier groups began operating in the Mediterranean sea. The group includes 10 ships, more than 130 aircraft, and about 9 thousand us Navy personnel. The last time two similar aircraft carrier groups operated in the region in 2016.

According to Huntsman, two such aircraft carrier groups provide «unprecedented deterrence against unilateral aggression.» However, according to a senior diplomat, it is in this way that the United States leaves no doubt «in the overall commitment of our country to security and stability in the region.»NATO led by the United States is increasing military activity not only in the Mediterranean sea but also directly off the coast of Russia — in the Black and Baltic seas, the Arctic zone said earlier Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

«Large-scale exercises are conducted, which involve strategic funds, nuclear weapons carriers. New and modernized existing structures of command and logistics, infrastructure, warehouses of weapons and military equipment», — said the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. He expressed the hope that the armed conflict will not come, but «in today’s situation increases the risk of unintentional incidents, misunderstood intentions.»

Head of the Department of international relations and diplomacy of the Moscow Humanitarian University, a former diplomat in Germany, USA Nikolai Platoshkin believes that Huntsman «nothing new has come up.»

— The Americans before the beginning of the 20th century were official «gunboat diplomacy»: if someone does not understand something in the Western hemisphere, gunboats came and opened the volley, and then the American goals became a little clearer. But I would not talk about Russia in this spirit, because it is simply useless. The Americans at the peak of the «cold war» was 21 aircraft carrier, battle group. And that, than them this helped?

We can listen, or we can say that we do not hear anything and we have in the world community, in addition to the Americans, there are other partners with whom you can negotiate without aircraft carriers.

«SP»: — How can or should Moscow react now?

— Legally Ambassador Huntsman can make such statements, although according to ethics and Protocol it is a disgrace, of course. They don’t. Should be given the opportunity to Ambassador Huntsman, or relaxing at home — it’s called «the recall of Ambassador for consultations, so it is a little «smoke break», or to put before Americans the question of whether it’ll work, and we’ll send a more peaceful comrade.

I can’t imagine that even in Soviet times our Ambassador to Washington flew to Cuba, went on Board our nuclear submarine and said: «Well, guys, I’ll be back — listen to me.» Some nonsense, but it is necessary to react. It is necessary to show a framework that they listened to us the same.

«SP»: — What is the reason for the emergence of two American aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean?

— There are several options. The situation in Libya has worsened and Marshal Haftar, whom the Americans are now not very welcome, although it was their agent once, ready to take the capital. One aircraft carrier, where up to 70 combat aircraft can Haftar destroy in which case, even if not one American will not work.

In addition, the difficult situation in Egypt, where a referendum on the extension of the powers of the current President, whom the Americans do not like much. If there is a change in the internal political situation, the demonstration of the flag will not hurt.

The aggravation of relations with Turkey due to the fact that they want to buy our s-400 missile systems.

That is, such a demonstration by the Americans that they are everywhere and watching everyone and will intervene in case of anything.

«SP»: — And how effective is such a demonstration?

— With regard to Libya quite. Combat-ready air force at the opposing factions there. One American aircraft carrier class, for example, «Ronald Reagan» is quite a substitute for the air force of a country like Libya. By the way, Haftarah supports Egypt. In General, Egypt should point out to the Americans their place.»

According to the Associate Professor of the Department of the political theory of MGIMO Kirill Koktysh, what is happening in the Mediterranean sea is more like a demonstration, and according to the Ambassador can talk about the inconsistency of the press services.

— I understand that arriving on an aircraft carrier has something to say. And the Ambassador both understood and told. How thoughtful was his phrase, said for internal use (I think that there was no one except the Americans) and how correctly the phrase is reproduced by the media, it is difficult to say.

«SP»: — media refer to the release of the press service of the 6th fleet of the American Navy, which, however, has ceased to open.

— Most likely, the military fired without thinking and not agreeing. Apparently, there was a failure in the press service, because this should not have happened.

«SP»: — What kind of reaction should, in your opinion to be at Moscow?

— In my opinion, except bewilderment, no other reaction can be. The Ambassador should probably clarify what he meant, what he wanted to say and what context he was talking about.

To believe that the States will now return to the Syrian processes, to be honest, it is a little doubtful. If such decisions are made, they are not taken by the Ambassador, but by trump personally, if aircraft carriers are there with some serious mission that can go into combat and involve the redeployment of American troops in the region. This is not an excluded option, but then the question is: why does the Ambassador make the relevant statement that the States are there not just to demonstrate force, but to do something? It is possible that the aircraft carriers have some kind of military-political task, but then the President makes a statement.

«SP»: — Since 2016, such a group has not appeared in the region. Why is she there now?

— There are two aircraft carriers, but only 10 escort ships. And escort ships in case of a military operation would be 40 pieces. They’re carriers with no backup.

To participate in the fighting around must be a fleet that protects the water, from the air, from all sides. Without this, the aircraft carrier itself is 120 thousand tons of a large tin can. It can easily be sunk, so there is a huge flotilla of protection, which on a cannon shot does not admit anyone and controls everything within a large radius. And here are 10 escort ships for 2 aircraft carriers. This implies that a military mission is not envisaged. This is a demonstration mission.

«SP»: — But if such groups appear in the region, what can Russia answer?

— States are always present in the region. In neutral waters, they can «ride» in any composition, depending on what they want to demonstrate. But 130 aircraft — a serious force, if you plan to attack someone in the region, but in this case, there should be other ships.

If there’s a quick transfer of escort ships there tomorrow that will take care of everything, then Yes.

Russia can only go to an asymmetric response. Russia has a presence at the base in Tartus, incomparable because Russia has only one aircraft carrier. Another question is that Russia always answers asymmetrically and it has a weapon that, if necessary, can hit an aircraft carrier, and any other forces. These are, for example, hypersonic weapons that have already been delivered in the region. But of course, there is no symmetrical answer. The American Navy is the only one in the world, no one will throw so much money into the Navy.

Dana Tessen

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