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The former us President went against the entire American elite


39th us President Jimmy Carter made a statement that many would consider extremely anti-American. He called the United States “the most belligerent country in the world.” How reasonable is this statement, how it is connected with the tremendous success of China and what does Carter think about Russia and Ukraine?

During a traditional speech at the Sunday Baptist school in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, 94-year-old Jimmy Carter spoke about a recent conversation with President Donald Trump about China. Trump during this conversation expressed his concern about the growing economy of China, “ahead of America.”

Carter, who normalized relations between Washington and Beijing in 1979 (which largely laid the Foundation for us victory in the cold war), said in response that a significant part of China’s success is due to its peaceful foreign policy. Then Carter called the US “the most belligerent country in world history.” According to him, this was the result of “imposing our American principles on other countries.” “Do you know how many times since 1979, China has fought with anyone? Carter asked the audience. – Never. We fight all the time.”

That’s correct. The last major conflict involving the Chinese military occurred in 1979 when the people’s liberation army of China was fighting against the Vietnamese armed forces. After that, only local border and naval clashes were recorded between the two countries.

According to Carter, in the 242 years of its existence, the United States has been in the world for only 16 years. And if we consider all the wars, military attacks, occupation of foreign territories, in the history of the United States was only five years of peace: 1976-the last year of the reign of Gerald Ford, and 1977-1980 – all the time of Carter’s presidency (if we do not take into account the failed operation “Eagle claw” to rescue 53 hostages in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran).

Carter also noted that China’s peaceful position contributes to its economic growth. “How many miles of high-speed rail are there in the US? – asked the ex-President. – China has built 18,000 miles (29,000 kilometers), while we have spent $ 3 trillion on military spending.” Note that according to a study conducted in November 2018 by the Institute of international and public relations. Watson at Brown University, since 2001, the United States has spent 5.9 trillion dollars to wage wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.”It’s more than you can imagine, – Carter stressed. – China hasn’t wasted a penny on the war, so they’re ahead of us. In almost every way. And I think the difference is that if you take $ 3 trillion and invest it in American infrastructure, you probably still have $ 2 trillion left. We would have a high-speed railway. We would have bridges that do not collapse, we would have roads that are maintained properly. Our education system would be the same as, say, in South Korea or Hong Kong.”

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Carter, a Nobel peace prize winner and a member of the Elders club (which includes, as a rule, former world leaders), can afford to Express a point of view that is fundamentally different from the traditional worldview of the American political establishment. For example, a few years ago, Jimmy Carter bitterly noted that the United States is no longer a democracy, becoming a typical oligarchy.

While there is a widespread belief in the United States that the country almost always waged war for noble purposes and in the “defense of freedom”, world public opinion and facts paint a very different picture. Most people in other countries interviewed in the Gallup poll in 2013 described the United States as the greatest threat to world peace. A Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2017 found that a record number of people surveyed in 30 countries view the power and influence of the US as the “major threat” to global security. Given America’s long-standing habit of bombing, invading, interfering in elections, and trying to overthrow governments in sovereign States, such opinion polls should not come as a surprise.

Carter has repeatedly supported Russia on many issues on the international agenda. In particular, in 2014, he not only called reunification with Crimea “inevitable”, but also stressed that this event met the wishes of the vast majority of the population of the Peninsula.

Carter also opposed the strengthening of us sanctions against Russia, being sure that “Putin is not going to use military force in Eastern Ukraine.”

Despite the Obama administration’s public refusal to cooperate with Russia in the Syrian crisis, Carter handed over maps of the Syrian positions of ISIS militants to the Russian Embassy in Washington in the fall of 2015*. They were prepared by the Carter international Center, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of human rights. Commenting on this episode during his next public speech, the former President added to the laughter of the audience: “Thus, in the future, if Russia bombed something wrong, know that it is not Putin’s fault, but mine.”Against the background of many American politicians who continue to run around with the beetle of Russian interference in the American elections, Jimmy Carter looks like a real black sheep. In the history of the United States, he is not the strongest President. But it was Carter who negotiated with China and held a series of negotiations with the Soviet Union on the limitation of offensive weapons, which later formed the basis of the PRSP, which defined the architecture of nuclear security for many decades to come.

Jimmy Carter – one of the few living now politicians of the old wave, who are well aware of the need to normalize bilateral relations of the great powers.


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