Russian fighters provoked NATO

Russian fighters provoked NATO

American generals are not their own to fiction. They have, every bird in the sky is a Russian fighter jet. Hysteria in the armed forces of the North Atlantic Alliance is progressing.
Many have come across reports of Russian planes intercepting American and other scouts in the air. After that, NATO generals were usually indignant and tried to accuse Russia of aggression. However, it turned out that the Alliance has long surpassed Russia

As the new commander-in-chief of the NATO joint forces in Europe Todd Walters said, for each interception by Russian fighters of NATO aircraft, there are three similar actions by the aircraft of the military-political bloc.

«Thus, there is a lot of activity in the sky,» the General said at the summit of the organization in Brussels.

However, any evidence of his words Walters, of course, no led. What, in fact, aroused suspicion in his address. After all, if NATO planes take off three times more often to accompany Russian fighters, it turns out that our scouts fly almost several times a day.

The whole story of the NATO General is more like fiction. Just representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance ashamed that such a huge formation is so low power.

Russia regularly demonstrates a high level of training. For example, June 17 SU-27 Russian strategic bombers US air force B-52 Stratofortress near the Russian border. As a result, American planes were forced to turn around, and one of them caught fire and urgently sat on the air base in the UK.

Dana Tessen

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