Russian «Pantsir-SM» «stuffed» with foreign parts? Not really.

Russian «Pantsir-SM» «stuffed» with foreign parts? Not really.

In the Network appeared the statement that Russian air defense systems allegedly used foreign components, therefore, they say, can be at risk of our sanctions. In particular, «stuffed» with foreign spare parts Russian «Shell-CM». But that’s not really the case.

It was worth Washington once again to declare sanctions against Russia, as the Network immediately surfaced «facts» that against American restrictions Russian defense, they say, will not stand. And even claimed that the Russian air defense systems allegedly used foreign components. Hence — the risk to substitute the Russian military-industrial complex under sanctions. In particular, project writes that the Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun complex «Pantsir-SM» allegedly «stuffed» with foreign components. And even provides a link to a document from 2015, which appeared earlier in the telegram channels.

The site States that, according to the document, «the manufacturer of zrpk «Pantsir-S» carried out the production of these complexes with the use of electronic components of foreign production.» However, immediately the author of the publication pulls himself, noting that «their origin was not disclosed.»

It also States that the foreign «filling» is, they say, not only the modified «Shell» but also in the hypersonic guided missiles. It is also warned that if foreign components are really included in the samples of weapons of the air defense system, then this, they say, is fraught with consequences…

Bad listening to Putin?
In fact, there are no such foreign components in the Russian superweapon. We laid the groundwork for ourselves five years ago, when the sanctions call against Moscow had just begun and a large-scale import substitution campaign was launched, including the defense sector.

In particular, back in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for faster work on import substitution in the defense industry, noting that it is necessary to quickly switch to their components and materials in the production of domestic special equipment and weapons.

«Our task is to protect ourselves from the risks of non-fulfillment of contracts by our foreign partners,» the President stressed then, noting the obvious things: «We can do everything ourselves. All absolutely.»

At the end of November last year, the head of state set the military-industrial complex the following task — to reduce the technological cycles of production of «smart» missiles and ammunition. And at the same time, he reminded that «in recent years, within the state program of development of the defense industry, much has been done to modernize the enterprises of the industry.» Including new productions were created and advanced scientific achievements are used.

«Strict requirement»
As for the latest «Shell», it, as noted, has already been tested. This was on the radio station «Echo of Moscow» said the commander of the air defense forces, Deputy Commander of the Military space forces of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General Yuri Sin. He also noted that the military Department imposes strict requirements for production.

«We have developed a very close relationship with the industry, we impose our requirements on them, we impose quite rigidly, and the output of such complexes in the light as «S-400», «S-350», that’s literally at the output of the complex «S-500″, which is not far off, — the expert listed — is the achievements of our industry, which for our task creates new weapons».

The fact that these «strict requirements» are directly related to import substitution, two years ago confirmed and ex-CEO TSNIITOCHMASH Dmitry Semizorov, talking about the latest sniper complex «Accuracy». He noted that the Defense Ministry has put a firm condition: no foreign parts in domestic weapons should not be.

And if small arms such strict requirements apply, then what about the defenses and the weapons strategic value!

In this light, the allegations of the alleged import of «stuffing» in domestic air defense are more like a deliberate throw. Only for what?

Political game?
Experts have repeatedly said directly that sanctions are not only an economic but also a political instrument of pressure on Russia. About the political background told at the time Tsargrad and political scientist-American Rafael Ordukhanyan, commenting on the sanctions against Rosoboronexport.

According to the expert, Rosoboronexport was able to adapt to work under pressure from Washington. However, Trump needs to «gather meat» in order to prepare the ground for a subsequent compromise with Moscow.

«Now there is a political game, and really they are unlikely to do anything, because Rosoboronexport has already been working in these conditions for a long time, and our traditional markets have already adapted to such actions. So it is an element of a great political game,» Ordukhanyan said.

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