Ukraine declared oil and gas war on Russia

Ukraine declared oil and gas war on Russia

Ukraine on Friday night, April 26, stopped the transit of Russian oil through the pipeline «Friendship». The corresponding statement was published by the company «Ukrtransnafta» in Facebook. States that completely stopped pumping oil in the area, «Mozyr-Brody».

The statement said that this decision was forced, and was made on the basis of an agreement on the provision of services for the transportation of oil in Ukraine.

«In accordance with the terms of this agreement, «Ukrtransnafta» has the right to stop the reception of Russian oil, if the raw material does not meet the quality indicators,» — said in a statement.

It is also specified that «Ukrtransnafta» took such a step because of the inability to deliver oil to Slovakia, which previously refused to accept low-quality raw materials. Another reason was the lack of free capacity at the Hungarian point of delivery «Feneshlitke».

It is reported that material losses will be imposed on the party that «did not fulfill its obligations» — that is, on the Russian Transneft.

The problem with the quality of oil coming from Russia to Belarus through the main pipeline «Druzhba», supplying raw materials to Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, became known last week when the Belarusian side said. The raw material was found to have a high content of organochlorine compounds, which caused damage to expensive equipment at the Mozyr oil refinery. Transneft recognized the increased content of chlorides in the fuel and stated that it had taken measures to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The company’s management also stated that the pollution was intentional and that a criminal case had been opened. As reported to journalists by the adviser of the President of «Transneft» Igor Demin, stuffing organochlorine compounds was carried out via the metering station owned by a private entity «Smart asset-Terminal» (belongs GK «PetroNeft»).In the evening of April 25, it became known that the operator of the Slovak section of the Druzhba oil pipeline, the company Transpetrol, reported a stop in the flow of oil from Russia through the said pipeline.

On suspension for an indefinite period of transit of oil through the «Friendship» because of its quality also said Poland.

Despite the fact that the Russian side recognized the problem of oil quality, some suspicions may cause a coincidence in the time of Ukraine’s refusal to pump fuel and the emergence of new restrictive measures on the part of Moscow relating to oil and petroleum products. Recall, from July 1, they can be imported into the territory of Ukraine only by special permits. Experts say that this could lead to a large-scale fuel crisis in Ukraine.

On the same day, when oil transit was stopped, in Kiev declared that Russia allegedly prepares for «gas war».

Executive Director of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko in an interview with YouTube channel» he said that the company does not have a technical model of the Ukrainian GTS after the termination of the transit of Russian gas, which, in his opinion, is inevitable from 2020.

«We now see that the volume of transit is growing. This may mean, most likely, that they are preparing to interrupt transit and they want to have more gas in storage facilities in Europe to cover the needs of consumers there from storage facilities, and not through transit through Ukraine,» he said. By all indications, Russia is preparing for a new gas war, Vitrenko is sure.

He also said that Naftogaz has already appealed to its European partners, but so far it has not been possible to work out any solution. In addition, according to him, the country disrupted the program to increase its own gas production, despite the fact that production volumes, on the contrary, are constantly falling.

Recall, according to the head of «Naftogaz» Andrei KOBOLEV, having lost transit, Ukraine will lose about four percent of GDP. There is also a ban on the supply of oil, which, according to experts, will increase the cost of purchasing raw materials and petroleum products from Belarus. But all this was Moscow’s response to Kiev’s actions. Maybe it is Kiev itself declared a «gas» and «oil» war?

Who will be hit more by the stop of Russian oil transit through Ukraine? And can we say that Ukraine uses the situation with the quality of raw materials for political purposes? Or is it all about oil?

— The problem with the quality of the oil is — reminds observer MIA «Russia today» Vladimir Kornilov.

— Russia recognized this problem and promised to solve it as soon as possible. Transit is suspended not only by Ukraine. Although I do not exclude that Kiev will try to politicize this problem and use it as a horror story for the West.

— Unfortunately, the reason is oil, — agrees on political scientist Ivan Lizan.

— Otherwise, conspiracy theorists would have written treatises: collusion between Mink, Warsaw and Kiev. Soon Slovakia will join it — there will be oil in a few days. And, as you can see, none of the domestic officials denies the fact of the problem, the same Deputy Prime Minister Kozak promised to punish the perpetrators. That is, the problem with oil, but the parties are trying not to translate it into a political plane, this is the whole Belarusian opposition and storytellers from Telegram.

«SP»: — Who from this more will suffer? Slovakia? Ukraine? Russia?

— Russia. Because this is our oil, and somewhere someone made a miscalculation that threatens the country with millions of losses — the same RB will need to compensate for the downtime of equipment and its repair due to aggressive components in oil. The second victim will be consumers of light oil products — Belarus has limited their exports, so there is a possibility of rising prices.

«SP»: — From June 1, the oil will stop coming to Ukraine. In Kiev somehow prepare for it?

— Initially perceived as a threat to state security, and now does not look: solve issues with total Ukrainization and lay mines under President Zelensky. And so Ukraine will only increase its dependence on imports of gasoline and diesel from Russia and Belarus — Ukrainian oil refining will remain without raw materials.

«SP»: — How critical is the loss of the Ukrainian section for Russia? Especially against the background of disputes with Belarus?

— For Russia, low-quality oil and issues with its utilization (or correction), as well as compensation for the supply of low-quality raw materials are critical. The ban on oil supplies to Ukraine, we Belarusians only earn.

«SP»: — In Kiev, meanwhile, says that Russia is allegedly preparing for a «gas war». What do you mean?

— In a year when the language law will work and the Russian language will become the same painful factor as well as the war against poverty, in Kiev will declare that the law on total Ukrainization was accepted by Putin. And I’ll declare that those who pressed in Parliament on the buttons. So to treat words from Kiev it is necessary with a certain share of skepticism.

As for gas transit, it is more likely that transit will be maintained, but its volumes will fall significantly. Transit is not only a question of economy but also of politics: for political reasons, the completion of work on the Nord stream-2 is delayed, which forces the continued use of the Ukrainian GTS. But what will be the contours of future agreements — is not clear. In addition, there is always an option to disrupt everything and everyone because of Kiev and its radicalism. But, again, I believe that with the mediation of the EU and in the interests of the EU transit through Ukraine will be preserved. The whole question is how long it will last.

— Since the issue of the quality of pumped oil has just been raised by Belarus and the Russian side did not dispute this, I think the quality is not all right, — says the editor-in-chief of the forum portal. MSK Anatoly Baranov.

— But the political component is obvious — just elected a new President, and here’s the first concrete step in this position. It can be considered iconic. But not unexpected.

«SP»: — how Much oil goes through Ukraine. What does this closure mean for Transneft?

— Oil is pumped a lot, but unlike gas, Ukraine has no monopoly position here.

«SP»: — What are the consequences of a massive refusal to pump Russian oil?

— Apparently, this will lead to a strengthening of the tanker fleet, which under certain conditions is even good. Russia is pursuing a rather confrontational foreign policy, and it is not very good to depend on transit countries. Although, perhaps, the degree of confrontation could be reduced.

how critical is this stop for Ukraine on the eve of the ban on oil supply from June 1?

— In this question there is no uniform Ukraine: someone will lose, and someone and will win. It is bad that Moscow is not able even to play on internal Ukrainian contradictions. And the price of gasoline in Ukraine will grow and so, to the average European values.

«SP»: — Kiev says Russia’s preparation for a new «gas war». Why not just declare the «oil»? How can Ukraine use the situation with low-quality oil, and how can Russia respond?

I think «gas wars» against the backdrop of a real war in the Donbas is not enough, someone impressive. It is more correct to talk about the wars of traders. Our only problem is that the President acts as the main trader.

As for the possibility of blocking transit, the gas in Ukraine is enough to provide housing and communal services, five years just enough, and the Ukrainian industry, it seems no one else in the world is interested.

«SP»: — That is, after January 1, the transit will stop completely?

— I think it will stop. After all, Kolomoisky’s business is not tied to this. Competitors-oligarchs will incur losses, and Kolomoisky with the help of his presidency will take over the assets.

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