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“Sea monster” Shoigu terrifies the NATO military bloc


The Minister of defense of Russia Sergey Shoigu will keep NATO’s aggression with a “sea monster.” So in the British media dubbed the nuclear submarine “Belgorod”, armed with nuclear torpedoes and “Poseidon”.

Russia will oppose NATO forces “sea monster”. So the British tabloid The Sun dubbed the Russian submarine “Belgorod”, which thanks to the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu will soon be launched and will replenish the forces of the Russian Navy. This was stated to the Federal News Agency by the military expert of the people’s diplomacy Fund, the representative of the expert-analytical club “Future today” Sergey Prostakov.

Nuclear submarine “Belgorod” is the largest in its class. It is armed with nuclear torpedoes capable of one shot to destroy enemy naval bases or aircraft carriers almost anywhere in Europe and on us coast. In addition, the submarine is capable of carrying an underwater drone “Poseidon”, which can also be equipped with a nuclear charge. In this regard, the nickname “sea monster” looks very suitable.

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“NATO troops, primarily the United States, have a large Arsenal of anti-submarine weapons, but the emergence of “Belgorod” creates a new kind of threat to the West, which has yet to be taken into account and evaluated,” – said the military expert.


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