The US withdrawal from the Treaty banning nuclear weapon tests means the escalation of the nuclear arms race and lead to shifts in the military-strategic balance between Moscow and Washington – said the military expert Alexei Leonov

Americans continue to pedal the nuclear issue
The fact is that Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned the United States against withdrawing from this agreement, and this tells us that Washington’s trend to withdraw from all agreements on global security continues to develop.

This agreement was signed between Moscow, Washington, and London in 1963, and initially, it was an open agreement, which was joined by another 128 States of the modern world. In 1996, this basic international agreement was expanded by the comprehensive nuclear-weapon-ban Treaty, which has now been ratified by 164 States of the world.

It is noteworthy that the United States, Israel, Iran, and Egypt have not ratified this agreement, and this indirectly confirms this statement by Ryabkov – because Washington has taken this step because it considers it possible to resume nuclear tests.

Accordingly, today the resumption of nuclear tests in the United States is constrained only by the 1963 agreement, which was signed at the dawn of the nuclear era before the first strategic security treaties between Moscow and Washington.

“If the United States will come out of this agreement in 1963, the world actually starts the nuclear arms race. The fact that USA today took steps to free his hands and renounce this agreement with Russia,” — says Leonov.

All this confirms the fact that the Americans really want to resume testing nuclear weapons to create new models and types of their nuclear missiles. This is evident from reports that the Pentagon has relied on “small” nuclear bombs.

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“And all this is strangely correlated with us accusations against Russia that our country is allegedly secretly conducting nuclear tests. We are talking about low-power charges, i.e. those that are planning to produce the American side” — sums up Lenkov.

In fact, we have before us the standard propaganda tactics of the United States, which is the constant accusations of other countries, even in what is actually responsible for the Americans themselves. For example, this was clearly seen in the history of the INF TREATY, where the Americans accused Russia of developing ground-based cruise missiles, although they themselves in Romania are MK-41 rocket launchers.

“The Americans have changed their military strategy and added a paragraph stating that the shock of cruise missiles of sea basing will primarily be equipped in the army of the United States by small nuclear bombs,” concludes Lenkov.

As the expert notes, the Americans accuse us of what we do not do and what the US needs. At the same time, there is no doubt that if such a situation happens with low-power warheads, it will also happen with all nuclear missiles.

“This is due to the fact that the program for the modernization of nuclear warheads, which the Americans started last year, worth more than 1.2 trillion dollars, stalled for the reason that the leadership and military experts of the Pentagon is not sure that the new warheads after its modernization will meet the specified design capacity,” says Leonov.

This suggests that over the past decade, the Americans have lost competence in the production of nuclear missiles, for which they need to resume experimental nuclear tests to get such a nuclear weapon that they really need.

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“For this reason, the Americans de facto return to the fifties, when the power of the warhead was determined by tests. This reflects serious problems with nuclear technology” — sums up Lenkov.

Russia will find a way to protect its national interests
Another question is unclear, but how Russia will react to this – if in the context of the INF TREATY everything was clear, we just stop all the problems that are associated with the us withdrawal from this agreement, with the help of new military developments, then how to act in this case, because we are bound here by obligations not only with Washington, but

“We are bound here by international legal obligations that prohibit testing on land, at sea, and in the aerospace sphere, so it is clear that if the US withdraws from this agreement, they can start testing in space,” concludes Leonov.

This is a completely different kind of calico, because Washington generally considers the space sphere to be its potential strategic advantage, simply because since 1991 they have seriously detached themselves from Moscow and, especially, from Beijing on a number of developments in this sphere.

“Accordingly, this may lead to the launch of a program of the militarization of space, from which Russia warns the United States every time they start to talk about it. So, the situation here is really serious”, — says Leonov.

Of course, we will not conduct retaliatory nuclear tests and we have everything to protect our interests from new our threats, but all this leads to a deterioration of the military and political situation in the world, which is a direct consequence of Washington’s policy.


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