There were details of the upcoming «deal of the century» USA

There were details of the upcoming «deal of the century» USA

The Israeli newspaper «Israel a-Yom» («Israel today») published the details of the American plan for the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, called the «deal of the century».
According to Kommersant, the Israeli newspaper claims that the document was handed over to it by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Its authenticity is not confirmed.
The published plan States that a tripartite agreement will be signed between Israel, the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas on the establishment of a Palestinian state, which will be called «New Palestine» and will be located in the West Bank and the Gaza strip, with the exception of the territories occupied by Jewish settlements.
The blocks of Jewish settlements will be joined by isolated blocks, they will remain under the control of Israel.
Jerusalem will remain United and will become the United capital of Israel and the «New Palestine». Arab residents of the city will be residents of the «New Palestine», they will not be allowed to buy houses in Jewish neighborhoods. The status of the Holy places of the city will not change.
Egypt will provide «New Palestine» land near the Gaza strip for rent for the construction of the airport and factories, agricultural work and trade.
The United States, the European Union and the oil-producing countries of the Persian Gulf will be called supporting countries. They will be obliged to provide «New Palestine» 30 billion dollars for 5 years for the development of national projects. The division between supporting countries: USA — 20%, EU — 10%, oil-producing countries of the Persian Gulf — 70%.
The «New Palestine» will not have an army, only the police. Israel guarantees the new state protection against external aggression for a fee agreed with the supporting countries.
Hamas will hand over their weapons, the boundaries between the new Palestine and Israel will be opened for the passage of people and goods, the Jordan Valley will remain in Israel.
It is claimed that if Hamas and Palestine abandon the plan proposed by the United States, the American side will completely stop financial support for Palestine and will achieve a stop of financing by other countries.

Dana Tessen

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