Tanks Shoigu Ukraine will stop nuclear mines

Tanks Shoigu Ukraine will stop nuclear mines

Ukraine on the border with Russia needs to install nuclear mines as a barrier. This allegedly will allow Kiev to effectively deter «Russian aggression». This opinion was expressed by the military expert of the Kiev Institute of Euro-Atlantic cooperation Igor Koziy.

«Who prevents us, in fact, to prepare places for the placement of nuclear mine barriers along the border of Russia and Ukraine, as Germany did in its time. Only how these mines will get there, whether it is true or not — is to keep a state secret,» he said on the air of ObozTV.

According to Koziy, Kiev can freely develop tactical nuclear weapons, as well as their means of delivery. At the same time, he called the issue of Ukraine’s development of strategic nuclear weapons «insane costs».

«Where will we test it? Name at least one area that will agree to be a test area. We do not have overseas territories,» he added.

Let us explain what mines we are talking about. According to media reports, during the cold war, US troops in Europe placed nuclear explosive devices in special wells. They had to work after the start of hostilities between NATO and The Warsaw Pact organization in the way of the Soviet tank armies. This is not a newspaper «duck». In 1972, in the state of engineering-sapper battalions of Soviet tank divisions stationed on the territory of the member States of the Warsaw Pact, there were platoons of reconnaissance and destruction of enemy nuclear bombs.

In the number of American land mines as part of M31, М59, T-4, ХМ113, М167, М172 and M175 with a TNT equivalent of from 0.5 to 70 kilotons, United under a common abbreviation ADM — Atomic Demolition Munition («Atomic subversive munition»). They were devices weighing from 159 to 770 kilograms. The first and most difficult of bombs — М59 — the US army accepted into service in 1953. Their installation was engaged in special engineering units.

In the 1950s, nuclear mines were developed in Britain as part of the blue Peacock project. In 2003, the magazine New Scientist told about this in detail. Ten mines on the basis of the first British nuclear bombs Blue Danube («Blue Danube») was supposed to be secretly placed in Germany. It was believed that the explosion of nuclear mines «will not only destroy buildings and structures in a large area but also prevent its occupation due to radioactive contamination of the area.»

The blue peacock weighed 7.2 tons and was a steel cylinder. Inside was a plutonium core surrounded by detonating chemical explosives. The power of the bomb was about 10 kilotons. Nuclear mines were supposed to explode eight days after the built-in timer was activated. In addition, they could be undermined remotely, from a distance of 5 km.

The British built two prototypes of a nuclear mine, but before the military deployment did not come: in 1957, London refused the project for political reasons.

Finally, the Soviet Union also had a special nuclear mines РА41, РА47, РА97 and RA115, the production of which was carried out in 1967-1993. They were in service with the GRU special forces.

Note that the United States and Russia subsequently disposed of all existing nuclear mines. But it is possible that in Ukraine there were military experts familiar with these developments.

Does Kiev have the resources to create such weapons, will the West give the «go-ahead» to the nuclear mining of the Russian-Ukrainian border?

— The proposal to mine the Ukrainian-Russian border with nuclear land mines should be regarded as a provocation, — said the expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Sergey Ermakov. — Thus, certain circles in the «untrustworthy» are trying to raise the degree of tension, and thus narrow the newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky opportunities for negotiations with Russia -in General, to make any compromise.

In fact, the mere fact of placing nuclear mine barriers along the border means that preparations for war are underway. And some Ukrainian experts just think of Russian-Ukrainian relations in terms of military conflict.

«SP»: — the Idea to mine the border with nuclear bombs is a serious challenge for us?

— It’s stupid, really. Such ideas, I believe, are born from fairy tales that just the other day the Russian army will move its tank columns to the English channel, simultaneously capturing Kiev.

These tales, unfortunately, are actively fed by NATO military experts. Who also said that NATO does not have enough capacity to repel «Russian aggression», or even just to gain military superiority over Moscow.

Like NATO statements and give rise to in the minds of the Ukrainian leader’s such crazy ideas, like mining the borders with nuclear bombs.

«SP»: — Zelensky can such idea support?

— Zelensky — as it does not apply — the person is reasonable. And he has already made a statement that Ukraine cannot acquire the status of nuclear power. Otherwise, it will mean a violation of existing international agreements, which will inevitably cause a response. Moreover, not so much in Russia as in the world community as a whole. As a result, Ukraine will be under serious sanctions.

«SP»: — Does Kiev have a technological base for the creation of nuclear mines?

— Such a base in Ukraine was, but now it is largely lost. Just as the skills and competencies necessary to create tactical nuclear weapons have largely been lost. All the more — to his produce.

«SP»: — it Turns out, the words of Koziy, that no one forbids Ukraine to make tactical nuclear weapons — is it a lie?

— Absolute lies. In fact, from a legal point of view, there is no difference between the possession of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. Ukraine cannot be a nuclear power militarily — this was in all agreements. In particular, in the agreements of 1994 — the so-called Budapest Memorandum.

I repeat: this is not a ban for Ukraine to have a specific nuclear missile potential or strategic nuclear weapons. The essence of the issue is the refusal of Ukraine in General from the status of nuclear power.

«SP»: — NATO would be beneficial if Ukraine itself mined its own territory with nuclear warheads?

— No, because everyone understands that in Europe even tactical nuclear weapons acquire the character of a sub-strategic one. This is what NATO experts themselves say. That is why the «friends of Ukraine» from the NATO camp will certainly perceive the mini-nuclear initiative of Kiev negatively. And most likely, such an initiative will not be taken seriously at all.

— «Nezalezhnaya» is now a party to the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, and has the status of a non-nuclear state, — recalls the leading expert of the Center for military and political research of MGIMO, doctor of political Sciences Mikhail Alexandrov. — If Kiev declares that it is going to create nuclear weapons, or will take practical steps in this direction, Ukraine will violate the NPT. In this case, sanctions may be imposed against it, including a ban on the supply of uranium raw materials.

This is easy to do because its sources in the world are very few. Hypothetically, Australia or South Africa could supply uranium. But if they decide on such supplies, it will mean that these countries are specifically promoting the creation of nuclear weapons by Kiev — with all, as they say, arising. So neither Australia nor South Africa will ever contact Ukrainian supplies.

Dana Tessen

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