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To fight Russia and China, the US restored the fleet disbanded after the cold war


the U.S. Navy has recently restored a Second fleet that played a significant role in the events in the Mediterranean and North Atlantic during the cold war and helped the United States contain the Soviet Union during the Cuban missile crisis. Against the background of the deterioration of relations between the US and Russia, the restoration of the Second fleet acquires a clear anti-Russian orientation in the eyes of the whole world. At the end of last year, the United States again announced a strategic confrontation between the superpowers in which the US sees China and Russia as its opponents.

As you know, the friction between the US and Russia did not stop for several years. The United States could not sit idly by and watch the demonstration of its power by the Russian Navy in Ukraine and Syria. They restored the Second fleet, encircling Russia from all sides. In addition, after the tragedy of “September 11,” the strengthening of us armed forces was mainly carried out against terrorism, but at the end of last year, the trump government put forward a new “national security strategy”, which was updated by their Ministry of defense earlier this year. Both documents emphasize that the main threat now comes from the superpowers.

According to Li Zheng, a researcher of the China Institute of contemporary international relations, in an interview for the news website “Cancao”, the immediate goal of the recovery of the Second Fleet of the US was containment of the Russian fleet and to prevent their movement from the North. At the same time, this measure is aimed at strengthening the struggle for their interests at the North pole. The United States believes that in the case of the opening of the air route over the North pole, the plan of encirclement of Russia from the sea will lose its relevance.

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To fight Russia and China, the US restored the fleet disbanded after the cold war
According to Li Zheng, all the military plans of the USA and all their military power aimed at maintaining competitiveness in the framework of the struggle of the superpowers. Restoration of the Second fleet indicates the beginning of mobilization of military power for this fight.

In an interview with the same news site, military expert song Xiaojun said that before the United States was active only in the airspace over the North Atlantic ocean, and before the Declaration of the strategy of confrontation of the superpowers, they appeared there quite rarely, and therefore the Second fleet was disbanded. After the struggle began with a new force, the United States naturally needed to return troops to this territory to block Russia’s path.

However, the location of American troops in this direction is directed not only against Russia but also against China. The speeches of the American commanders at the opening ceremony of the Second fleet confirm this judgment. The chief of staff of us Navy noted that the restoration of the Second fleet is due to the fact that us forces at sea “are forced to confront the challenges from both sides, from Russia and China.”

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And this is not the only confirmation of this point of view, recently in a speech of an American Admiral said that the Chinese fleet is a global force, including their recent nomination to the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean.

In the words
Song Xiaojun, the restoration of the Second fleet is definitely directed against large and influential States. This strategic advance by the United States Maritime force was the first since the end of the cold war. Of course, such actions will have their results, for example, forming an obstacle to the strategically important for Russia and China sea direction, us Navy will pose a threat to these two countries.
China is determined to respond adequately to such actions. Li Zheng is sure that the US is not capable of causing great damage to China by its actions, they will not be able to change the initially planned directions of its military development. In addition, such actions on the part of America do not correspond to modern world trends. The greatest threat now is still posed by terrorist and extremist groups.

It is obvious that the US has taken these actions as part of its strategy of confrontation between the superpowers, they will continue to insist on their own. But in the end, they will not be able to stop China, which will act in accordance with its strategic plans.


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