Shoigu promised to answer the West, not in vain afraid of «the Russian threat»

Shoigu promised to answer the West, not in vain afraid of «the Russian threat»

The actions of NATO countries at the Russian borders will not remain unanswered. This was stated by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during his speech at the VIII Moscow conference on international security.

The three-day forum, organized by the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, has been held in the Russian capital since April 23. Among its members are the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, as well as over 1 thousand delegates from 101 countries, including more than 30 heads of the military departments.

Speaking about the current challenges to global security, the Russian Defense Minister stressed that the desire to present Russia as the main threat to the West has become the dominant policy of NATO, which is based on the principle of «he came up — he believed it.»

As he put it, «they came up with the Russian threat — and they scare themselves with it.»

What, in fact, can not agree, especially in contact with the recent statement of the American Ambassador Huntsman that entered the Mediterranean us strike aircraft carriers should, it turns out, to force Russia to «stop its destabilizing activities around the world.» Despite the fact that NATO is almost in the underbelly of our saber rattles, destabilizing factor for some reason called Russia.

As Shoigu noted, the practical actions of the Alliance, whether the development of military infrastructure near Russia or increased activity in the Black and Baltic seas, lead to increased tension and require an adequate response.

«I can assure you that the response will be timely and not necessarily symmetrical to NATO’s actions,» he warned. Earlier, we will remind, the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov said that Russia is forced to strengthen the troops of the Western and southern military districts in response to the build-up of us and NATO military activity in these areas. At the same time, he noted that the strengthening does not imply an increase in the number of Russian armed forces, as it will be carried out by reducing the composition of other military districts.

But can we consider these actions by themselves asymmetric measures, which said Shoigu?

Of course not. Placement or deployment of any additional troops is just a symmetrical response, — commented one of the participants of the conference, military expert edition «Arsenal of the Fatherland» Alex Leonov. — It always comes from the so-called principle of «defense sufficiency».

On the other hand, you need to understand the following…

Recently, for example, the American press reported that Russia should not rely on Poseidon’s capabilities. And it supposedly makes a mistake, because of the American missile defense all the more.

That is, in the view of the States, the asymmetrical response is a participation in the arms race, which they expect to impose on us again. Russia will not participate in the arms race, under any circumstances.

First of all, we are superior to our foreign counterparts in terms of quality and combat effectiveness in many types of weapons. Some technologies in NATO countries (including the United States) do not exist today. And there are still many developments that have not yet been announced, but as an asymmetric response, they are likely to be.

That is, we are not engaged in indiscriminate arms build-up, as we did during the Soviet era. Then we tried to keep parity on conventional weapons: they have ten thousand tanks — and we have ten thousand. They have a big army — and we have a big army.

But these are huge costs that are not fully justified.

When, based on our capacity and resources, based on our scientific and technical reserve, which we got, including during the Soviet Union, we relied on high-quality weapons, we came to the conclusion that quality superiority is better. A typical example is hypersonic weapons.

Let me remind you that when the Americans withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile Treaty in 2001, they immediately began to build their missile DEFENCE systems in large numbers. Mainly marine component, the sea component because it allowed them to move the ships ABOUT anywhere in the world — thus as if the positional areas have been mobile.

We had and still have only one missile DEFENSE position area, which protects Moscow and the Central industrial region of Russia.

In theory, we had to get involved in this race, had to create ships with missile DEFENSE systems, just go to the shores of America… etc. This is a huge cost…

We did easier. We created a weapon that made us missile DEFENSE system virtually useless. Because the quality of our controlled hypersonic systems is superior to all the technologies that Americans have. And they have nothing to say.

Thus, we have almost zeroed out the strategic concept of the first lightning-fast global strike, which the US has created since 2002, and where the missile DEFENSE components participated as one of the most important components.

— Recently it was reported that in the summer of 2019, the Americans at the request of NATO deployed in Romania THAAD missile defense system. According to Shoigu, the anti-Russian orientation of these systems is now enshrined in the conceptual documents of the United States. But, if us missile DEFENSE is notable, as he also noted, to contain Russian missiles, then why is the Pentagon holding on to them and promoting the allies as a panacea?

— The fact is that the MK-41 launchers, which the Americans place in Poland and Romania, can be used not only for anti-missiles but also for the combat use of cruise missiles of the Tomahawk type. And, as follows from the new nuclear doctrine adopted by the United States in 2018, Tomahawk missiles — air, land, and sea-based — can be equipped with small nuclear warheads with a capacity of 5 to 10 kilotons. Therefore, one such missile, it, in principle, poses a certain danger if you do not have any systemic counteraction.

And the Americans hope that the mass deployment of such missiles, which can contribute to the suddenness of the strike from any direction, they will provide a strategic advantage.

But they are wrong. Because we, seeing that the situation is going in this direction, have created a layered air defense system, which will soon become a layered system of aerospace defense.

— So, the Americans are simply setting up their allies?

— The allies carry out the will of the United States, at the same time, some of them still earn. And us goal is to turn the NATO bloc into a tool with which they will solve their problems with Russia. Roughly speaking, they need cannon fodder, which they expect to throw in the forefront to, according to their plans, as much as possible to weaken the defense of Russia. Then, thanks to their total superiority, they believe they could dictate terms to us.

But the activity of NATO near the Russian borders, indeed, has already crossed all reasonable limits. Already and France this week threw to our borders tanks and hundreds of soldiers — Legionnaires were placed in Estonia. Why do we allow such a concentration of enemy troops at our side?

— The Baltic States are also part of the NATO bloc, so dictate to them the conditions that they can host, and what is not, as it were, we do not have the opportunity. These troops are deployed on a rotational basis, and the contingent that is present there does not exceed four thousand people. Four teams of different komplekt

In same Estonia now there is a small contingent of the British military, the French, the Spaniards were — on planes flew.

In General, it seems that there is an arrangement of the offensive bridgehead. And NATO troops and countries that are part of the NATO bloc, provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the new theater of operations. Therefore, they are there (in the Baltic countries) constantly conduct exercises.

Of course, we are aware that the danger exists. But at the same time, we have all the means to counter this danger. No wonder our President said that any aggressor we will give a decent answer.

Dana Tessen

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