Trump «jokingly» pointed to the Prime Minister of Spain in his place

Trump «jokingly» pointed to the Prime Minister of Spain in his place

Us President Donald Trump during Seating at the round table at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan pointed to the acting Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez finger in his place. Spanish media found the gesture disrespectful. Before the meeting, when the leaders of the heads of state and government were at the table, trump and Sanchez greeted, after which us President pointed to the continuing to speak to the Spaniard finger on his chair. Sanchez sat down in his seat, smiling.

A source of RIA Novosti in the government of Spain, citing a representative of the Protocol service, said that trump at that time told Sanchez that he had a «good place”. «Nothing like an order to sit down or anything like that. This episode was a joke,» the source assured the Agency.

Spain participates in the meetings in Osaka as an invited country.

Dana Tessen

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