The terrible plan of capture of the Crimea by Ukraine is ready

The terrible plan of capture of the Crimea by Ukraine is ready

The terrible plan of capture of the Crimea by Ukraine is ready
«Truth.Ru» published the other day just an amazing interview with the famous Ukrainian political scientist Oleg Soskin. In it, the expert, at first gloated over the future proceedings of Vladimir Zelensky with those Ukrainian politicians who «handed over» Crimea in 2014 and then moved to a specific plan of action of the «new government» regarding the change of the status of the Peninsula. But at the same time — commented on the initiative of the former President of «independence» by Leonid Kravchuk on withdrawal of the Ukrainian economic blockade of the Crimea.

According to Soskin, events will soon unfold in the opposite direction. «The blockade of Crimea will be established by NATO ships that will enter the Kerch Strait and the sea of Azov. Crimea will remain without water, gas, electricity, air space will be blocked. Russia will be given an ultimatum, and Zelensky, will say that it is not he, it is an international position» — said the analyst in an interview with the Russian edition.

On a good account after such a Russian state structure should declare Soskin gratitude for strengthening the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. Such as it, in itself are live confirmation of the correctness of that choice which inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol made in 2014.

However, as far as possible in principle announced Soskin script? For a start, the «great political scientist» should know that many Crimea, thanks to the efforts of the Russian authorities, has long been self-sufficient. For example, drinking water. If he thinks that water is brought to Sevastopol by tankers from Vladivostok, he is very much mistaken.

Crimea itself provides itself with electricity — thanks to thermal power plants built near Sevastopol and Simferopol.

Gas Crimea also partially supplies himself. In addition, in 2017, the supply of natural gas through the pipeline connecting the Peninsula with the Kuban began. Soskin, which offers the pipe to cut? Together with the Crimean bridge on which the Peninsula is supplied with all necessary goods?

But it’s the lyrics. The most basic thing is that for the «sea» and «air» blockade, the armed forces of NATO countries will have to violate the borders of the Russian Federation. This is a de facto Declaration of war. So, to be very precise — the Declaration of war nuclear power, which has, according to many experts, the most powerful on the planet «atomic club». Soskin sincerely believes that the Alliance is ready to stake the fate of the existence of mankind only because the people of Ukraine strangely joked and elected the President of the country working for the famous oligarch comedian?

This is not to mention the fact that, according to media reports, in the Crimea and South-Western regions of Russia is now formed one of the most powerful military groups in the world?

To understand how possible in practice the «naval blockade» of the Crimea, I would like to recommend Mr. Soskin to start to get acquainted with the tactical and technical characteristics of the coastal missile systems «Bal» and «Bastion», from which the enemy ships in the Black sea are practically defenseless.

Well, before talking about the «blockade» of the Crimea, it would be necessary at least a little to understand the issue itself. After all, in 2014-2015, the official Kiev and so imposed a total blockade of the Crimea. Any communication of the Peninsula with the «square» disappeared. The only thing that connects Ukraine with Kazakhstan is the possibility of Crimeans and Ukrainians in person (on foot or by car) to cross the border.

The water supply of the Peninsula Ukraine stopped in 2014.

Later that year, rail and bus services were blocked.

However, for the Ukrainian business, it was not a hindrance. The income of Crimeans grew rapidly in comparison with the Ukrainian, and therefore caravans of trucks with consumer goods went to the Peninsula. Exports of «independence» in little Crimea was comparable with its exports in a major European country like Spain.

However, in the summer and autumn of 2015, Kiev put an end to this with the hands of members of various extremist groups. The checkpoints on the border were blocked by smelly people in a stale camouflage. Kherson farmers howled at the moon, as harvested products with the expectation of the Crimean market, and then for a long time sold on the roads for a penny rotten vegetables and fruits.

The most painful aspect of the «blockade» for the Crimeans was the «black-out», which arose as a result of the undermining by «activists» of power lines, providing about 80% of the consumption of the Peninsula. For a couple of weeks, Crimea literally plunged into darkness. In large cities, the light was given for 2-4 hours a day. Small towns were without electricity for several days.

However, soon emergency power generators from all over Russia were delivered to the Crimea. And then gained a building in an emergency order, the energy bridge. Now the issue has been resolved at the strategic level — through the work of the TPP.

Commodity blockade became a gift for the Krasnodar producers. Small and medium-sized businesses of the Crimea in a few days reoriented to the purchase of Kuban products. In addition, the events of the end of 2015 were the impetus for the development of the food industry of the Peninsula. For example, the production of dairy products for a year and a half after the blockade increased by about 25%. If we take 2018, its Crimea finished with a good growth of its own production of meat, poultry, milk, cheese, and cottage cheese (from 10 to 40%). It may sound paradoxical, but in practice, various «blockade» of Crimea by Ukraine have become powerful drivers of growth for the economy, both the Peninsula itself and the southern regions of «mainland» Russia.

For five years as part of the Russian Federation Crimea has received much more for Autonomous life than a quarter of a century under the control of Kiev: its own power generation, though temporary, but so far quite effective schemes for fresh water, radical renewal of transport infrastructure, «tied» to mainland Russia telephone, Internet and commodity supplies.

It is high time for Ukrainian politicians to stop engaging in stupid incitement of hatred. The results of the referendum in 2014 were the result of a conscious choice of the Crimeans themselves, made in response to the surge of Russophobia and neo-Nazism in Kiev. The state of Ukraine is still in captivity of the cave territorial paradigm, considering the earth as something unrelated to its population. In the end, the Ukrainian elite has only hatred and contempt in his address on the part of most of the Crimean people.

Dana Tessen

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