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Should I believe Zelensky ?


Monday morning began with strange news. Why Yanukovych greeted Zelensky with a victory. I hope he did this about the request of his senior comrades, otherwise, it turns out that he was foolishly voluntarily and finally deprived himself of any political subjectivity. More Yanukovych is not needed. Neither Russia nor Ukraine. The second election after the armed coup is no more legitimate than the first. Many in expressing their feelings become confused hatred Poroshenko sympathetic to Zelensky.

But Dmitry Medvedev has no illusions about the new President of Ukraine, although he hopes to improve relations. During the press conference, Zelensky called the priority tasks in relation to Russia. He is going to restart the Minsk process, as well as to facilitate the return home of Ukrainian sailors under arrest in Russia after the incident in the Black Sea. It sounds logical, but it’s too early to talk about it.

Trump, after Yanukovych also congratulated Zelensky. Details of the telephone conversation revealed the special representative of us state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker. “President trump called to congratulate Vladimir Zelensky on his election victory and the Ukrainian people on peaceful and democratic elections. We will continue to support the efforts of Ukraine to restore its territorial integrity and counter Russian aggression,” RT reported Volker. The politician also thanked the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko for his courage to rule the country in “extremely difficult times”.

Poroshenko also congratulated his opponent on the victory, announced parliamentary ambitions and promised to protect his legacy — the course in the EU and NATO and anti-Russian sanctions.

Ukrainian Nazis tensed and began to say something strange. “…Pro-Russian elites should be responsible for the Maidan and the war. Poroshenko returned from oblivion the most odious of them. There is a reason to believe that Zelensky will open all the gateways for the return of all the others,” Nazi Biletsky wrote in a blog for the online publication “Ukrainian truth”. Among the tasks for the Nazis, he emphasized the need to prevent the new government from making “criminal compromises on the external arena.””National forces have blocked Poroshenko the opportunity to introduce the special status of Donbass and Amnesty militants ORDO. There are reasons to believe that Poroshenko can finish Zelensky,” Beletsky said and added that Poroshenko should leave and “no longer parasitize in all sectors of the economy, the army, the media.”

According to Biletsky, Zelensky, who won the election, “cannot mentally Express the national interest of the Ukrainian people.”

The mental is like? What’s wrong with Zelensky’s mentality? Or is it a parable hinting at its origin? And Poroshenko’s origin didn’t concern them until recently.

Well, the positions are marked. It’s time we, Russian, to exhibit his account to Poroshenko, and to put forward their demands to Zelensky. What should we demand from the new Ukrainian government, which called itself Poroshenko’s sentence?

During the first weeks, journalist Kirill Valerievich Vyshinsky, illegally detained by the Ukrainian authorities, should be released from custody. He should be cleared of all charges. The frozen exchange of prisoners must begin. All Russians convicted of political crimes in Ukraine should return home. Only then can we talk further. The process of a prisoner exchange between the people’s republics and Ukraine was frozen because of the elections, now it must be immediately unfrozen. The new government should show at least some mercy — at least to its soldiers and officers who are in captivity.

First of all, Pyotr Alekseevich has to answer for all that grief which he brought to Donbass. Through the European courts, it is necessary to activate the filing of claims to Ukraine with the requirement of compensation to those who lost relatives and relatives, a roof over the head and property through Poroshenko’s fault. Ukraine must pay.

On June 30, 2014, it was Poroshenko who stopped the truce and launched a military operation in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. It was Poroshenko’s fault that the local conflict in the Donbass turned into a full-fledged war of non-destruction. He is directly responsible for the destruction of the infrastructure of Donbass, the death of civilians, the break in the production cycle of key enterprises, for kidnapping, looting, and excesses of “dobrobats”, for secret prisons, for torture and raiding, for foreign mercenaries.

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The killers of Elder and Sheremet must be caught and punished. In the case of the Elder is the decision one to two hours — you just have to return to jail the murderers that were released by the attorney General Lutsenko. Sadist Vita zaveryukha must return to the zone. Nazi groups should be banned, their leadership should be condemned. The Tornado battalion, which has approached in its activity the “exploits” of the SS division “Dirlewanger”, must rot in prison in full. A Commission should be established to investigate all crimes committed in the so-called ATO zone. None of the militants of the armed forces and the national guard, who committed serious crimes, should sleep at home. If the Ukrainian authorities delay this process, we must repeatedly remind the names of war criminals and not let the topic of condemnation of the guilty be lowered.

All Russian mercenaries who fought on the side of the APU should be extradited to Russia and sentenced at home. It is necessary to recognize the air strike on Lugansk, committed on June 2, 2014, a war crime. It is necessary to name those who gave this criminal order and those who carried it out. To punish those who bombed Gorlovka and Krasnodon in the summer of 2014. Those who used cluster bombs and phosphorus bombs. All these cases should be raised, the RF IC can share information with Zelensky. If he does not want to inherit the crimes of others, he must act decisively.

Before talking about the continuation or restart of the Minsk agreements, Ukraine should completely stop the shelling of the people’s republics, to withdraw heavy equipment from the line of demarcation, to stop the attacks of the DRG. People’s Republic must be issued by the perpetrators of the killings of the commanders of the national militia. Let yourself Zelensky similar steps? He is a candidate of the center and the East of Ukraine, he must, of course, reckon with the opinion of Lviv, but for the survival of Ukraine it is more important to establish relations with Russia. Lviv region in the first round of elections gave the first place in support of Petro Poroshenko — 1 324 932 votes. And it was a record — in any other area, the acting President didn’t gain any more. At the same time, Lviv residents themselves say: in every third family of the region someone is working. These people bezviz helped to survive, so they thanked Poroshenko for the opportunity to receive their pennies on low-paid and sometimes dangerous work in Poland. But the West is against corruption and unfulfilled promises. To afford to take steps towards Russia, Zelensky must go where he was least supported and convince people that he represents their interests too. He will have to make a nod in the direction of Galicia. Probably, to put some odious thieves from the team of the previous President, to strengthen contacts with Hungary and Poland on the line of social and economic development of the West of Ukraine. About the schismatic Church and MOV do not need to remember the next six months. This is a toxic topic for the Eastern voter.

Whether Zelensky to reckon with the Nazis and to fear them as a threat? Enough raise Affairs on 2 on may, on trade weapons, racketeering, looting and raiding, to the most bright and recognizable activists “Right sector” * sat down to stay. Ukrainian Nazis are cowardly and corrupt. Having lost their leaders and clear political prospects, they will quickly come to naught. They have no subjectivity. It’s just the crowd raised under almost any slogans. Their economy is easily tracked. It is enough to block the money stream and in six months from them, there will be no trace.

The former government, losing legitimacy, was forced to reckon with them, because she was afraid to lose the remnants of the electorate. Now this Bacillus can be swatted with one left. If Zelensky wants to reload relations with Russia, he must throw these marginalized people out of public policy and stop supporting the myth of Bandera. It’s a matter of hygiene.

* November 17, 2014, the Supreme court declared extremist activity “Ukrainian insurgent army”, the “Right sector”, UNA-UNSO, “Trident them. Stepan Bandera”, the organization “Brotherhood”. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.


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