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The Spanish Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry because of the Minister’s statements about Russia


The Ambassador of Spain, Fernando Valderrama was summoned to the Russian foreign Ministry due to the fact that the Spanish acting foreign Minister Josep Borrell called Russia an enemy. This was reported on the website of the Russian Ministry.

In an interview published by the Spanish edition of El Periodico on May 23, Borrel was asked what geopolitical role Europe should play in the modern world. “We really have a new world that we could not imagine five years ago, – Borrel replied. – [Donald] Trump was not President [of the United States], there was no Brexit, there was no immigrant crisis, the war in Syria. Much has changed. Our ally turned away. Our old enemy, Russia, again says that he is here, and China appears as a rival.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed to the Spanish Ambassador “bewilderment and regret” in connection with these words. The Ministry pointed out that the words of the Spanish acting Minister are detrimental to the relations between the two countries and contradict “the mutual perception of bilateral relations as a friendly, partnership and mutually beneficial.” Such relations, the Foreign Ministry stressed, are recorded “in all official documents signed between the two countries recently.”

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