There is no one in the world to stop the madness of the US and the inevitable war

There is no one in the world to stop the madness of the US and the inevitable war

There is no one in the world to stop the madness of the US and the inevitable war

Ever since Mr. MAGA* snuck into the White House, I’ve been amazed at the level of sheer stupidity and, frankly, the immorality of this administration.

Obama was almost as incompetent and evil, but Trump has indeed led to a qualitative change in what we can freely call the «white house average IQ.» The best thing I can honestly say about Trump is that stupidity can be good. Alas, it can also be extremely dangerous, and that is what is happening now. Just look at these latest headlines:

— Trump signs a Declaration recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the disputed Golan heights;

— In Venezuela, the explosion of the pipeline is considered a diversion;

— The US defines Iran’s revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization — trump;

— Pompeo — Turkey: military actions in Syria will have «devastating» consequences. I have to admit, this last headline is my favorite. Really! How cool is that? The United States threatens a NATO member country with war (this is what the phrase «destructive/serious consequences» means in the language of diplomacy).

Pompeo (undoubtedly one of the evilest and delusional idiots in the trump administration) was probably trying to follow a pattern to emulate this entire administration — Bibi Netanyahu, who once even threatened New Zealand with war (well, I kind of know that they didn’t really mean «real» war, but used a military language that for politics is a sign of irresponsibility; it’s — at best).

All this would be very funny if not for the fact that, as is quite obvious, the US is already involved in a covert military/terrorist campaign against Venezuela. And the fact that the Maduro government has successfully prevented a «revolution of Guido» (at least at the moment), but even more furious such as Pompeo. In addition, the fact that our military lacks forces for a ground invasion does not mean that they cannot initiate a missile and bomb campaigns against Venezuela, such as Kosovo or Libya.

Will the secret war against Venezuela soon become clear?

Those who now claim that three Russian air defense battalion S-300 (equipped with an export version of the S-300VM — «Antey-2500») or even thousands of MANPADS of Russian production can stop the United States, just do not understand the war in General and air defense operations in particular. These people just take a few numbers, in this case about the theoretical capabilities of the Venezuelan S-300, and then calculate how many planes/missiles these systems can shoot down. This is not how air defenses work.

Notes in the margin: I will not describe this topic in detail here. My friend Andrei Martianov is able to do it much better than me, but I will just say that in order to be truly effective, any air defense system must be 1) multi-level and 2) integrated. Moreover, a pseudo-analysis such as the one I mentioned above always ignores the importance of all other factors — apart from the number and characteristics of the missiles themselves. But in fact, electronic warfare, network integration, signal processing, combat control systems, etc. play an absolutely crucial role in air defense. Even measures to mislead the enemy (such as inflatable «tanks» or wooden «planes») can eventually play a Central role (as was the case in Kosovo and Iraq). The same, of course, applies to offensive air operations. Thus, no assessment of a possible us air attack on Venezuela can be carried out without an analysis of American capabilities, training, procedures, etc. the Truth is that what pseudo-experts are doing now, real military experts call «bean counting.» From a military point of view, it is completely useless and useless.

The sad truth is that in the absence of a multi-level integrated air defense system (as is done in Russia), air defense operations usually turn into a simple game of numbers: X is the number of defensive missiles against Y is the number of attackers. Keep in mind that effective electronic warfare (especially suppression of air defense) will significantly reduce the effectiveness of any air defense. The same applies to any number of su-30s or even su-35S that Russia can deliver to Venezuela.

Now look at the map and see for yourself: Venezuela is literally in us backyard (at least militarily), and the US can bring a HUGE amount of what they want (missiles, bombs, air defense suppression planes, etc.). But not only that. Venezuelans have no real options for a counterattack. This means that uncle Shmuel can launch as many missiles as he wants for weeks and months without worrying about counterattacks.

Only political, but not military, factors protect Venezuela from a clear attack by the United States. The latter, of course, is important, and I have touched upon them here. Militarily, Venezuela is a «sitting duck» that can deter a ground operation but can do nothing about us strike capability, at least with the determined efforts of the US. With a pseudo-strike, like what the Israelis and the US have done in Syria, Venezuelans could probably significantly reduce the number of us bombs/missiles reaching their targets. But that’s all they can reasonably hope for.

What about Syria?

Well, the Anglo-Zionists probably lost the first phase of this war, but they still do not want to accept this fact. So now they’ve redefined their goals from «the new Middle East» or «animal Assad must go» to «we will never let peace break out in Syria.» Not a very good strategy, but it’s good enough for Israelis, and that’s all that really matters to trump or his hosts. I don’t want to go into detail about Syria right now, but the fact that Pompeo is threatening Turkey speaks for itself. Turkey’s reaction was quite predictable — Turkish Vice President Fuat okay said that «the United States should choose. Do they want to remain an ally of Turkey or risk our friendship by joining forces with terrorists to undermine the protection of NATO allies in the interests of enemies?»

Feel this love?!

Yes, these are just words, and Turkey remains under the occupation of NATO/CENTCOM (which the Iranians — quite logically — have just declared a terrorist organization!). However, everything — from the S-400 and F-35, the Kurdish issue, the CIA’s continued support for Fethullah gülen, and the fact that the EU (controlled by the United States) never accepted Turkey — all create a potentially explosive background that even a small spark can ignite.

It is equally clear that in the foreseeable future in Syria and the US and Israel will continue airstrikes, killings, support for terrorist groups of takfirists, etc. trump’s Famous «withdrawal» from Syria is ultimately equal to all his promises: thrown into a hole formed in memory. As for the Israelis, it is vital for them (for psychological and ideological reasons) to continue to destroy not only Syria but the entire Middle East. Moreover, we must never forget Israel’s ultimate goal of using the United States to destroy any country that dares to oppose Israeli aggression. On the first line of this list, of course, Iran. Simply put: there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as Palestine is still occupied by a gang of racist thugs. Their contempt for international law, or even for the basic norms of civilized behavior, is as total as their total reliance on deception and violence in the interest of subjugating the region and, ultimately, our entire planet. Of course, Russia and China will help — as will Iran — but this is unlikely to be enough to achieve a lasting peace (if Israel’s recent statements about the accession of even more Palestine say anything, it is that in the future there will be even more trouble).

The truth is that although the Empire has no way to break the will of the Syrian people, it has enough strength to prevent peace from breaking through in Syria.

Or Iran?

Who knows? It is possible to predict the actions of a rationally thinking subject. «Rational thinking» implies a minimum degree of intelligence and sanity. The problem is that we can’t be sure in the mind of those people who currently remain in the line of duty in the Pentagon, while we can be absolutely sure that the Israelis are absolutely crazy and are in a state of delirium (as it always makes racists). So far, the Israelis have not been able to force the US to attack Iran. It is clear that the Pentagon had a few smart and sane people (according to the tradition of Admiral Fallon), but how we can be sure that by now they are not all cleaned up (or corrupted) neocon regime?

Notes in the margins: When I talk about the stupidity of US leaders, I don’t mean it as an insult. I mean, in terms of diagnosis, these people are just not very smart. Look at an article by Dmitry Orlov, «U.S. military ship of fools that look the sink?», where you can very well see the increasing role of stupidity in the actions of the Empire. And Orlov is not the only one who thinks so. To date, most Russians believe that stupidity and gross incompetence is what best characterizes the decision — making the process in the United States. If not for the real risks of war, the Russians would spend all their time laughing at the ignorance of the leaders of the «irreplaceable nation» …

When I look at the fact that — at least so far — the US has not dared to overt military aggression against Venezuela, I can’t imagine anyone in the Pentagon or CENTCOM DECIDING to go to war against Iran. But again, I’m talking about reason and common sense, and it does not belong to Mr. MAGE, nor to the Israelis.North Korea? Ukraine? Livia? Country X?

Dana Tessen

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