Revealed the real purpose of the us invasion of Syria

Revealed the real purpose of the us invasion of Syria

Recently, foreign media published an interesting document on the strategic interests of the United States in Syria. This paper was compiled by experts selected by the Congress on Syria, of which eventually created the so-called Research group on Syria. Experts had to convey to President Donald trump what uncle Sam really needs in the Arab Republic. As it turned out, the officially stated goals are little true, but the document found a place for Russia.

Probably, the document was published in connection with the criticism of former Washington Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, who recently said that «Washington has no clear strategy in Syria.» It turned out that Ford is wrong — the US has clear goals. The main one is to ensure Israel’s security: «To help our ally, Israel, to protect itself from growing threats, including on its Northern border.» The Northern border means Lebanon and, of course, Syria. Well, that’s no surprise. The problem is presented in the following light. Every year tel Aviv becomes more and more difficult to defend its borders effectively on its own. This is due to the increase in the military power of the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab army. Both formations have acquired an Arsenal of «more dangerous weapons» in recent years, and this can lead to serious problems for the Jewish state. Further distribution of hits Iran, which is accused of searching their own benefit. As if it destabilizes neighboring States and spreads its own influence. It feels like we are talking about the States — about their destabilizing influence has long been a joke with a touch of black humor. What are the operations to democratize Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and so on? In each of these countries, normal life ended immediately after the Americans set foot on their land. However, Iran is not exceptional in contrast to the States, therefore, to extend the influence and to seek our own profit it is impossible. And this is despite the fact that even Lebanon, in whose Affairs Tehran is actively interfering, is thriving if we compare it with Iraq or, say, Libya. Yes, Persian influence is not as toxic as American.

And finally, it is the turn of the Russian Federation. Yes, it is also a justification for the presence of American soldiers in the Syrian Arab Republic. Its main fault is that it «ensures the survival of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.» And this, as it turns out, is dangerous for the Jewish state. The point is that Moscow sends military equipment to Syria, including modern equipment, and transfers it to the use of the Syrian Arab army. This poses a threat to Israel’s ability to defend itself against hostile action.

Thus, we have the following fact. Washington cares little about the Islamic state* and, especially, the territorial integrity of Syria. Obviously, the local population is of no value to the United States. It is also strange that Americans are concerned about the protection of Israel’s interests, completely forgetting about their own. Based on this, we can conclude that the former Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford to some extent still right. The US does not have a clear strategy to promote its own influence. By the way, the American press is now quite a lot of claims to the country’s leadership in this regard. They are formulated as follows: «the Congressmen had the opportunity to give a consistent recommendation on our policy in the Arab region in the interests of America, but instead preferred to develop recommendations for the welfare and security of a foreign state — Israel.» Why are we talking about congressmen? It is simply that the majority of the members of the Senate and the House of representatives supported this document, and therefore it can be considered at least an urgent Council. Russian political scientist and orientalist Oleg Gushchin believes that there is nothing strange.

— For Israel, the protection of its territory is extremely important. It is located in a region that, to put it mildly, is unfriendly to it. Therefore, it is necessary for him to enjoy the support of the United States. Of course, Russia does not pose any threats, it is rather a partner, but a partner who is friends with the enemy — Iran. It is always difficult to have good relations with those who are at war with each other. As in childhood, remember? One boy comes up to you and says: «don’t be friends with Vaska, he’s bad. I’m not friends with him.» Also, this Vaska perfects and asks him not to be friends with Lyosha. In big politics, about the same principle works, but there is one wisdom — smart people will always agree if they want. I am sure that the leadership of the Russian Federation and the leadership of Israel are quite smart people. So, any crisis can be overcome. Incidentally, we’ve seen. On the example of Israel or, say, Turkey. As for the States, I will say that Israel, in principle, is very important for them. He is the main part of their strategic interests. Through Israel, they can control many areas of life throughout the Middle East region. However, I have always believed that as such, the US has no foreign policy, there is only domestic, and from it all follows. It’s like a huge VAT, in which everything is cooked, and what boils — just the same foreign policy. All contradictions are the result of the confrontation of internal forces. Trump wants one thing, he imposes another. He wants to withdraw soldiers from Syria, and he is told that they should be left. He wants to smooth things over with the problem countries — Iran and North Korea, and he is being imposed aggression against them. Therefore, it is very important for him to have as many loyal people in power as possible. It is important that they are in key positions and can conduct policies that are consistent with the views of the President.

Dana Tessen

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