US accused two former members of the Venezuelan government of money laundering

US accused two former members of the Venezuelan government of money laundering

Sanctions were imposed on the former Minister of electricity and other senior officials of this Department

Us Treasury Department on Thursday accused former members of the government of Nicolas Maduro of money laundering and corruption.

The charges brought against the Minister of electricity Motta Luis Dominguez sent Maduro to resign after massive blackouts in March, and Eustacio Jose Lugo Gomez, one of the former leaders of the same Department.

«Instead of using their official position for the benefit of the Venezuelan people, Motta and Lugo were illegally enriched, which led to the creation of a crisis in the electricity sector,» the Ministry said in a statement.

Both officials are accused of taking bribes in exchange for contracts for the supply of electrical equipment, some of which were incompatible with Venezuelan electricity networks. Purchase of useless equipment has become one of the causes of the decline of the electricity system, says the Ministry of Finance of the United States.

Both officials transferred their bribes through banks in South Florida.

The Finance Ministry has also imposed sanctions on Motta and Lugo. All their assets under U.S. jurisdiction are frozen.

The action of these sanctions can be stopped, noted in Department.

«Sanctions are designed to lead to positive changes in the behavior of (these persons),» – said in a statement of the Ministry of Finance. – They can be removed if officials oppose the Maduro regime and take «concrete and meaningful actions to restore democracy.»

USA act against the regime of Maduro, considering the legitimate interim President of the country of opposition leader Juan Guido.

Dana Tessen

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