The US betrays Israel?

The US betrays Israel?

The Senate of the us Congress approved a resolution on the termination of Washington’s assistance led by Saudi Arabia Sunni coalition fighting since February 2015 in Yemen against the Houthis — Shiite rebel group «Ansar Allah», which is supported by the Iranians: both those and others believe that Israel in the Middle East — to put it mildly, a foreign body

This resolution was introduced in both houses of Congress by independent Senator Bernie Sanders, Republican Senator Mike Lee, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, and a group of Democrats from the House of representatives. For voted 54 Senator, against — 46. Now the document must return to the lower house of Congress, which is under the control of the Democrats. After its inevitable approval there, us President will have 30 days to sign the relevant decree or veto a resolution that the White House, according to the American press, is considered erroneous. Donald Trump will find himself in a very delicate position when he has to decide whether or not to sign this resolution. Both options are bad for him, though for different reasons. It should be noted that in December 2018, the previous Senate voted for a similar resolution on the cessation of military support to the participants of the armed conflict in Yemen. However, the resolution did not reach the House of representatives, as it was obvious that the then-Republican-controlled lower house of Congress would not support it. Now this problem is not, and everything will be different.

The US is not directly involved in the Yemeni conflict, the origins of which date back to the events of 15 years ago, but nevertheless, play a significant role in it. Washington provides logistical assistance to Riyadh, the head of the Sunni coalition, supplies it with weapons, intelligence, and other services.

The US betrays Israel?

Recall that the conflict began when the Shiites in Northern Yemen in 2004 opposed the Alliance of the authorities of this country with the United States and demanded the restoration of the Imamate that existed in the region until 1962. The past four years have seen the internationalization of this conflict, which has escalated several times, with the Houthis taking over. It has actually turned from the clarification of relations between different parts of Yemen into a Sunni-Shiite war and the struggle of Saudi Arabia with Iran by their allies for supremacy in the region. How could that be?

At first glance, the actions of American senators and congressmen are completely illogical. They, as we can see, refuse to help the country, which is the largest buyer of their weapons, one of the leading trading partners and investors, «providing» its energy resources to us dollar after Washington’s rejection of the gold standard in 1971. The «Holy of holies» — the interests of Israel, which considers Iran to be its existential enemy-is also under threat. This, however, is mutual — unlike the Jews, the Iranians really have a lot of the most serious claims against Israel.

After all, it turns out that the US does not want to help Riyadh to fight in Yemen with Iran’s loyal allies, which considers America a «great Satan», tries to strengthen its positions in the Middle East through the Houthis, poses a threat to the West’s oil exports from the region and a hostile ring around Israel, which skillfully kindles the Sunni-Shiite conflict, supporting the Sunnis in it. American lawmakers confused mind?

Of course not. They act quite rationally and pursue very specific goals. Let’s see what they are.

First of all, of course, it is the blackmail of both Riyadh and its own President. Let’s start with the last one. Democrats after the midterm elections are actively seeking to trump on the Capitol burned the ground underfoot, using for this including foreign policy problems. Us President, who has concluded one of the largest trade deals in the history of Riyadh, will greatly upset his Saudi friends if he does not veto. But if imposed, will damage itself in the eyes of American voters, will give an extra reason to make some noise in Congress, need to check out trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner on the subject of personal interest in the Saudi gearshift.

The US betrays Israel?

The average American strongly dislikes the Saudis, who made up the majority of the villains participating in the staging of September 11, because he does not believe that this provocation was organized by us intelligence services, skillfully covered up by the Arabs officially accused of large-scale and bloody terrorist attacks. In the United States — especially among Republicans — a very popular idea to get to Riyadh to pay the families of the victims of the Americans fabulous compensation. Therefore, part of the Republican senators and supported the resolution, since it is directed against the Saudis. What she has also, according to Trump, the party and the President, they did not stop the populism and PR took vercachie signals sent to the Saudis?

In relation to the Saudis, blackmail is multifaceted, however, like a racket, which is becoming a key element of American foreign policy.

First, us lawmakers are actually expressing their dissatisfaction with the fact that the Saudis are fighting poorly and ineffectively in Yemen. After all, there is exhausting both sides of the conflict, which is beneficial to the US and Israel, actually fades. The symbol of mutual recognition of the parties in the inaccessibility at the moment of military victory was the actual division of the port of Hodeidah, which the Saudi-led coalition could not take.

It can also be assumed that the Houthis, who are on their land born warriors, will return the lost back as soon as the heavily armed foreign troops leave Yemen, which they will have to do one day. The victory of the Houthis over the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which relied on the support of the US, is already a humiliation of Washington. And it is fraught with a clear victory soon if the Houthis are allowed to rest and lick their wounds. Threatening to get out of the game, us lawmakers are actually sending a completely opposite signal to Riyadh: fight more and better, otherwise…secondly, it is an expression of displeasure to Riyadh for everything else: OPEC’s oil policy, establishing close ties with Russia. And, of course, in connection with the bold internal reforms, the intention of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Washington does not like strong leaders, even if they are friends) to decisively reform the Kingdom, to turn it into a more or less normal state. Americans need exactly such Saudi Arabia, as it is now because it is easier to manipulate and profit from it by the obscurantist country sitting only on barrels of oil.

Therefore, it was hardly a coincidence that the first resolution on Yemen was adopted by the Senate of us Congress a couple of months after the murder of Saudi opposition leader Jamal Hashukji, the responsibility for which in the West, including in influential circles in the US, tried to lay on the Saudi Crown Prince to prevent him from consolidating power. We can only assume that it was financially worthwhile for Riyadh to try to hush up this really very ugly story. That money seems to be over, we need new ones. It seems that here we are dealing with a real racket: in the United States begins to collect financial subsidies for a new presidential campaign. It takes money, a lot of money. And there is an ideal cover: the need to spoil the relations between Riyadh and Moscow, which king Salman Ibn Abdulaziz al Saud visited in 2017 with the first-ever visit, caused by common interests in the oil market, the cooperation of the two countries in the military-technical sphere. The best way to do this is to create more problems for the Crown Prince, put it «on the counter».


Well, indeed, now is the time, looking from Washington, to send the Saudis a «black mark», especially if the racket and blackmail in us foreign policy are gaining strength. And Riyadh can take comfort in the fact that he is not alone, and this is also well known in Caracas, Moscow, Berlin, and many other places. Thus, the United States started a cunning game, but whether it will turn out for them, that’s another question.

Dana Tessen

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