Trump broke «the chain» — the predictions of an influential political strategist of the US

Trump broke «the chain» — the predictions of an influential political strategist of the US

Trump broke "the chain" — the predictions of an influential political strategist of the US
Steve Bannon — a banker, political strategist, ideologist and man who is considered «the evil genius of American politics» — gave an interview to Yahoo Finance, colorfully describing the prospects of American political life after the failure of the investigation «trump and the Kremlin conspiracy», RIA Novosti writes.

The statements of the expert, who played a key role in trump’s election campaign and his victory, caused a shock in the Western information field primarily because of the extremely tough rhetoric and no less tough forecasts. Bannon’s metaphors for what Trump will do with his opponents («go full animal» and «come off the chains») can be translated and interpreted in different ways. But it is obvious that

looms a kind of animal image of the President, who literally «broke the chain»

and no longer feels the need to restrain their (political) instincts.

Who is Mr. Stephen Bannon?
Stephen Bannon himself is known for unorthodox ideas about what is possible and what is not. To appreciate the scale and originality of the person who has the right to shocking predictions, it is worth looking at his biography in its entirety.

Bannon began his career as a naval officer and then somehow inexplicably moved directly from military service to a number of elite investment bankers Goldman Sachs — the most politically influential Bank in the United States, where it is simply impossible to get off the street.
Trump broke "the chain" — the predictions of an influential political strategist of the US
Then he managed to work as a Hollywood producer and Director, the owner of his own investment company and even the head of the biological research center Biosphere 2, whose goal was to conduct experiments to create «closed ecosystems» that can exist in isolation from the outside world and support human life in the colonization of other planets or in the Earth after a nuclear war.

Bannon is perhaps the last of the truly famous and influential American «Renaissance men»

— talented polymaths capable of influencing the course of history alone. As American journalists rightly point out,

«Bannon is a seer, able to see the future, which few can see even in a dream. After all, of Trump’s election team, only Bannon — not even the President himself — reportedly believed that a real estate Mogul would one day be able to sit in the white house oval office.»

By the way, Bannon is not only a political, but also a technological visionary-discoverer. He is a co-founder of the famous company Cambridge Analytica, which effectively used the technology of big data processing and influence on the electorate through social networks to ensure the victory of eurosceptics in the referendum on the UK’s exit from the European Union and trump’s victory in us presidential election.

Good and bad news for Russia
If the prophetic gift of the American banker-political strategist did not disappoint him this time, a year later we are waiting for a very interesting presidential election in the United States. His forecast suggests that they will be a kind of sequel to the elections in 2016. For Russia, on the one hand, it is very bad, and on the other — very good news. From Steve Bannon’s point of view, the key moment will be this fall. Yahoo Finance reporters retell his position:

«But his most surprising prediction is that the right to participate from the Democratic party in the presidential elections will go to the one who ran in the elections in 2016, but not Bernie Sanders. This fall, «unless one of these candidates shoots nationwide,» he thinks Hillary Clinton will take the stage.

«She will look at a set of possible candidates and say, ‘What a wonderful group of people — and none of them can beat Donald Trump.'» She will say: «I learned from my mistakes, I overtook him by three million votes», among the current candidates there is not a single person who could do it.»

If Bannon’s prediction is correct,

if Clinton wins the election, even the current cold war between the US and Russia will seem like a great friendship

That’s the bad news. And the good thing is that in the case of the nomination of Hillary Clinton, she is unlikely to win against trump. This does not mean that if the current President is re-elected, relations between Washington and Moscow will thaw. But of the two evils, I would like to see in the White house still less: in the form of an eccentric showman, not mad from Russophobia Clinton.

It’s not Moscow that worries me, it’s Beijing
However, the most important thing in Bannon’s interview is not his (certainly interesting) views on domestic American politics. What is important is the view of the most influential ideologist of the modern US on what is the main challenge and the main enemy for the American future.

Readers may have already prepared for the fact that Russia and Vladimir Putin personally will appear as the main enemies of the United States. But Bannon looks the other way.:

he is concerned only with China, and he refers to three types of «Chinese threat»,

which the US needs to deal with.

The priority threat is the project «One belt — one road», especially its European part. Economic integration between Europe and China is perceived almost as a universal evil.

The second threat is the «Made in China 2025» program, which should give Beijing leadership in the technology race and complete technological independence from the United States.

The third threat is 5G networks and specifically Huawei.

«Data is becoming the new plutonium. Data can be directed against countries, peoples, and individuals.»

According to Bannon, the Chinese company Huawei is trying to «beat the price of every telecommunications company in the world» to «dominate 5G and control the data it has.»

Washington is at war with «One belt»
Officially, Stephen Bannon left the Donald trump administration in August 2017. But it seems that this departure was just a formality that allowed the «brain» of the election headquarters of trump to quietly move around the world and solve problems of special importance without the burdens and restrictions imposed by the official position.

He gave his scandalous interview in Rome, where he gathers and trains European anti-system politicians and, apparently, tries to resist Chinese influence in Europe.

If you look at the actions of the trump administration in relation to China, they seem to be written by Bannon himself.

Washington is at war with the project «One belt — one road», trying to close all international markets for Huawei,

and American negotiators demand that Beijing abandon the program «Made in China 2025» in exchange for ending the trade war.

For Russia, it is rather good than bad. The tougher the conflict between Washington and Beijing, the more valuable and profitable cooperation with Russia is for those whom Washington wants to see only in the status of a colony.

Dana Tessen

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