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Spring storm 2019: NATO and the Russian armed forces are too close to each other


In total, more than nine thousand troops from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the United States, France, as well as from the mentioned non-NATO member States take part in the maneuvers. Now, who can say that these are maneuvers of the Estonian Defense Forces?

Until may 17, the Alliance will play with muscles on the territory of the tiny Baltic country near Russia, using about 200 armored vehicles and aircraft and helicopters of Great Britain, France, the USA, Germany… the Headquarters of the Defense Forces even had to call on the Estonian population to patience and understanding in connection with the movement of a large number of military equipment on the roads.

As you, for example, participants such as “Spring storms-2019” — British tanks Challenger-2. Their combat capabilities NATO experienced in Iraq in 2003, losing only one car, and even then from the erroneous fire of his own tank. Or here is rattling on Estonian roads of the French tank Leclerc. At least 70 such vehicles participated, for example, in the real combat operation of the UAE coalition against Yemen, which began in 2015. Showed up for the exercises in Estonia, the British infantry fighting vehicle Warrior. The Germans brought Eurofighter fighters, which, incidentally, are in service not only Germany but also Italy, Spain, Britain, Austria, and Saudi Arabia. In the sky roar multipurpose American helicopters Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk and American strike Apache machines, as well as British multipurpose helicopters Wildcat. Rushing with a roar… Russian su-22. This aircraft purchased at the time the Polish air force. In short, as it is not very similar to the simple teachings of the Defense Forces of Estonia, moreover, reported: they are in the counties of the country — lääne-Virumaa and IDA-Virumaa, and it is very close to the Russian border.

The active part of the maneuvers will begin on May 2. Russia is watching closely. IDA-Virumaa rests directly on our Leningrad region. And there and to the hated for the Baltic Ust-Luga not far away, where the giant Russian port is actively developing, taking goods from the Baltic ports. And lääne-Viru County back to the County IDA-Virumaa.

Estonian staff reports: in the maneuvers involved infantry brigade of the Estonian Defense Forces (earlier it was reported that will be the First infantry brigade, but that is not important for understanding the anti-teachings), and the units of the Estonian paramilitary militia “defense League”.

“Defence League” — this in 1917, was a national military force, comprised of wealthy farmers, owners of shops and small businesses. Now it is actually a voluntary army of at least 20 thousand people with a combat structure. No wonder this militia is not in itself and is part of the Estonian Defense Forces. These are not just fighters, and — ideologically motivated rusonenavistniki. And as you can understand, they are trained by NATO officers in the current maneuvers. I wonder what they’re taught. Write about the coordination of actions, etc. Well-well…

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Naturally, in the ideology of the exercises “Spring storm-2019” — allegedly preparing NATO forces to defend against “aggressive” Russia, which seems to be ready to attack Estonia at any time. Let us note: in fact, it is the countries of the Alliance that is pushing their military contingents to the borders of Russia, and the number of their exercises at our borders is much greater than ours. And Russia’s military construction on its Western borders is carried out in response to NATO’s activity, and not Vice versa. Let’s just say: first American missile DEFENSE, then our “Iskander” and “Caliber”. And what is interesting: NATO adjusts its military equipment directly to our borders, and our response immediately squeals satellites — say, the Kremlin is preparing an invasion.

What are the risks of such military efforts of the Alliance at the borders of Russia? Yakov Kedmi, former head of the Nativ service, told about this on the Israeli independent Internet TV channel Iton TV. According to the analyst, the Armed forces of Russia and NATO are now so close to each other that, in principle, the war can provoke some nonsense. Remember, by the way, last summer just in the skies of Estonia during the exercise Spanish fighter, just Eurofighter, accidentally released an air defense missile AMRAAM class “air-to-air” somewhere over the southern part of the Republic right at the Russian border. Where she fell — is unknown. They say that in the swamp. PAH-PAH! Thank God. What if she crossed the border and flew into our airspace? Different chances, and perhaps provocation during the exercise can happen at any time. According to Kedmi, for the United States is a huge problem the possibility of a nuclear conflict with Russia through the fault of some “Polish General or Latvian (read — and Estonian — “SP”) battalion commander.” Then what? Washington, says the Israeli expert, will have to be guided by paragraph 5 of the NATO Charter, which obliges to protect its allies.

And what awaits, in this case, same Estonia in the case of a nuclear conflict between NATO and Russia? “And what NATO has, just wipe out the face of the earth in the first hour,” said Jacob Kedmi. Yes, along with tanks and volunteers, “defense League”. I would not like this development. Why rattle the saber near our borders?

So it is unlikely that Estonian “soldateska” will need those skills that they are trying to pass the older brothers of the NATO weapons. No one is going to attack them, but if they provoke themselves, they simply will not have time to apply…


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