Russia is not on the list: the US will try to whitewash the world’s reputation Boeing 737 MAX

Russia is not on the list: the US will try to whitewash the world’s reputation Boeing 737 MAX

Thursday, May 23, us civil aviation Administration intends to hold a meeting with aviation experts 57 countries around the world on the suspension of the operation of Boeing 737 MAX. As journalists found out, representatives from Russia at a meeting in Texas won’t be. Note, in the Russian fleet there are only two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, whose reputation has already been spoiled by recent air crashes.

In the United States on Thursday, May 23, intend to discuss problems with the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, whose reputation is already pretty spoiled by the recent terrible crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

At the international conference in Fort Worth in Texas, it is planned to discuss with 57 aviation experts both safety and suspension of operation of the Boeing 737 MAX. It is noted that at the event the experts of the Federal aviation administration (FAA) will provide information on the certification of equipment for Boeing 737 MAX.

As TASS found out, Russia is not on the list of countries participating in the conference.

According to the updated

At the same time, the other day Boeing Corporation announced that it had completed the software update for the maneuvering correction system (MCAS) on 737 MAX aircraft. Note that it is the problem with this SOFTWARE, as believed, and were the cause of the crash of two liners of this type. The company said that it will give this information to the Federal aviation administration of the United States, after which the parties will agree on the certification flight of the aircraft with the updated SOFTWARE.

Judging by the actions of both the Corporation and us authorities, the US intends to convince the whole world that there are no problems with this model of aircraft. At the same time earlier, many countries refused to operate the Boeing 737 MAX. Back in March, the airlines of Brazil, Argentina, China, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Singapore, Indonesia, Ethiopia, South Africa, the Republic of Korea, etc. suspended flights on Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft until information about the safety of their use.

position of Russia

Russian airlines that use the aircraft and have contracts for its delivery, do not intend to abandon the Boeing 737 MAX 8. Now the country operates two aircraft of this model airline «globe» (part of the S7 group), reported «Kommersant».

At the same time, as the expert of the Institute of transport and transport policy of HSE Fedor Borisov told Tsargrad, in case of refusal of these models, this will not entail any significant consequences, since the number of boards of this model in our country is too small.


In March 2019 Boeing 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines airline crashed near the Ethiopian town of bishoftu. The liner, flying from the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa to Kenyan Nairobi, fell six minutes after take-off. The victims of the tragedy were 157 people.

On Board the aircraft were citizens of 33 States. In the crash «Boeing» killed citizens of Russia — Ekaterina Polyakova, Alexander Polyakov and Sergey Volikov.

After the crash in Africa, experts compared that the crash is almost identical to a plane crash with a Boeing in Indonesia. The same conclusions are confirmed by the Minister of transport of Ethiopia Dagmawit, Moves, which reported that decryption of the black box of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed in Ethiopia, showed the similarity of the disaster with the crash of the same plane in Indonesia in October 2018.

Last autumn, an Indonesian Lion Air plane crashed near Jakarta. The plane took off from the Indonesian capital in pangkal Pinang in October 2018. He fell into the Javanese sea 13 minutes after takeoff. On Board the aircraft were 189 people, none of them survived.

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