Revealed the secret of F-35: American «invisible» invented in the USSR

Revealed the secret of F-35: American «invisible» invented in the USSR

Revealed the secret of F-35: American "invisible" invented in the USSR
Fifth-generation F-35A Lightning II («Lightning») fighters finally found combat use — two combat aircraft of the us air force in the framework of operation «Unwavering determination» struck an air strike on the mountainous area of Hamrin near the Iraqi city of Wadi Ashay in support of the actions of the joint task force in Iraq.

Us military stressed that this was the first combat use of this type of aircraft. Earlier, in September 2018, it was reported that the f-35 group In (deck-based) struck the positions of the Taliban* in Afghanistan, while it was stressed that these aircraft made more than a hundred sorties in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Now it turned out that the first combat flight took place only on April 30, 2019. You can still remember the first use of the F-35 by the Israeli air force when striking air-to-ground missiles in Syria in May 2018. However, after the accident with this aircraft, which, according to Israel, was «struck» during the flight by a bird, and according to a number of foreign media anti-aircraft missile system S-200 Russian production, combat use of F-35 suspended.

The results of combat use of the F-35, to put it mildly, rather doubtful. A detailed report on the actions of these aircraft both in Afghanistan and now in Iraq is not presented — it remains to take the word of the American military PR specialists. Some surprise leaves and the use of this type of aircraft, positioned as fifth-generation fighters, in the performance of combat missions, which could cope, for example, a strategic bomber B-52 (the Taliban claim that shot down this in April this year in Helmand province of MANPADS American production). And here the vaunted and «all-pervading» F-35 unleashes bombs on tunnels in the mountain area. In the complete absence of counteraction of air defense and enemy aircraft. That is, flew — bombed and flew away. No one, however, did not see it, which is not surprising, because the aircraft «invisible»the way of invisibility, or rather about stealth technology used in the construction of a series of American aircraft ranging from the F-117, F-22 and the current «master of the sky» the F-35, which was, as it turned out, was borrowed by the designers of the Lockheed Martin… of Soviet scientists. And this is not a joke — American planes have become invisible thanks to the calculations and simulation schemes of Peter Ufimtsev, who described a computer algorithm that can calculate the effective area of dispersion for any aircraft. A young Moscow scientist has derived a formula, following which, subject to some geometric constraints in the shape of the aircraft, the visibility parameters on the radar screens can be reduced to almost zero.

Research Ufimtseva recognized in the USSR unclassified, were published in the publishing house «Soviet radio» in 1962, a small circulation and boring called «the Method of boundary waves in the physical theory of diffraction.» The formulas of the scientist did not attract much attention in his Homeland, where the rate was placed more on speed and power than stealth, but years later were carefully studied in the United States. It was Ufimtsev’s calculations that formed the basis for the creation and application of stealth technology, which is now considered the main factor in the power of the American air force. And the houses of Pyotr Yakovlevich Ufimtsev, with his developments in the field of diffraction of electromagnetic waves, were not appreciated. The scientist was awarded the state prize in science for a number of developments and research, and in the United States, where he appeared thanks to the stealth aircraft technology, he was awarded a Grumman Medal for his contribution to scientific development. Laurels «man-stealth», which participated in the development of a strategic bomber B-2, with the same elements of stealth, went to the American designers.
Revealed the secret of F-35: American "invisible" invented in the USSR

«Russian trace» in the creation of technology «stealth» surfaced it against the background of the discussion of the invisibility of American fighters of the fifth generation F-35 and its still flying predecessor F-22 Raptor. «The global superiority of the United States in the airspace is based on their «invisible» aircraft. The enemy radar will not be able to determine the location of the f-22 and F-35 fighters. The first prototype of the stealth aircraft flies more than 40 years. And the scientific basis for its creation was provided by the Russian,» writes the German magazine Stern. But are these technologies, which could be considered «breakthrough» technologies a few decades ago, so perfect? How invisible modern «stealth aircraft»? To any safe Deposit, box has its own master key. Such a statement is applicable to the combat qualities of the aircraft because everything that is created by the hands of one person can be destroyed by another, — says aviation expert Yuri Gavrilov. — And technology «stealth», as if they were not raised by the Americans, have their opposition. Remember the irony of the Serbs who shot down a fairly old anti-aircraft missile system C-125 in March 1999, the American bomber F-117? «Sorry, we did not know that he was invisible,» joked in Belgrade. Just a month later, there was discovered and struck another «invisible», who managed to return to their base. From earlier stories can be remembered and shot down over the territory of the Soviet Union reconnaissance aircraft U-2, which was covered with radio-absorbing paint and had an effective scattering area. And now the Russian su-35 catches in sight of the American F-22 in the sky of Syria, shoots it on film and goes to the side, still no, and the ally, although it could be destroyed with the appropriate team. Where’s the invisibility? The real quality of the aircraft can be manifested only in real air combat, where they can reveal the superiority of certain technologies. Without it — empty bravado, not confirmed by specifics. Americans are now hiding their «stealth aircraft» from the real combat conditions, experiencing only in field operations, not substituting under the influence of air defense forces, and even more so not allowing real air combat.

As noted by the already mentioned German publication Stern, «in recent years, there are signs that the era of invisible aircraft may come to an end.» Experts believe that the technology «stealth» absorbs only radar radiation of conventional radar stations. That is, the invisible is still very much even see, and the illusion of «invisible aircraft» may face a disappointing reality. A special factor here — EW, which is able just to «dazzle» all the electronics of a fighter and make him helpless, «frozen» computer with no chance to reload.

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