Trump announced five strategies for Venezuela

Trump announced five strategies for Venezuela

Us leader called in Venezuela «a disaster» and blamed it on socialism.
President Donald Trump can change the approach to Venezuela because he has five strategies in relation to this country. The American leader said this during a briefing at the end of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, RIA Novosti reported on Saturday, June 29.»I have five different strategies, I can change them at any time, – Trump said. – We are currently helping in terms of humanitarian aid.»

Trump stressed that the United States «very closely watching Venezuela.»

«It’s a disaster. That’s what socialism can do,» the American leader complained and added that he had discussed Venezuela, «with almost every leader this week.»

Recall, 23 January the leader of the opposition, Parliament of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself interim President of the country. This happened during a rally in Caracas against President Nicolas Maduro.

To date, Guido as the legitimate President of Venezuela recognized the United States, Canada, Latin America, and most EU countries. Russia and China expressed support for Maduro

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