The outgoing Ukrainian President is promised a Tribunal in Europe and at home

The outgoing Ukrainian President is promised a Tribunal in Europe and at home

The outgoing Ukrainian President is promised a Tribunal in Europe and at home
The loser of the election of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko should be given to the international court of justice for war crimes in Donbass. This idea was expressed in an interview with the «KP» Deputy of the Berlin city Parliament from the party «Alternative for Germany» Gunnar Lindemann.

He explained that in order to convene the Tribunal, it is necessary to collect direct evidence of Poroshenko’s war crimes. In this regard, he said, there are enough documents in the justice bodies of the DPR and LPR.

«For 5 years of the conflict killed 15 thousand people. Shot, certainly, both parties, but 90% of shells arrived from Ukraine. These facts are confirmed even in the OSCE reports. And they are the surest proof that Poroshenko did not want peace for Donbass.

I was in the Village Lugansk, where the line of contact between LNR and Ukraine passes on the river Seversky Donets. The bridge over this river was badly damaged by the Ukrainian army, through the collapsed spans shaky wooden ladders are thrown. I’ve seen old men who have to climb them to cross the border. More serious repairs cannot be done — Kiev immediately bombed again. Every day about 8 thousand civilians cross the border here — and every day they all risk their lives. It’s terrible. But even worse is that the European structures were ready to allocate money for the repair of the bridge, however, Kiev didn’t allow. Shame for him and for Europe,» said the Deputy. When asked what will happen if Poroshenko does not agree to appear before the Tribunal, Lindemann said that in this case, «to him and his entourage need to apply sanctions — for example, to freeze assets that are likely to have them abroad.»

He also told that in world history there were no precedents that the acting leader of the state got under a real criminal court with such charges, however, Poroshenko won’t be the head of the state soon.

«And all these five years he was only a «military leader» — in the sense that he drew resources for power from the armed conflict. And now at least there was a hope that under the new administration the bloody confrontation in Donbass will finally stop,» Lindemann said.

It is worth Recalling that in Ukraine, too, recently there have been calls for a trial of Poroshenko, however, on other charges. And, apparently, these calls can materialize.

Last week it became known that the court of Kiev received a lawsuit to ban travel abroad Petro Poroshenko and other officials and politicians within a year after the presidential and parliamentary campaigns.

«The district administrative court of the city of Kiev opened proceedings in the case of the famous blogger Alexander Dubinsky, who asks the court to prohibit officials and politicians to travel abroad within one year after the parliamentary and presidential elections. The case will be considered in the order summary action proceedings without notice to parties of the case», — is spoken in the message of the court.

Earlier, the Ukrainian media repeatedly reported that in recent years Poroshenko and his family members several times unofficially made trips abroad, using false names and that special documents for secret departure from the country for all members of Poroshenko’s family are prepared in the SBU.

Will Poroshenko really be persecuted, and he is preparing to escape? And if the West suddenly decides to implement the idea of Lindemann? It turns out, Poroshenko and nowhere to run?

By the way, by a strange «coincidence» Lindemann’s statement was made the day after the statement of the Bundestag deputies from the Free Democratic Party of Germany, in which they called on Berlin to have a «frightening impact» on Russia to support Ukraine. This suggests that Germany obviously does not have a consensus on this issue…

— While the «Alternative for Germany» did not say anything, — said Associate Professor of the Department of regional studies and Foreign policy of the Russian state humanitarian University, Vadim Trukhachev.
The outgoing Ukrainian President is promised a Tribunal in Europe and at home
It is nothing more than the personal opinion of one member, and even the national level. Unfortunately, it is impossible to talk about practice here because of the complete impossibility of this statement.

— the Proposal of the Berlin parliamentarian sounded the next day after the statement of free Democrats about the need for frightening measures for Russia. Coincidence?

— No, it’s not a coincidence. Free Democrats reminded of themselves as a Russophobic force. In response, the ADH made it clear that there are other opinions.

— Who in the German political could support the initiative?

— In a relaxed form, the initiative could be supported by the ADG and the Left party. No one else. But their chances of coming to power are still zero. Plus, we need support from other EU countries — and from the forces in power. This is even more difficult.

— Poroshenko was considered a man Merkel. Would she let him hurt her? Or is Berlin already in love with Zelensky?

— If to put Poroshenko, too many moments of unseemly behavior of Germany will emerge. Because the Germans will not let him go to jail. But will work with Zelensky. Poroshenko — the won back card, as well as Yushchenko in due time.

— Lindemann expressed hope that with the arrival of the new President the confrontation in Donbass should stop. Did, even in ADG in this belief?

— To Express hope is not to believe. Although in Germany there is a stereotype that the Eastern Slavs it is all about head of state. About the peculiarities of Ukrainian politicians and freemen Turbat, there has very little idea.

— In this world, there is a rule: the winners are not judged, the loser pays for everything, and this means that any means are justified for victory, — says the historian, publicist, permanent expert of the Izborsky club Alexander Dmitrievsky.

— Poroshenko was the loser, who will get the bill, and even for what did not order.

Lindemann’s statement is rather a game for the public but at the same time a signal for the Ukrainian establishment. Say, willful — well, then put in a chair more manageable. And you, too, will put, but in the most romantic places of the Globe…

Will Merkel hand over Poroshenko? After all its man…

— It is necessary to understand that in the West the word is kept exactly as much as it is profitable. Or as long as it takes commitment. And after that, no one owes anyone anything. Therefore, I would not build big illusions about Frau kantslerin: she will sell Poroshenko as soon as she is pressed…

— And how in Ukraine would react to such an investigation? Would support?

— Well, how can treat the investigation, which will put a big and fat cross on the career? The question, alas, is rhetorical. Therefore, such an investigation will be hampered by all available means.

— it Became known that in the court of Kiev the claim about a ban of departure abroad for Poroshenko arrived. Will such a decision be made?

— A Ukrainian court — that dish: was has turned — and walked out. If it is necessary to forbid departure — it will forbid. If it is not necessary — allow slipping away. It all depends on what extra could blurt Poroshenko in the case of overlapping him a way to retreat. And what he’s willing to bargain: showy represses satisfied as to the ritual of bargaining.

— Lindemann still believes that the conflict in Donbass will end with the new President.

— There is diplomatic rhetoric, and there are political realities. So, diplomatic rhetoric does not mean faith in what has been said but is a principle of good manners. And such figures as Lindemann speak to the public not what they think, but what is prescribed.

— Lindemann’s statement is an expression of position from the representative of the opposition German party. «Alternative for Germany», of course, is unable to initiate such a Tribunal, political analyst Ivan Mizuho.

— Nevertheless, on the issue of Ukraine, this political force is capable of a constructive dialogue with Russia. I do not rule out the possibility that someday a Tribunal may be held against persons in Ukraine involved in war crimes and the coup d’état. Theoretically, such a Tribunal should be held in Kiev or in Donbass, after the establishment of peace. Poroshenko was considered a man Merkel…

— Poroshenko has very conventionally been considered Merkel. The Chancellor’s support for his candidacy in the elections could be dictated by the fact that Berlin thus showed greater subjectivity in international Affairs, i.e. Poroshenko’s support could be made at the peak of Washington. Of course, I do not deny that Merkel just miscalculated. I doubt that she really intends to protect Poroshenko from possible prosecution or court. Any President of Ukraine in the near future will stand in a subordinate position in front of Germany.

— Can Petro Poroshenko be banned by a court decision to leave the territory of Ukraine?

— I doubt that such a decision will be made, and if it is, then Poroshenko is unlikely to go to prison. The fact that he recognized the results of the elections, did not go on a military adventure in the Donbass during the second round or the anti-Crimea sea provocation indirectly suggests that the outgoing President of Ukraine received some security guarantees from the West. I do not rule out the possibility that Zelensky’s team will be allowed to deal with some members of Poroshenko’s team, but Pyotr Alekseevich himself should avoid punishment in the near future according to the logic of events in Ukraine.

» — That is, he will remain free…

— Everything will depend on how much the Americans will need it in the future, and how the fate of the state will develop in the next decade.

Dana Tessen

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