Russia for payment of debt PACE: nothing needs

Russia for payment of debt PACE: nothing needs

The political decision to repay about 85 million euros to the Council of Europe does not mean anything without economic, said the Ministry of Finance.
The Russian Finance Ministry said that it is impossible to talk about Moscow’s debt to the Council of Europe. As Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak said, the document-Protocol on the amount and schedule of payments to the Council of Europe has not yet been signed, Interfax writes on June 29.

According to him, now there is only a political decision, the economic route map has yet to be drawn up.

«We don’t owe anyone anything yet. We should, when signed a Protocol, Memorandum — and then there are commitments. And due to the fact that now at the political level, we discussed this issue and established the number of payments, it does not mean anything,» Storchak said.

Also, the Deputy Russian Minister allowed the possibility of a one-time payment on Russia’s debt to the Council of Europe, as soon as the amount and schedule are established.

«Most likely, my colleagues, perhaps my Department, will work out a special document, will be reconciled to a penny, how much we are obliged to pay for the period of non-payment,» Storchak added.

When it is planned to create a document on payments, the Russian official did not say.

According to the Agency, citing a source familiar with the situation, Russia’s debt to the Council of Europe is about 85 million euros.

Last week, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe returned to Russia all the powers, despite the fact that Moscow has not complied with any of the seven resolutions that were the reason for sanctions against the Russian delegation.

The official reason for the removal of restrictions with Russia is that without the Council of Europe, Russians will remain without the protection of the European court of human rights.

However, experts believe that PACE had a monetary motivation since Moscow complies with the units of the ECHR resolutions. Details about this in the material Precedent for the lifting of sanctions: the press about Russia in PACE.

Dana Tessen

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