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Trump is preparing a new demonstration war


Trump is preparing a new demonstration war. He had already in several places threatened to make a meat grinder and then proudly praised his art of peacemaker. But this time a lot of people can get into a fight: a lot of money is at stake. A meeting of the League of Arab States is scheduled for 30 May. There is scheduled to consider the issue of attitude towards Iran. Saudi Arabia has already announced that it is ready for open hostilities. Iran makes weapons to the Houthis, the Yemeni opponents of the ousted Pro-Saudi President. The coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been trying to suppress the Houthis for several years, using aircraft and heavy artillery.

In plain text, the Arabs have been feuding with Iran for about a Millennium and a half. And among themselves — no less. Trump hopes to fight in the best Anglo-Saxon spirit — with someone else’s hands. Cruise missiles — American, cannon fodder — Arab. After all, this is how the United States of America has been fighting in Syria for seven years — by terrorists. In the course of taught bearded shoot massacres in the best Hollywood style.

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In the Syrian province of Idlib, where the rest of Syria was ousted by terrorist groups, are preparing another staging of the use of toxic gases to re-accuse her legitimate government.

Let me remind you in plain text: now the troops of the RSA and the groups controlled by it occupy a significant part of the oil fields in Syria. A year ago, the SGA withdrew from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and demanded that the world stop buying Iranian oil from June 1. The war against Iran will destroy a large part of the Arab oil fields near the Persian Gulf. Arrested revenue from the processing of Venezuelan oil to the specially sharpened for the plants in the SGA.

I assure you in plain text that the AGA is reshaping the entire world oil market in its favor. A quarter of a century ago I wrote: oil is the blood of politics.

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