Terrorists in Idlib preparing to attack Syrian Hama

Terrorists in Idlib preparing to attack Syrian Hama

Terrorists in Idlib preparing to attack Syrian Hama
Terrorist groups operating in the Idlib de-escalation zone in North-West Syria are preparing to attack government troops in the area of the capital of the neighboring province — the city of Hama. Currently, a significant number of fighters are being sent from the Central areas of Idlib to the South, where they are preparing to attack government forces.

Local sources in social networks report about the accumulation of militants. It is known that in the course of the day, two trucks with military equipment and four «Technicals» — pickups mounted with heavy machine guns arrived in the town of Qalaat al-Madiken, which is under the control of insurgents. The vehicles brought to the South of Idlib militants of the group «Hurras al-DIN» («Organization of the guards of faith»), which will prepare positions for the bulk of the militants arriving tomorrow.

According to the source, the militants were chatting with each other and with the locals about the «imminent attack on the forces of the regime» in the area of Hama. According to them, the terrorists in Idlib are well prepared and do not lack weapons or equipment. In addition to the militants «Khurram al-DIN» in the offensive will take part «Hayat Tahrir al-sham» (a coalition of groups controlled by militants banned in Russia «Dzhebhat al-Nusry1») and associated with political forces in Turkey «Islamic party of Turkestan», also banned in Russia — their forces arrived in the area of Kalaat al-Madik earlier.

Reports that terrorists are preparing to attack government troops come from different parts of the de-escalation zone — clusters of militants have been seen, in particular, in The suran area — less than 20 km from Hama, where more than 300 thousand people live. Recall, over the past few days, the situation in the South of the Idlib de-escalation zone has escalated to the limit. Government forces are holding back terrorist attacks and responding to rocket and artillery attacks along the entire South-Western border of Idlib. Under the attack of the terrorists was Bradic, Scalby, settlements in the valley of al-Gab and Dzhurin. The base of the Russian VKS «Hamim» for a week 12 times was exposed to rocket attacks and attacks with the use of the armed UAVs.Recall that in September last year, the Turkish leadership, which maintains direct contact with anti-government groups in Idlib, pledged to divide between the forces of the «moderate opposition» and terrorist groups in the de-escalation zone. This would allow Damascus and Russian negotiators to negotiate with the «moderate groups», after which a large-scale operation to clean up the Islamist gangs would be carried out.


At that time, the «green» militants of the «moderate opposition» controlled more than 50% of the territory of the de-escalation zone, but since then they have lost almost everything — now, as previously stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the «black» militants «Hayat Tahrir al-sham» (that is, in fact, the Islamists of «Al-Nusra») control up to 99% of the territory of the Idlib de-escalation zone and created their quasi-state bodies under the auspices of the so-called «government of national salvation».

Turkey has not been able to separate — and this may be the reason for the beginning of a military operation in a densely populated region. For some time, Russia and Turkey were able to maintain the shaky status quo against Idlib, keeping the warring parties, but at the moment it became obvious that Syria cannot live normally when there is a huge «nest» of armed Islamists in the country.

It is the actions, or rather inaction of Turkey has led to the current situation, said a member of the Public Council at the defense Ministry Igor Korotchenko. In a conversation with the Federal News Agency, he suggested that currently in Idlib can only work power scenario. According to Korotchenko, the situation in Idlib has long been so explosive that the current aggravation is not associated with any specific events.

«The aggravation there can occur at any time of the year, at any time, because Turkey has not fulfilled its obligations to disarm illegal armed groups and neutralize the terrorists that it has assumed. For these reasons, the conflict can break out at any time and have negative consequences for the situation in Syria», — said the expert.

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