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“This is a weapon of the “end of the world”: the German magazine told about the latest Russian rocket


Today, Russia can be safely called the leader of the arms race, according to journalists of Stern magazine, and one of the hypersonic missiles developed by Russian engineers, they called “weapons of the end of the world”

Gernot Kramper, the author of the material published by the magazine, claims that Russia has a clear advantage in the field of hypersonic weapons. This gives Moscow an advantage in the race to armament the leading powers of the world.

According to the journalist, the Kremlin “uses every opportunity” to demonstrate the power of these systems. At least the last launch of such a missile was “shown on TV”.

This, apparently, is a successful test launch from the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan of the air defense system-PRS-1M, which is designed to protect the country.

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“The PRS-1M is a true doomsday weapon that can only be used in a war that destroys the world,” Kramper notes in the publication.

The journalist reports that this anti-missile was specially created to protect Moscow and other cities of Russia from attacking American missiles with nuclear warheads.

The material also notes that the missile tested in Kazakhstan is “faster and deadlier”. Already existing weapons of this type. Potential threats the missile can intercept at an altitude of up to 50 kilometers at a speed of up to 4 kilometers per second. At the same time, the flight range is 350 kilometers


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