Ukrainian pipe will go to the «Nord Stream-2» in the load

Ukrainian pipe will go to the «Nord Stream-2» in the load

The European Commission will no longer be able to block the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This was stated by German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose words are quoted by the German newspaper Handelsblatt.

The head of the German government acknowledged that the new gas directives «give the European Commission more opportunities for objections.» However, they cannot prevent the project, since it is already “agreed to the maximum extent”.

At the same time, the Chancellor called Ukraine the “key moment” in the construction of “Nord Stream — 2”, which, according to her, should remain with transit, despite the appearance of a new gas pipeline.

“I gave my word,” Merkel emphasized, noting that this is why, in conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he regularly raises questions about the future of the Ukrainian route. And now he is going to discuss this topic with the newly elected leader of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. By the way, the statement of the German Chancellor was made against the background of Putin’s talks with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Van der Bellen in Sochi, where the issue of Nord Stream 2 simply could not go, because Austrian companies, along with German, French, and Dutch, are directly involved in its construction.

And, as the President of the Austrian state made it clear during the joint press conference following the meeting, Vienna does not plan to leave the project.

Putin, in turn, chiding the Europeans that they have to “chew the cud for years” to reach an agreement, expressed the hope that the “lively interest” in the implementation of projects of this kind will ultimately win. Because, as the president said, this «is in the economic interests of the whole of Europe.»

However, the “dances with tambourines” of opponents of Nord Stream-2 continue. And the United States is soloing here, who are trying with all their might to give the political pipeline a political touch, in which Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic countries actively help them.

A recent statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling for EU countries to rally and «rebuff» Moscow, not allowing the completion of the SP-2, goes beyond the bounds of diplomatic language. But he decided to further aggravate the situation by canceling the planned visit to Berlin, where he was to meet with Merkel on May 7.

At the same time, US senators launched a boisterous activity, coming to Congress with the next sanctions bill, which provides for the introduction of tough measures against companies involved in the construction of Russian offshore pipelines, including Nord Stream-2.

“There have always been attacks on Nord Stream 2, but they come from the US Congress, the American administration with three goals — the destruction of the Russian economy, the desire to sell its own liquefied gas and the intention to make Russia pay to rebuild Ukraine. Merkel knows this perfectly, for her it is illogical, this is pure politics. Therefore, it will resist this pressure. The Nord Stream 2 will be built, although there are many battles ahead, ”said German political analyst Alexander Rahr.

Alexey Kuznetsov, director of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in turn, recalled that Americans constantly put pressure on European partners:

— To be honest, the Europeans are already tired of the fact that they bear the burden of the costs associated with anti-Russian sanctions, and none, by and large, do not have any bonuses. And Nord Stream II is a very profitable project for Germany. And Merkel, most likely, is simply afraid of finally losing support within the country, having gone on this issue in the wake of the Americans.

Moreover, there is still the question of how to do it legally — to block it …

It is one thing for the United States to declare that their legislation is above international. They always rightfully «strong» dictated their conditions to others, and this was different from other countries.

And in Europe, there was always the rule of law. And from a legal point of view, it is quite difficult to explain why Russian business should be discriminated in the markets of the European Union.

«SP»: — Merkel all the time reminds of the Ukrainian transit. Does she really care so much, will Kiev be left with money from pumping Russian gas, or is it just ritual speech? Indeed, in any case, the Ukrainian pipe will be filled with a completely different volume after the “SP -2” will be put into operation.

— Yes, the volume will be different. But the most important thing is that when the pipe’s occupancy falls, Ukraine will lose revenues that will ensure the safety of this pipe in technical terms. So, over time, indeed, the question of closing the Ukrainian route will arise.

But the Germans are now worried about two things. The first is to save face. And the second is to preserve the formal diversification of supplies. Because some countries are very attentive to this — same Poland.

Both are met.

Moreover, Russia, in this case, plays the same game. We also declare that we have no purpose to punish Ukraine. We have a goal — made

Dana Tessen

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