Trump and macron discussed the situation with Iran

Trump and macron discussed the situation with Iran

The leaders of the United States and France discussed the ongoing efforts of the guarantees of non-nuclear weapon Iran.

Us President Donald Trump held telephone talks with French President Emmanuel Macron on the situation with Iran, the press service of the White House reports.

«The parties discussed the current efforts to ensure that Iran does not receive nuclear weapons, and to stop the destabilizing behavior of Iran in the Middle East,» the report said.

On the eve of Iran in the second phase of the renunciation of obligations under the Joint comprehensive action plan (JCPOA) announced that it is starting to enrich uranium above the level of 3.67%.

The first phase of non-compliance was to stop the export of surplus low-enriched uranium and heavy water in excess of the allowable amounts of JCPOA.

The Iranian authorities warned that if the problems around the JCPOA are not settled, the third phase of the cessation of obligations will come in 60 days.

Iran has threatened to increase uranium enrichment to 20%

Iran criticizes the European participants of the JCPOA for not fulfilling its obligations related to the economy.

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