Theresa may has announced her resignation. She will resign as Prime Minister on 7 June. Almost all key British politicians, including Prime Minister candidates, call the decision right and worthy

Theresa may has announced her resignation. She will resign as Prime Minister on 7 June. Almost all key British politicians, including Prime Minister candidates, call the decision right and worthy

Among the most likely successors is the name of Boris Johnson

The British Prime Minister announced her resignation. Theresa may leave the post on June 7, after which the Conservative party will begin the procedure for selecting a new leader.

The head of the British government announced the decision to journalists, standing on the sidewalk in front of Downing Street, 10 — the building of the Cabinet of Ministers of the United Kingdom. The final chord of the speech was almost hysterical:

«I will soon leave the post, which is the pride of my life. Second, the Prime Minister is a woman, but certainly not the last. I leave without any resentment, but with a great and enduring sense of gratitude for the opportunity to serve the country I love.»

May’s resignation did not come as a surprise: many Newspapers wrote about it the day before, citing various sources. The reaction of the British elites is very uniform. Almost all key politicians, including Prime Minister candidates, call the decision the right one, many even use the same word «dignified».

The resignation of Theresa may comment on the Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov:

— We, of course, with great attention we observe in General the processes related to Brexit, which inevitably affect both the UK itself and the situation in the EU. We are following this very closely. First of all, this is due to the fact that the EU is our main trade and economic partner, so, of course, we are interested in a predictable, stable and developing partner.

— What is the Kremlin’s assessment of Theresa May’s role in bilateral relations between Russia and the UK?

— Unfortunately, now I cannot recall offhand any milestones related to the contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Russia and the UK, on the contrary, the Premiership of Mrs. may fall on a very, very difficult period in our bilateral relations.

The reason for the resignation of may was her repeated unsuccessful attempts to hold an agreement through Parliament on the conditions of withdrawal from the European Union. Fedor Lukyanov, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council for foreign and defense policy and editor-in-chief of Russia in global politics, discusses the prospects of Brexit at the new Prime Minister:

— May’s resignation for Brexit means, on the one hand, a lot, because her personality is inextricably tied to the process of leaving the EU, and on the other hand, does not mean anything in General, because any successor or successor to Theresa may face the same broken through with which she tried to somehow cope. The EU Treaty is not going to change, it is no longer subject to revision. All attempts by Theresa may with the other, with a third party to shove it ended all the more striking failures. Exit from the EU without an agreement, Parliament banned his vote a few weeks ago. Any person who comes to the place of the Prime Minister finds himself in a situation of complete zugzwang, or rather, in General, the inability to go anywhere. So here, in my opinion, we can consider the option of a new referendum, which is also extremely traumatic for the British political system, but at least, perhaps, will allow us to get out of this impasse. They say and sound the requirements of new elections, but will the new elections give a more favorable composition of the Parliament? Also absolutely no guarantee there.

— Who can be the successor?

— It’s pointless to speculate now. According to the polls, the most popular candidate for the successor is Boris Johnson. But Boris Johnson enjoys such a reputation and is such a brightly colored figure that, most likely, the party simply will not risk. Although, of course, all other forms of political farce in the UK have already been tried, it remains only to appoint the chief faithful chief politician. Then maybe it’ll be more fun.

Brussels has already said that they are ready to work on Brexit and other issues «with any British Prime Minister.» Jean-Claude Juncker said earlier that Theresa May is a courageous woman, whom he deeply respects, but he will also respect any new Prime Minister and establish a working relationship with him, said the official representative of the European Commission Mina Andreeva.

The legacy of Theresa may say the Director General of Russian international Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov:

— She turned out to be a weak Prime Minister in the sense that she could not even secure support within her own party. Therefore, these endless votes over and over again led to the blocking of the conditions of exit from the EU, which she agreed. Now is not the time for a weak Prime Minister, there should be a leader in the UK who can ensure the decisions he is negotiating with the EU.

— When we hear the name may, always remember about Brexit. Is there any other way to evaluate its activities, except Brexit, or was everything subordinated to one mission?

— Of course, Brexit is the Central theme of her Premiership. If it will be remembered, first of all in the context of Brexit. But there were other moments that are remembered. For Russia, perhaps, this is a regrettable incident in Salisbury. In this sense, we can say that Theresa may prove to be very effective, she was able to mobilize almost the entire Western community to support the British position, the expulsion of Russian diplomats took place throughout Europe and in the United States and other Western countries.

— If indeed Boris Johnson will become Prime Minister, it’s good news or do we still have?

— I think there will be no fundamental changes in the Russian direction. Boris Johnson is interested in Russia, he came to Moscow, he had talks with Sergey Lavrov, but he spoke from a very critical position. I’m afraid that our relationship will not depend on a candidate for Prime Minister from the Conservative party. But if Jeremy Corbin comes, if labor comes, then there may be very serious progress, even the status of Britain within the Alliance may change.

Formally, Theresa may leave the post of Prime Minister on June 7. However, she will continue to serve as head of government until the process of selecting a new conservative leader is completed. The procedure called leadership contest may take one to two months.

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