U.S. policy will certainly lead to serious negative consequences

U.S. policy will certainly lead to serious negative consequences

A few days ago, a member of the State Council, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a telephone conversation with us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. During the conversation, the parties discussed issues related to the next increase in tariffs for Chinese products, as well as restrictions on investments of Chinese enterprises under the pretext of «state security». Attempts by the US and the position China are in the spotlight.

In fact, China’s considerations behind trade and economic measures against the US are fully understood. It is clear that the United States is passionate about unilateral action and protectionism. Washington senselessly condemns the Chinese side in the trade deficit, ignoring the structural problems in the country’s economy and vainly trying to solve the problem of passive trade balance with the help of trade war. The US firmly adheres to trade bullying, increases customs duties not only against China, but also its allies, and exerts strong pressure in the process of consultations. Moreover, the United States has resorted to unfair methods in seeking technological and market advantages. The US is suppressing the Chinese company Huawei, they want to harm the rights and interests of one enterprise, undermine the proper rights and interests of the country and the people. This situation has an impact on other States in the world that hope to strengthen their due rights and interests in improving the level of scientific and technological development. In the United States, negative statements about the Chinese-American trade and economic cooperation do not cease, which constantly prevents bilateral consultations.

However, it should be noted the phone call from the American side during the escalation of trade and economic tensions between China and the United States, this indicates that Washington can not neglect the importance and influence of China. The United States needs to understand the direction of China’s trade and economic policy, as well as hope to achieve understanding and support from the Chinese side on important regional and international issues.

From the point of view of the content of the telephone conversation, the Chinese side, first of all, outlined the boundaries to prevent strategic misunderstanding on the American side. The PRC emphasizes that the parties should respect each other, as well as to conduct negotiations on trade and economic differences on an equal basis. In any negotiations, it is imperative that China protect appropriate national rights and interests. The US is asking an incredibly high price, trying to make a provision to harm China’s fundamental interests in the agreement, threatening the rights and interests of China. Beijing is categorically against this.

Secondly, China adheres to impartiality and justice, opposes the violation of the basic principles of us international relations. The United States is expanding its development indefinitely, and even intervening in other countries, which causes strong opposition from the international community. Many politicians from different countries have accused the US of using selfish measures to prevent free trade in the international market, which has a negative impact on global Commerce. Us allies openly declare that they will not block Huawei. At the same time, they clearly note that the American «scientific and technological» and «trade» wars in relation to other countries are inappropriate. Each country has the right to choose independent policies in accordance with the interests of its own state. Including on important regional and international issues, the American side should not hope that under strong pressure, China will go to the so-called «exchange of rights and interests.»

In the process of China-us trade and economic consultations, China adheres to a constructive position, promotes the bilateral benefit and mutual benefit. However, if the US continues to act, regardless of the views of others, they will certainly face serious negative consequences.

Author: Deputy Director of the Department of international and strategic studies of the Chinese Institute of international studies

Dana Tessen

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