Sheremetyevo: Superjet-100 was killed by lightning

Sheremetyevo: Superjet-100 was killed by lightning

Sheremetyevo: Superjet-100 was killed by lightning
On Sunday evening at the airport «Sheremetyevo» during take-off crashed plane airline «Aeroflot», flying from Moscow to Murmansk. On Board, the liner, according to preliminary information, were together with the crew of 78 people. It was initially reported that one person was killed and four injured. But then on tapes of news agencies, there were data on 13 victims. Among them are two children. Later this information was confirmed in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Two more people were sent to the Research Institute. Wisniewski’s.

At 23:35 on the website of the RF IC there was a message that only 37 out of 78 passengers and crew members managed to escape. This means that the mournful list increased to 41 people.

Superjet 100-95, operating flight SU 1492, took off at 18:02. But after 28 minutes, the plane requested an emergency landing. Immediately sit down did not work because of weather conditions — at this time over the airport raged short, but a strong storm. When entering the second round, the Board hit the runway three times and caught fire. On the video footage, immediately appeared on the Internet, it is clear that the tail of the aircraft and its engines broke out. Moreover, the airline «Aeroflot» officially stated that the engines of the liner broke out only during an emergency landing. That is — after hitting the runway. Presumably, the aircraft was destroyed chassis. The liner would sit with full tanks, dump fuel, the aircraft could not, because, as reported, we lost contact with the control room. Why it happened, the investigation will find out.

The evacuation of passengers was carried out on inflatable ladders. Someone was jumping right off the side. As a result, more casualties were avoided. However, the plane completely burned out. According to the latest information, one of the flight attendants was killed, who helped passengers to leave the plane.

The Agency «Interfax» with reference to an unnamed informed source reported that the part of the dead was ruined by the panic that arose on Board during the emergency landing. «According to preliminary data, from the survey of eyewitnesses it follows that when the plane hit the ground and caught fire, some passengers began to panic to get their things from the shelves. This made it difficult to evacuate people from the back of the ship, and they died in the fire,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

By decision of the Chairman of the Investigatory Committee of Russia criminal case about the crash landing of a passenger plane in the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport made the production of the Main Department on the investigation of especially important cases of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

«Soon the investigators will start interviewing victims, eyewitnesses, airport and airline employees, as well as other persons responsible for the operation of the aircraft. The necessary technical documentation will be examined. The investigation is considering various versions of what happened» — said on the website of the RF IC.

The media has already heard one of them — the plane could get lightning. After that, the automation failed.

Of course, the causes of the emergency will understand the investigation, but it is known that in 2006 the plane crashed Tu-154M airline «Pulkovo», which was in the storm front over Ukraine. The plane flew from St. Petersburg to Anapa. Then it killed 159 people, including 39 children. There were other tragedies associated with lightning hitting the plane.

As the press service of JSC «Sukhoi Civil Aircraft» (SCAC) reported, «the burnt aircraft with the factory number 95135 was produced in August 2017. Scheduled maintenance took place in early April 2019.»

Until now, the most terrible blow to the reputation of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 was considered a plane crash that happened seven years ago, May 9, 2012, in Indonesia. Then our just started to fly and actively promoted to foreign markets «Dry» (registration number RA-97004, serial 95004) performed the usual demonstration flight on the instruments. On Board were 45 people — 37 passengers and 8 crew members. At the helm — an experienced test pilot 57-year-old Alexander Yablontsev. About 25 minutes after taking off from Jakarta airport, the car crashed into a mountain on the island of Java. No one survived. According to the report of the Commission investigating this incident, neither Russian pilots nor Indonesian dispatchers made fatal mistakes. An accident resulting a fateful combination of circumstances, each of which, investigators believe, was not critical individually. But the first alarm bell has already sounded.

The current tragedy in Sheremetyevo without any options will further complicate only the beginning, in fact, the work biography of the Sukhoi Superjet 100. Without it from abroad already were being sprung bounce from this offspring of the troubled years of the Russian aviation industry. And it is because of the technical problems in the operation of the liner.

Thus, in November 2018, the Belgian airline Brussels Airlines refused from Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. According to the official statement — because of frequent failures of the equipment of this machine. Just four months later, in February 2019, the Irish CityJet also reported the refusal (the reasons, however, were not notified to the General public. But guess can be). And in March 2019, one of the world’s largest operators of such Airliners — the Mexican company Interjet issued a message that it is considering further transportation of passengers exclusively on other types of aircraft.

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