The U.S. Supreme court refused to ban part of abortion

The U.S. Supreme court refused to ban part of abortion

The U.S. Supreme court on Friday, June 28, refused to consider the request of the U.S. state of Alabama for the return of the law, which would actually prohibit women from having abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. It is reported by Reuters.

The judges thus upheld the decision of the lower court. That is 2016, abolished the law, according to which the criminal procedure would be considered «dilation and evacuation», with which pregnancy is usually terminated in the second trimester. The method involves expanding the cervix of the woman and then removing the fetus with electric vacuum suction.

The court then ruled that such a law violated a woman’s constitutional right to abortion in ROE V. Wade. At the same time, a similar procedure for late deadlines is prohibited throughout the United States.
Conservative judge Clarence Thomas agreed with the decision not to consider this issue now but noted that in the future he will support such measures. «The notion that the Constitution does not allow the States to pass laws prohibiting the dismemberment of a living child is implausible,» he said.
In May, the Alabama legislature approved a law banning abortion that makes no exception for rape and incest. The document was then signed by Governor Kay Ivey. This law will also be challenged.

Dana Tessen

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