The outcome of the inevitable us clash with China will decide Russia

The outcome of the inevitable us clash with China will decide Russia

The outcome of the inevitable us clash with China will decide Russia
Never, you hear, never trust Americans! Even if they extend a hand of friendship and consent. For us political establishment, Russia is simply a country «in the wrong place at the wrong time» and is the object of the hatred of the entire American elite. It’s not even about xenophobia, which is already present at the genetic level, as they say, in the blood, but in those key factors that make Russia a unique force in the world compared to other countries. And the current proposal of «hands and hearts» from Washington with conversations (to promise, it does not mean to marry) about the recognition of the Crimea, the curtailment of NATO expansion at our borders is another big bluff. Behind all these good wishes lies one ultimate goal — to turn Russia away from China, to turn it into an ally in a confrontation that the US will never win on its own.

The ball to the next «warming» in relations between Russia and the United States flew from the former special assistant to President Ronald Reagan, the current senior researcher of the Institute of Cato Doug (Douglas) Bandow, who on the pages of National Interest called for finding a way of mutually beneficial existence of the two countries. For what it is necessary, in his opinion, to recognize Crimea as Russian territory and to help stop the expansion of NATO’s military bloc to the East. In fact, the Cato Institute itself is known for its ideas of classical libertarianism, in which everyone has the right to live their lives, respecting the equal rights of others. And the author of this report, Doug Bandow, regularly writes about military non-interference and is known as a critic of NATO enlargement. So this material with such rhetoric against Russia would not have caused much surprise if the place of its placement was not the American influential analytical publication national Interest, which is also called the «mouthpiece of the Republicans». As you know, the current us President Donald trump belongs to the Republican party and, with a high degree of probability, can be considered his indirect author of the ideas of rapprochement with Russia. Bait, or rather even a lure, very tempting — the United States «gives» Russia the Crimea, deployed back tied to its Western borders NATO forces, cancel all already fed up with sanctions. Even the supposed condition — to stop the support of the residents of Donbass, does not seem unacceptable against this background, especially since the Kremlin from the alleged military intervention in this territory strongly denies, speaking only about humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Lugansk. Here, as they say, already have something to bargain. But there is a small quirk in this game of concessions, which Bandou does not hide — the main goal of the «temporary agreement» with Moscow is to tear Russia from China.

Washington, according to the author (trump, too), should do everything possible to contain the power of Beijing, so the establishment of good relations with Russia in the first place in the interests of the American side. Another argument is the fact that from the cultural and historical point of view, Russia is more likely to approach Europe or the United States than China. However, if we take into account that the length of the borders of Russia and China is 4 209 km, with European countries (including the Baltic States) — 2 805 km, with Ukraine and Belarus is 3 485 km, and with the US only 49 kilometers of the sea border, then not so far away China. Again, with China, Russia has never fought with the exception of a number of territorial conflicts, and in September 1945 the Soviet army liberated the northeast of China from Japanese occupation, the defeat of the Kwantung army, General Yamada, Otozo. But the United States, according to surveys, is considered in Russia the most likely aggressor country, capable of causing, including a preventive nuclear strike. Well, the words of the American Ambassador to Moscow John Huntsman about «one hundred thousand tons of international diplomacy» in the form of aircraft carrier strike groups US Navy in the Mediterranean sea, no confidence in the United States does not cause. The Russians also associate the negative attitude to the anti-Russian policy of a number of European States with the actions of us military, which promote NATO to the East.

The United States ‘ continued rapprochement between Russia and China, including in the field of military-technical cooperation, is a real concern. After the current visit of the Russian President to Beijing at the international forum «One belt, one road» (where he, by the way, did not make a single loud statement), Washington considered all the prerequisites for the organization of the Union of the two countries. «If you do not stop the rapprochement of China and Russia, the American global leadership will have to go through difficult times, not excluding participation in the global military conflict,» the American media wrote. This reaction can be called the main consequence of the current Beijing talks between Putin and XI Jinping.

With China, the US to agree «in a good way» in the trade confrontation is not particularly obtained, to press by force is also unsafe. And if we take into account that in the event of a global armed conflict, Russia will be on the side of Beijing, Washington will suffer a serious defeat. And to persuade Moscow in any way to its side seems to be an important matter for the United States.

— Americans flirt with China, but at the same time try to impose their will there, — says military observer Vladislav Shurygin. — In General, pretend not to take them seriously. This is a strategic mistake. China is not a friend of the United States, and Beijing is much closer to Moscow than Washington. Even if you look at all the latest Russian-Chinese exercises, including the ongoing «Maritime cooperation-2019», with the participation of warships and submarines of the Chinese Navy and the Russian Navy, who is an ally and who is a potential enemy in the confrontation of major world States. The conflict between America and China, it seems to me, is inevitable, but if you have enough mind Trump and Xi Jinping, it will not reach a real war, but will only be a kind of «cold war». Russia in this situation is an observer, but clearly with a Pro-Chinese orientation. In the event of an armed conflict, China will cover from the Eastern direction, at least with the help of the SAM, which was demonstrated during one of the exercises of the Chinese military, when the Russian S-300 and S-400 complexes in the far East were brought to a state of high combat readiness and were ready to shoot down any air targets over its territory flying towards China. Beijing certainly appreciated this support. By the way, the Chinese did not accidentally place one of their three new brigades of Intercontinental missiles «Dongfeng-41» in the province of Heilongjiang, bordering Russia. It is clear that even theoretically these missiles are not a threat to Russia (the trajectory of the ICBM does not allow to reach targets closer than 3 thousand kilometers), but are under the cover of Russian missile DEFENSE and air defense. The deployment of this missile brigade is in close proximity to the new Russian spaceport Vostochny in the Far East. One can imagine how high the level of security of the «Eastern», which allows protecting the object from various types of weapons — from cruise to ballistic missiles. There is no better cover for the Chinese starting positions! And if we take into account the current level of partnership between Moscow and Beijing, both economic, political and military-technical, then there is no doubt that at least through Russian territory no attack from the air to China in this direction is not threatened.

— What to hide — the current allied relations between Russia and China are an open confrontation between the United States — continues Vladislav Shurygin — who are expanding their military influence in Europe, are an aggressive policy in the Pacific ocean and the Middle East. Beijing has its own scores to Washington — trade and economic, which can easily go into a military confrontation, there is business, nothing personal. And the Americans, accustomed to operating with force, could get into a fight with the Chinese — to beat from a distance. But there was a nuance — the rapprochement of Moscow and Beijing, and against such a tandem is not particularly dissolve.

Dana Tessen

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