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The US is taken from the British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth»


From the United States came an interesting news item that claims to be a sensation: a whole squadron of F-35B Lightning II marine Corps (ILC) of the United States will be based on the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth)”. This was reported by the official news portal of the Pentagon Military.com
Lieutenant General Steven Rudder, the head of aircraft US Marines, announced the purpose of this decision is a joint operation. He congratulated the British on the “imminent arrival of American super-fighters and helicopters,” but the Board of Queen Elizabeth, apparently, and the command of the ship will also be star-striped. Moreover, Rudder promised to extend the “English experience” to Japan and Italy, as the “norm”, they say, so too lucky to have small aircraft carriers.

It’s like you bought an expensive car, and a beautiful girl will be rolled by another person, and fill the tank and bear the maintenance costs in any case you have to, ironically some British readers. It seems that Washington twisted the hands of London, which in the near future will have to automatically participate in all military operations of a powerful ally.

As you know, overseas in the Navy is changing the guard: in place of aircraft carriers “Nimitz” come “Gerald fords”. The problem is that the old ships are worn out and require expensive repairs, and the new ones are not yet built in the right quantity or “suffer from children’s diseases”. The situation is burdened by the fact that the Pentagon is experiencing an acute shortage of money due to the program of entering new ships. In the end, only two groups of aircraft carriers of the U.S. Navy who in reality are in the ranks. That’s probably why the Yankees had their eye on Queen Elizabeth. Initially, the deck of the new British aircraft carrier was supposed to deploy 48 f-35B fighters under the flag of Her Majesty. London, by the way, insisted that instead of the “killer fighters” AIM-120C and AIM-9X, produced overseas, stealth aircraft must be equipped with strictly British missiles Meteor (French development, but the English Assembly) and AIM-132.

Such an approach would ensure the United Kingdom air force against the whims of Washington politicians, who have repeatedly denied their customers’ innovative ammunition and spare parts under various pretexts. In particular, the Pakistanis and Egyptians bite their elbows, buying hundreds of F-16s, but left without modern air-to-air missiles.

Now, the production of missiles Meteor and AIM-132 in the British defense industry is a big question, as the Americans all the technical service carried with them. In addition, the F-35B aircraft of us marine Corps will be sent to the “pension” stormtroopers vertical takeoff and landing of Harrier II. These machines were bought even by Americans, but now they are destined to the fate of storage.

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In this regard, we should remember another juicy story: the British company BAE Systems at one time abandoned the project of the national fighter Replica, transferring a number of key technologies to Lockheed Martin Corporation, which now removes the cream from the sales of Lightning II. The losses from this error are incalculable. Not a secret, every dollar invested in the defense industry that provides the related industry with two.

Coming to his senses, the British are trying to revive the BAE Systems Replica project, launching a new program of the 5th generation fighter Tempest, which should materialize after 2030.

At the same time, London under the guise of “financial problems” notified Washington that it would not be able to buy 138 f-35 fighters, as previously agreed. To do this, it was necessary to transfer to the manufacturer £12 billion, which the government of Theresa may do not have. That’s partly true. In the Royal Navy, according to published in the British newspaper The Telegraph insider information, most of the ships of the Navy of Her Majesty out of service.

In November 2018 on the white house table lay the report of the British Defense Ministry, reminiscent of an explanatory note, the purpose of which is “to knock a tear from Uncle Sam.” The British complained about both the lack of money and the high cost of the F-35, whose cost is $ 130 million (almost $ 40 million more expensive than the F-35A). And in General, they are “poor” are forced to cut other critical programs, including the development of battle tank a fourth generation to replace the Challenger 2.

“Given the continuing national fiscal austerity and continuing economic difficulties, the country is unlikely to be able to effectively modernize its armed forces or maintain its status as a major power in the coming decades,” the report says.

The facts and figures given by experts of the Ministry of defense of Britain, of course, have the ground, as the pound sterling over the past decade has lost significantly in price against the dollar. However, in April 2019, like a bolt from the blue, it was reported that the money for the Tempest project to develop the English fighter of the 5th generation was still found. And this, first, will preserve the legendary engine company Rolls-Royce, whose CEO Warren East reported on the critical condition of his enterprise. And, secondly, it will provide the island defense industry with stable contracts.

The US, of course, expressed dissatisfaction, accusing the British government of the lack of “transparency” of military spending. And although the British defense Minister Gavin Williamson said about extra-budgetary funding Tempest program, they say, the authorities will provide only £2 billion, it becomes clear that the British, being “kings of offshore” cunning.

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What is interesting: at the same time, when the British were hiding behind poverty in England on his F-35B flew major Michael Lippert, test pilot of the US air force, which immediately began to test the takeoffs and landings of the Lightning II fighter on the deck of the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”. After several weeks of testing, he said that the ship could take a squadron of the KMP, which will take from one to two years to adapt to the new ship.

If you call a spade a spade, the Yankees are taken from the “Englishwoman” pride of her Majesty’s fleet — the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”. Yes, American pilots, F-35B will sail under the flag of the United Kingdom but will carry out the commands of the leadership of the United States. And the proud British can only take under the visor.

There is no doubt that Washington will have a new and effective mechanism for manipulating force in the international arena. Stephen Rudder, by the way, chose not to talk about the specific objectives of the future missions of the aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”, but made it clear that they, first, will be held often enough. And, secondly, he called the possible date of the first campaign — autumn 2020, just in the midst of the election campaign in the United States. As the history of the American wars shows, the success of any military expedition has always provided additional votes to the current us presidents. Naturally, Trump may be tempted to start a “small victorious war” with the help of someone else’s fleet. If something goes wrong, the White House will blame it on the British. By the way, on Board, the “Queen Elizabeth” will remain British Marines, who will have to perform the dirtiest work on the ground. The Americans have already promised to train colleagues in military skills under the cover of shock fighters F-35B.

In addition, the question of the cost of repairs is removed, since the ship is the property of the Royal Navy, which will give trump extra trumps for self-promotion in the presidential race in 2020. Like, that’s what he zealous President.

What is bad for Russia? At first glance, it seems to be nothing, however, in any case, increases the threshold of provocative capabilities of the United States. Plus, Washington will increase its naval potential by at least three aircraft carriers in the shortest possible time. In addition, “Queen Elizabeth” two more Japanese carriers “Izumo” and “Kaga” are ready to participate in the new initiative of the head of aviation of us Marines. But the most dangerous thing is that the White House will become more aggressive towards the countries supported by Moscow.


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