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Ukraine strengthens the border with Belarus urgently formed team of Rangers


In Ukraine, suddenly puzzled by the protection and defense of the border with neighboring Belarus, the length of the border with which is a little more than a thousand kilometers.

So far, Kiev has not had any special problems here. All — swamps, swamps and forests. And neighbors-Slavs in good relations with Kiev. Conflicts, if they happen, then more domestic level. The type of fat illegally. And here suddenly such a stir on the border!

Something suddenly strategic direction of the North Ukrainian generals has decided to drastically increase. This is the first in the APU and in General in the post-Soviet space separate infantry jäger brigade, which is advertised as a powerful special forces unit. Is designed (I guess the “one-two!”) to counteract the treacherous offensive of Russian troops.

Actually, the future Ranger APU — a former 61-I infantry brigade of the Ukrainian army. Which exists since 2015 as part of the Reserve Corps. And silently from that time stood in the Chernihiv region, nothing special in combat terms, not standing out. In any battles for the Donbass did not take part, practiced a little on a nearby Goncharovskiy landfill. Now the status of former reservists fell swoop was promoted to special forces Rangers. Probably, local forestry workers will be obliged to undergo appropriate training to own not only the ax of a lumberjack but also a combat knife of a scout.

In the message of the military Department of Ukraine, it is noted that divisions of the crew are intended for conducting military operations in the wood and marshy district. And with only military contract service who have combat experience or experience in civil activities, related to the specifics of the new brigade (hunters, Rangers, the staff of forest farms).

What kind of “Rambo” forest appeared in the Mat — recruited from local hunters “special forces”? Or are we really talking about well-trained specialists-Rangers, which in any army has always been considered a piece of “goods”?

— To understand the situation, it is necessary to know the basic principle of the formation of the Ukrainian army, — said media consultant Alexander Zimovsky. — And he says: “the Ukrainian army is formed on Facebook and Twitter!”. And Vice versa “Outside Facebook and Twitter of the Ukrainian army, by and large, does not exist”. Therefore, we see a situation where that existed only on paper infantry brigade of the reserve of Ukraine is translated, again on paper, the “combat strength”. Already as a Jaeger brigade.

At the same time on Facebook, the announcement of a set of the Ukrainian foresters, poachers, hunters, washers of amber and fans to put snares on rabbits for service under the contract in this crew is placed. There is a terrific phrase, and I quote: “since Petani propaganda service sorties to administrator autobiography” (“On issues of service, refer to the administrator page”).

I almost forgot! This non-existent brigade already has an emblem — a post horn. Or even not postal horns, and Alpine! Similar to the one that the music teacher Udrya offered to see Madame cook in the famous film “Nameless star”.

There is depressing tactical illiteracy of the authors of this news. HYIP is HYIP. We understand, but “material something needs to teach.” There are no military units specifically for the war in the forest. Any sensible infantryman, not even a commando, is trained to operate in the forest. This is one of the elements of infantry combat training in any army in the world.

In the case of Ukrainian Ranger’s ears grow from the time when the grandfathers of the current Ukrainian strategists still ran in the police. From those times to us came the legend of the mountain Rangers of the Wehrmacht, the guys from the division “Edelweiss” and other sofa romance.

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When the Germans faced the stubborn resistance of the Soviet troops in the forest belt between the Dnieper and Moscow, they came to the need to rid the ordinary infantry division of heavy weapons and equipment. So there was Hitler’s light infantry division. Which from July 6, 1942, was given the name “jaegers”. At the same time the huntsmen of the Fuhrer and handed the emblem: three green oak leaves and one green acorn on a small brown branch.

But the hunter part is still, in fact, remained a regular infantry. Only at the final stage of the war soldiers were allowed to wear elements of the uniform of mountain Rangers. Including bergmütze cap, boots, windbreakers, and anoraks. As they entered the cinema of the postwar period.

And then, from movies and comics, this idea moved to the Ukrainian General staff. Where the “bright heads” decided to draw a “Jaeger” team. Probably the name of General Wendeler.

By the way, the Rangers of the 5th division of the Wehrmacht fought under Kovel in 1944. And now in the same place, in Volyn, in Novograd-Volyn, it is planned to locate the management team of Ukrainian Rangers. That is — we see an attempt to form some historical continuity. Like: “we are also the hunters.”

The end of the 5 to command a division was sad, as I remember. That to the Ukrainian Rangers, then I would recommend the residents of Volyn now to move fat, feather pillows, “the trigger-with milk-shit” and other material values. Rangers usually live off the land. But the future of the Ukrainian Rangers at the stage of forming the can from hristoradnov quickly turn to loot. In the wooded regions of Ukraine is not in vain in the course of a proverb: “the Zhu Krad Poroshenko, and seize — our Lasnik”the Emergence of a new brigade in the Mat with many claiming the name “hunter” has called on Ukraine to attack the Patriotic pride of the Rangers has always been considered a kind of elite of the army. Of course, local hunters and foresters, who will be able to receive official payments from the military for their fishing, sometimes openly poaching, were happy.

There was, oddly enough, and the answer to the strange, at first glance, the location of the new Jaeger brigade — on the border with Belarus. Gamekeeper, it turns out. put here to resist Russian aggression from the Belarusian swamps.

In Ukraine, we are convinced that even after the joint large-scale exercises “West-2017” on the territory of Belarus there were some Russian military units, information about which is hidden in Moscow.

Recall in Kiev and Putin’s “pressure” on Lukashenka. Where one of the requests may be the provision of a “corridor” for Russian tanks — from Chernigov to Kiev only 150 kilometers.

In General, Ukraine urgently needed to cover this, though very shady, but, as Kiev is convinced, a tank-dangerous direction. In principle, the issue price small — local hunters willing to change the shotgun on the machines. And padded jackets — on army jackets. Only hardly anybody in the North of Ukraine will encroach on positions of the crew. So, almost a resort awaits the Rangers. If, of course, the General staff ever from despair will not throw experts of the wood in steppes of Donbass.


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