The US privatizes Greece, quarreling with Russia

The US privatizes Greece, quarreling with Russia

Us Ambassador to Athens Jeffrey Payette once again proved that he continues in his post in Greece, which has been since 2016, the same work that he began in 2013 in Ukraine: in every way to harm Russia.

And I must admit that he does it perfectly. His poisonous «cookies» spread in Athens like hot cakes. And when their consumers become ill, he will be transferred to another country, which he will «love», as well as those where he was previously accredited. Because «pawns», which can be sacrificed on the «great chessboard» in the game with Russia, is never enough. Speaking at a conference on minerals on Friday, Greek media reported, Payette said the US is interested in the privatization of ports, especially in Northern Greece, where Russia and the Balkans are at hand. The Ambassador stressed that the Americans are also interested in the privatization of the energy sector, opportunities in the fields of high technology and education.

This was one of the events among many conferences, seminars, and forums where the American Ambassador constantly speaks, claiming that Greece is a «key NATO ally», «pillar of regional stability», «partner» and «friend» of the United States. Payette is pleased to note that the current Athenian authorities have strengthened military ties with the United States, that American bases in Greece are intensively used.

The US privatizes Greece, quarreling with Russia

Why Payette all out?

In December 2018, a strategic dialogue began between Athens and Washington, covering all the main areas of relations. The Ambassador also makes no secret of the satisfaction that since the end of last year, Greece began to buy American liquefied gas. And especially – due to the fact that Athens previously quarreled with Russia, allegedly intervening in the Internal Affairs of Greece, including through «spies in robes.»

It is Moscow, they say, tried to use the Greeks to disrupt the settlement of the dispute over the name of neighboring Macedonia, to block the way for the accession of Skopje and several other countries of the Western Balkans to NATO and the European Union. With the Kyiv experience, to circumvent the Greeks around the finger Payette is worthless. He can even count on the Greeks to play along – not believing, pretending to believe. Because the political and economic elite of Greece is completely under the control of the West, and the United States above all. Directly to execute this or that order of the American Embassy – humiliating for proud Greeks. To fail is to give up.

The only way out of this situation is to pretend that it is your own initiative, that it requires national pride. Such a performance is, in fact, we observed in Payette in Athens. Its Greek participants are motivated to play their roles for reasons not only of feigned patriotism. Greece has one of the world’s largest external debt to GDP. Russia cannot save the Greeks from the debt pit. And still Greece is not left in the pipe only because of the EU and under the control of the United States IMF financial help wrote off a significant portion of the debt. But one good turn deserves another. Therefore, Athens and have to sell to the West on the cheap Greek assets, to change policy in relation to the created Greece in the century before last as a state of Russia, to be friendly with Washington.

Assessed on merit

The US privatizes Greece, quarreling with Russia

And this happened despite the fact that Payette is a Democrat, and the election campaign has already begun in the US.

Party suspicion in the current Republican administration retreated before the recognition of the «merits» of the diplomat who made Ukraine an enemy of Russia and is going to use this know-how in Greece for the same purpose. The blocking of friendly relations between the two countries in many areas, the failure of all significant projects of Russian-Greek economic cooperation, Russia’s participation in Greek privatization is largely the result of the «successful» efforts of us Embassy. Even football clubs and tobacco factories are now unlikely to be privatized in Greece to the Russian capital, as it was not allowed before for energy companies, seaports, and Railways. What will all this lead to?

Ambitions «imbued with the Orthodox spirit» Payette even wider. It was after he became us Ambassador to Athens that the state Department not only resumed its aggressive policy in the Greek direction but also «opened» to Orthodoxy. Not only did Payette himself, who made a «pilgrimage» to Mount Athos, became a «friend» of Greek priests, hierarchs and journalists writing on religious topics. He opened these doors to permanent visitors from the United States, especially the State Department, to draw the Greek Church on the side of Washington and its vassals in a hybrid war with Russia, to destabilize mount Athos, to sow confusion in world Orthodoxy.

It is clear that for Greece, removing its new attitude to Russia any doubts of Moscow in the further development of close relations with its archivist – Turkey, no real benefits are expected. After all, the US always think only about itself and its interests. And Russia, all the liberated countries of which are now in the camp of its enemies, is gradually learning the same. However, the closer relations between Greece and the United States, and Russia – with Turkey, the less Moscow will be able to do for Greece, when it becomes really bad.

Dana Tessen

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