Recently, one of the propaganda flagships of the Kazakh national radicals, a certain M. B., posted on his page a post with the following content (I quote verbatim but with small proofreading):

«The goals and objectives of the separatist cells in Almaty, in my opinion, is to destabilize the situation in the region after the death of Nursultan Nazarbayev by committing sabotage at water intake, water treatment plants, power lines, heat and power centers, committing terrorist acts against civil servants and civil activists, journalists, Ministers of the cult (in mosques, churches, synagogues — it does not matter), security forces. On a wave of it — the organization and carrying out protest actions, meetings, street riots, pogroms. What for? And you never know. Birds with one stone many, which can be killed.»[end of quote]On the one hand, we can, of course, once again note that the aforesaid MB is already quite bad on the head, but on the other… you Know, friends (and responsible comrades who may read me), I personally would not dismiss this throw as a splash of defective brain activity. What if the quoted post is not just a flight of delusional fantasies in the development of the theme, but a preemptive move by a wild horse, behind which lies a well-planned scenario? We know who really shot the «heavenly hundred», and here it’s a «guilty» pre-defined — the experience of the Euromaidan in the creative rethinking and revision…

Kazakhstan national-radicals can appear. sofas clowns, but we must not forget that, first, no matter how ridiculous and flawed it may seem to their fellow human beings from the country of USGS, Maidan clowns were clowns, cannibals,; second, all these clowns are competent puppeteers, and threads in their hands they can control not only the propagandists and agitators but by specially trained people who know how to press the trigger or to close the chain to fuse…

Maybe I’m exaggerating the threat. And if not? If this is really a conscious and deliberate drain? The situation in the country on the eve of the elections, to put it mildly, is very difficult — the declared stability of the «mustache came unstuck» and the number of dissatisfied for quite objective reasons is in the millions. And, of course, this is quite a possible option for the future, which is clearly indicated by the «drain tank». So I would strongly recommend treating this material with all degree of seriousness — regardless of our perception of M. B.’s personality because it is better to get over many, many times than to rake…

Dana Tessen

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