Trump promised Iran destruction

Trump promised Iran destruction

Trump threatened Iran with destruction in social networks. The us President was enraged by the promise of the Iranian authorities to continue to shoot down us drones that violate the country’s air borders.

Us President Donald trump has threatened Iran with a powerful response up to destruction in the event of any attack on the «American target». The corresponding message was published on the page of the American leader on Twitter.

Earlier, Iran shot down in its airspace by the American reconnaissance drone. At the same time, the Iranian authorities promised that they would shoot down aircraft that invade the country’s airspace without permission.

The statement has infuriated the President of the United States. Trump called him extremely ignorant and offensive. He also threatened to use force and even complete destruction of the country.

«Any attack by Iran against any American target will be met with a huge and superior force. In some aspects, superior (force) will mean destruction,» us head wrote on Twitter.

Recall that the aggravation between Washington and Tehran began a few weeks ago when two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman. The US accused Iran of the incident. Soon after, the Iranian military shot down an American drone. In response, us President ordered a night airstrike, but at the last moment withdrew the order.

Dana Tessen

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